Insider John Binary App 810 Review – Scam?

Welcome to my review of Binary App 810 by Insider John (AKA John Callaghan). This is a pretty interesting one because it’s a brand new system that’s just launched and it seems (or at least claims) to be different from all of the other previous binary systems that have come before it. I’ve decided to find out for myself to see whether or not these claims hold true.

Now firstly I’d just like to say that out of all the binary systems that I’ve seen pop up lately this is one of the first that doesn’t seem to have sourced any of the presenters from Fiverr, so it’s a good start so far haha! But despite that, is it legit or is it just another scam?

John Callaghan, otherwise known as Insider John is the guy that’s created this system & he claims he’s a successful binary trader. At first it just looked like another scam but the video is certainly very convincing and after watching it I began to think otherwise, I felt like this could potentially be a legit opportunity.

This is probably one of the most expensive systems I’ve seen, in fact Binary App 810 comes with a whopping price tag of around $4,999… BUT… You can get it for free on a 2 month trial. Now I don’t know if anybody will actually pay the $4,999 – I highly doubt it. I believe it’s just been put there to make you feel like taking up the offer of the 2 month free trial to make it seem like you’re getting more for nothing. Just think about it, the creator of the system (Insider John) will get a commission when you sign up to the broker so there is no need for him to charge such a hefty fee – I’m assuming that when it comes close to the end of your trial you’re offered the system at a much reduced price so that it makes you feel like “grabbing a bargain” (quite a clever tactic).

As mentioned above the system is free to use for your first 2 months but you will need at least $200 to deposit at the broker that the system recommends to you.

Regardless of the price, if a system works and it makes you money it’s worth any price because you’ll make it back – so more importantly let’s see if it’s actually going to help us make any money!

Real reviews of Binary App 810.

Now I can’t 100% guarantee that these user reviews are real, but put it this way I did an awful lot of digging to try and find the most authentic ones I could. Here’s what other people are saying about the system:

First review seems positive:

Well – I’ve tested it for 10 days β€” 55% success rate 86trades – 40 losses

However a few days later here’s another review from the same guy:

I started with 400 € and is down to 250 €. I will not try it anymore. It’s enough with one broker but John suggests even 3 is better !

So whilst money was made, it was also soon lost.

Here’s another review from a different person:

Made 3 trades and lost them all! Had to be doing something wrong, so I tried talking to support. The only reply I have gotten from support is the first one that came back from John with my link!

But here’s a pretty big red flag…

Apparently the info that you receive about his product comes from Insure Profits, and they don’t exactly have the greatest reputation. Insider John, AKA John Callghan seems to be working with Steve & Jenny from Insure Profits so maybe this one isn’t as legit as it might have seemed.

Unfortunately as much as I’d like to confirm my thoughts I can’t, because at the moment with the system being brand new there seems to be a mixed bag of reviews. From observation though of the few reviews that have published so far the majority are leaning towards the negatives.

Despite John apparently receiving an actual award & being regulated by the Banc De Binary I don’t think I personally would be using this system – something just doesn’t seem to add up. The video on his actual website just seems a bit too staged, for example take a look at how it cuts – you don’t actually see him walk in. Anyone could hire an office and a few people to clap (but that’s just my personal opinion).

(Update 02/12/17: I’ve now removed the video from this page as it’s been deleted by the author)

Have you tried the system yourself?

There’s very little reviews of this system on the web at the moment so if you’ve tried this system or you have any further information on it then I’d love to hear your thoughts. It’ll not only help me but it will also help the community and prevent others from getting scammed if it turns out not to be legit. I’d really appreciate any input.

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