Binary Matrix Pro Review – Scam Binary System?

Welcome to my Binary Matrix Pro review – one of latest systems to surface, although this one comes with a bit of a twist. If you follow my blog then you’ll know that I’ve slammed a lot of binary options systems lately (I don’t particularly like binary options), but maybe…. just maybe this one has something to bring to the table. Let’s see…

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OK so usually binary options systems get an instant slamming from me, I’ve come across hundreds and I’ve yet to see any that have actually lived up to their claims and made people money. Today I’ve came across Binary Matrix Pro & this one actually looks pretty interesting.

If this isn’t the first binary options system you’ve come across then you’ll be aware that the majority of them just push expensive houses, yachts & fancy cars on you to try and sell you a system that will supposedly generate you an income on autopilot. We all know this is rubbish, and whilst Binary Matrix Pro brings some fairly strong claims to the table (that it can make you $106 per hour), they’re certainly not as bold as the majority of the other companies that claim they can make you a millionaire in a week.

This system actually claims to take a whole new approach, it basically watches real trades so what you’re getting here with this system is more of a signal service that’s actually based on real trades. It’s an interesting concept, but whether it works or not is another matter. Anybody can tell you a system works & give you some rubbish to make you believe it, so I’ve been out and done some digging to find out whether or not it works in practice. What I found isn’t good.


At first I thought this system looked like it actually had something to bring to the table, but after doing some digging it looks like that’s not the case. Unfortunately this just looks like yet another system that’s going to do nothing other than help you lose your money. Take a look at some of the reviews I discovered from across the web:

(firstly I’d like to mention – be wary of the positive reviews you might come across, many of these were written by affiliates, I am not an affiliate).

I tried Binary Matrix Pro and they advertise that you can make over a $100 an hour. I paid, downloaded the software and it did not work. I lost most of the money I invested.

and another…

Don’t bother unless you want to empty your account. I came into this skeptical and I was proven right. Binary Matrix Pro will slowly but surely empty your account, I have proved it.

Those reviews speak for themselves – despite this system appearing like it may have had something new to bring to the table it looks like it’s just the same as all of the other binary options scams out there. Basically once you sign up you’ll be referred on to a broker and asked to deposit some cash (around $250), then even after depositing your cash they’ll call you up and ask you if you want to deposit more. I say ask, but it’s more like pressure.

Binary Matrix

This system isn’t going to be making anybody any money & shortly after all of these complaints they actually went ahead and added a disclaimer to their website stating that they wouldn’t be held responsible if it didn’t work. You see that’s the thing with these systems, if they could guarantee that you were going to make money then they wouldn’t need to show you a disclaimer right?

Pure hype & lot’s of it.

Admittedly I’m pretty impressed by just how well they’ve managed to portray this system, they really do a great job of making it look like it could actually work but as we now know there’s not much chance of that. As with all binary options it’s just a big gamble really, you stand as much chance of making any money with binary options as you do walking into a casino. In fact you probably actually stand less chance making money with binary options if you end up relying on one of these systems.


Well the majority of these systems are actually designed to make you lose money. Yep, you heard that right. Basically these systems aren’t setup by traders, instead they’re created by internet marketers just looking to make a quick profit by referring you on to a broker for a hefty commission. These commissions often go upwards of $200 per person. The trouble is if everybody was winning their trades then the broker would go out of business overnight meaning no more commissions for these internet marketers. That’s why you’ll find that many of these systems are actually designed to make you lose so that they make the brokers more money and that’s why the brokers pay such huge commission out to the people that promote them.

I’d highly recommend avoiding such systems since you’re only going to end up out of pocket. I understand that as a newbie to the internet they may seem really attractive but that’s who these systems pray on really. There are a much better ways to make money online and just by taking a look around my blog you can find out a whole load of real methods that will allow you to do just that. Save your money, look at a real way & actually get something in return.

Once again I hope you enjoyed my review and most importantly I hope it stopped you from parting with your cash and losing it to this system. If you have already signed up to Binary Matrix Pro then I’d really like to hear your thoughts as I’m sure a whole load of other people would who might be considering doing exactly the same thing. You can leave a comment below.

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