Does Adwords have an impact on SEO?

In the past the number of links that pointed to your website was one of the biggest factors as to where your site positioned itself within the SERPs. Nowadays things have changed and I’ve seen sites with less than 5 backlinks sitting on page 1 in amongst authority sites with thousands.

Google are looking at the bigger picture and taking into consideration a lot more factors than they previously did. One of those factors is how users engage with the content on your website. Do they stay and look around or do they back straight off? The trouble is if you’ve just launched a brand new website how can you prove to Google that it’s engaging? You need traffic, and one way of getting that is via Adwords.

If you drive traffic to your website using Adwords then you can give Google a good idea of what people think of your site and what search terms it seems to provide the best experience for. Whether they tell you or not you know as well as I do that they will use this information to determine where they position your site in the SERPs. Regardless as to whether or not your site is brand new if it’s giving the users a better experience than the sites already ranking then that means it’s better for Google’s search and if it’s better for their search then they’ll want to position it higher.

Sharing ContentNot only that but by launching an Adwords campaign your putting your content straight out there and if it’s good then people will begin to share it & your site will begin to create a backlink profile kickstarting your SEO strategy.

I’ve launched numerous websites over the years, some I’ve driven traffic too via Adwords from the off & some I’ve left purely to simply pick up organic traffic. What I have noticed though is that the ones I’ve launched with an Adwords campaign have gained ranks much quicker than those that I left to their own devices. If you combine the two points I’ve just discussed above then this makes sense. For those of you who’ll jump to the conclusion that it’s all about Google making money, it’s not – it’s simple SEO science. If you prove to Google from the off that your websites providing a great experience for specific search terms then they’re bound to take this into account to determine where to position it. It just so happens that Adwords is a great way to do this!

So the answers yes, from my own personal experience Adwords has helped me gain ranks much quicker & I’d highly recommend launching any of your new sites with an Adwords campaign to kickstart them.

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