Auto Wealth Bot Review – Another Scam Or Is It Legit?

Welcome to my review of Auto Wealth Bot, the latest system that claims it has the answer to our financial problems. This is yet another free binary options system & I’ve seen literally hundreds of these launch recently but the majority have been rubbish, is this one going to bring something different to the table & finally allow us to profit? It’s time to find out.

Auto Wealth Bot Website

There’s not a great deal to the actual website itself, just a video & a box to enter your name & email. I played the video & it immediately started out with an incredibly bold claim, the video stated that 177 people across 9 different nations had used this system to generate over 1 million dollars in just 6 months. My initial concern is that if this is true, why did I only happen to “stumble” across this product whilst doing some Googling? Shouldn’t I have heard about this on the news? I’m pretty sure a free system that created 177 millionaires would make a good headline. Regardless I carried on watching to see what it’s all about.

The video swiftly moved on to display a few testimonials with the first one being from a guy that claimed the system has allowed him to generate $11,000 per week for the past couple of months. Certainly not bad going if it’s true, but to be honest I’m very skeptical. There’s a few more of these and then some screenshots of supposed proof, but there was something that really stood out to me & that was the video of this woman:


She’s actually appeared in the videos of a few different binary options systems that I’ve came across lately & that’s because she’s a paid actor from the website Fiverr, take a look:

Kymmypops Fiverr

So we know that testimonial at least is fake. I don’t understand these binary options systems because this actor is most of the most famous Fiverr actors there is, you’d think they’d at least use somebody a little less inconspicuous. However whilst this is alarming we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt – the system has only just launched so maybe they published fake testimonials until they had time to get real ones? Who knows.

Treasure Message

That’s what we’re told next & we’re also told that the system has been created by a guy named Kevin Jones. I decided to do some research into this guy & I did find a few traders under that name, so it’s certainly possible that he is a trader himself. The reason I mention this is because a lot of systems that have been getting launched lately have actually been getting setup by internet marketers, not traders. People have even been reporting that after depositing over at the broker there wasn’t actually any system at all, but some of these internet marketers didn’t care because they’d already got your email address & made a commission from the sale. Hopefully that isn’t the case here with the Auto Wealth Bot as this one does actually look like it’s been created by a guy with a trading background.

Later in the video Kevin mentions that he likes to keep a low profile & that’s probably why you’ve never heard of him, but that he’s one of the top tax payers in the US. Personally I think if you were one of the top tax payers in the US it’d be almost a little hard to keep a low profile.

The system itself.

Kevin claims that the software is a piece of super technology which took 7 years in the making & endless amounts of tweaking to make it absolutely perfect. It’s claimed to use the most advanced algorithms and says that it will generate you a profit on complete auto-pilot. The most interesting thing is that he mentions you could make $5,194.32 before the end of the day – to be honest I highly doubt that’s possible, that would be more than the professional hedge fund managers make themselves.

In the initial video he mentions that he’s not going to go into the technical details of the system because he’s covered all this in the next video that you’ll gain access to once you’ve submitted your name & email, so at this point I decided to go ahead and submit to check out this next video and find out more about how the system is actually supposed to work.

Something else alarmed me at this point, when I went to enter my email the counter on the homepage said the following:

Live Stats

But then I accidentally refreshed the page and they changed to this:

Live Stats 2

The stats had mysteriously dropped by over $100k, which is very alarming indeed.

My conclusion.

To be honest after my discovery I decided not to go ahead & enter my name & email to check the system out. The system made some extremely bold claims but after discovering what I did it completely lost my trust. This system may be absolutely amazing, and maybe I did pass out on an opportunity to earn an awful lot of money but to be honest I don’t think I did & I personally won’t be recommending this system, even without trying it. If the page was honest & open then I’d have probably been interested to see what it was all about, but now personally I am not.

If however you’ve used this system yourself then I’d love to hear your thoughts – was I wrong not to continue & have I missed out on an awesome opportunity or was I right not to go ahead and enter my details? You can leave a comment below outlining your thoughts & it’ll not only help me but it’ll also help other visitors that might also be considering using this system for their trades. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts and I hope you appreciated my insight into this system.

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