2015 Millionaires Club Review – Another Scam?

Welcome to my review of the 2015 Millionaires Club system, which is a system that has just recently launched claiming that it’s going to guarantee to make you a millionaire in just 3 months. It says that it can help a complete newbie with no knowledge or experience make $3,706,487 in just 12 months since it’s fully automated. Obviously these are super, super bold claims – making a million is one thing, but making a million without even having to do anything? That’s crazy!

2015 Millionaires Club Logo

These claims certainly sound too good to be true, and chances are they probably are – but regardless I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt & take a look to see whether or not it does actually live up to it’s crazy claims.

It probably isn’t going to surprise you when I tell you that this is yet another piece of binary options trading software. These things seem to be so popular lately and I’ve seen about 20 or so launch in the past month or so alone, but the thing is I’ve yet to come across one that’s actually worked let alone make anybody millions of dollars. That means I don’t have very high hopes for this piece of software but I guess checking it out won’t hurt.

The website looks similar to the majority of other systems that I’ve came across and it has all the same “tricks” to try and get you to enter your name & email address, such as the counter in the top left which counts down the number of places left & the one at the bottom telling you that your access link will expire in a number of minutes… The thing is we can immediately see these are fake because if you refresh the page they actually reset back to the normal (doh!).

The video itself doesn’t really give much away about the system, it just congratulates us because apparently we’re about to become super rich (I doubt it!). I went ahead and entered my name/email to see what it was all about & see what “system” was on the other side…

On the inside…

After entering your name & email you’re taken to another page with a video explaining how you’re “just in time” to become one of the new 15 millionaires that’s going to be created using this system. The funny thing is that on the homepage it mentioned you’d make a million in 3 months, but on this page it says you’ll make a million “instantly today”… What!? Take a look…

Million Today

A million in a single day is crazy!

There’s also a counter in the top right hand corner of this page that shows you how many users are currently viewing that page, as I’m viewing it now it’s counted up to 251 but after refreshing the page it goes back down to 24… doh!

Despite these crazy claims & fake counters I still went ahead & entered my details on this page to check it out. After entering my details once again I was then taken to yet another page where this time I was congratulated on making it just in time to be one of the 75 millionaires that were going to be created (I’m sure it said 15 before).

From this page I was told that I’d need to make a deposit with the broker in order to gain access into the system and I was presented with a form where I was asked to enter my credit card details. None of the buttons on this page worked as they were all blocked out until you’d made a deposit which meant you couldn’t eve take a look around the system itself to see how it worked, take a look:

Deposit Request

This means that despite the system being “free”, you’re going to have to deposit money in order to get started or even just to actually get to see it. The thing I don’t like about this is how do you even know a system exists? You’re basically left to rely on a promise, and many of the other free binary options systems that I’ve came across have failed to deliver on this promise because after you’ve made your deposit they’ve got their commission & they no longer care. I’m not saying that’s the case here with the 2015 Millionaires Club system, but it’s made me very wary and now whenever I come across binary systems that hide everything until you’ve made a deposit I get very skeptical.

Personally I won’t be depositing my money into this system purely based on that reason alone and I’d strongly recommended that you don’t either. To be honest I’ve seen literally hundreds of these systems launch just over the past couple of months alone & I’ve yet to see a single one work. So far the ones that I’ve seen have resulted in nothing but losses for the people that have used them.

My final thoughts…

This just looks exactly the same as all the other “free” binary options systems that have came before it – nothing but hype. These systems just try and sell you a dream hoping that it’ll make you buy in, but don’t fall for it. I’ve seen literally hundreds of these systems and so far I’ve seen nothing other than losses, even from the ones that actually looked fairly promising & appeared to have sound methods (which obviously turned out to be not-so-sound).

Binary options trading in general is a big risk, no person or system can guarantee the direction of a trade so at the end of the day it’s nothing more than a gamble. Sure you may initially make a profit (most likely a small one) but without doubt the losses will quickly become much greater.

If you’re serious about making a real income online then my advice would be to look into internet marketing and use your money to learn about that instead. It’s pretty easy to pick up and it’ll allow you to build a sustainable, profitable business online.

If by the way, you’re reading this & you’ve actually deposited into this system & used it then I’d love to hear your thoughts, and more importantly how it worked out for you. Are you a millionaire yet? I sure hope so…but to be honest from using this system I doubt it. You can leave a comment below this post & I’d really appreciate it if you could take a minute to do so.

Thanks for reading & hopefully this review has saved you from parting with your cash!

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