Binary Reaper Review v3.0 – Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to today’s review of the Binary Reaper system. This system claims to be the worlds most accurate binary options indicator with a trade accuracy rate of over 90%. Those are certainly some strong claims, so I’m here today to find out whether or not it can genuinely help us make some money.

The website also claims that it’s been featured in The New York Times, Google News, Yahoo Finance amongst a handful of others. If that’s truly the case I’d imagine it must be fairly reputable so I went ahead & did some digging. Unfortunately I was unable to find any evidence to back up these claims.

Putting that aside though I decided to take a look further into the system itself. The first income claim on the website states that he managed to make $17,095.30 from a $300 deposit in just 30 days by following all of the signals that the Binary Reaper generated. Obviously that’s an awful lot of money, it’s $16,795.3 in profit so the question is whether or not that claim is true. If it is, then I don’t doubt for once second that this system has been featured in all the sources it claims it has.

I have to admit that the proof in the video looks an awful lot more believable than that of other websites. This one actually shows you logging into his account & checking his balance as opposed to the basic screenshots that other sites show you. Don’t get me wrong this could also be faked, but it’d more difficult to do so at least. Other than that there’s nothing really fancy in the video, no yachts or mansions thrown at you – just this guy showing you around his trading account.

Further down the page however there’s another video that shows you the system in action. The owner actually sets the system up & lets you watch it in action, he profits from his trades of course.

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My initial thoughts.

This system makes some really bold claims right from the off, but I have to say that the proof is one of the most convincing I have come across and I’ve looked at literally hundreds of these systems.

Further to that something that has really reassured me is the fact that this system is actually v3.0 which shows the developers are constantly working on it and aren’t just out to make a quick buck. Most of these types of systems simply launch, grab a whole load of money and then disappear off the face of the earth – this one has been around for quite a while which is certainly very promising.

How does it work?

Accordingly to the website basically this strips everything down and simplifies the process of trading binary options. Instead of looking at a complex chart & figuring out the signals for yourself this does it all for you. It says that you don’t lose trades because the system will only release signals once they have a very strong confirmation so all you will see is red & green arrows with an alert telling you whether you should CALL or PUT.

It’s basically designed to help experienced traders profit more from their trades but at the same time help newbies also find it easy to trade. Whether or not it works as it says it does is another question because a 90% win rate is an extremely high rate. It also claims that you can trade with zero risk, but at the end of the day this isn’t true because there is still 10% risk and what if you were to fall into the 10% in your first 10 trades? You’re going to be quite a lot out of pocket.

No system can guarantee that you will profit & offer no risk, because at the end of the day with binary options there is always risk – they are nothing more than a gamble and nobody can guarantee the direction of a trade no matter how strong the signals supposedly are.

The one thing that does truly separate this one from the rest though is the fact that the owner mentions that he will personally help you set the software up and get started with it via Skype, Teamviewer or email. He also mentions that he’ll monitor your trades to make sure that you’re doing the right thing and that he’ll give you advice if you’re not. They seem like fair enough claims, but then he goes on to say he’ll make sure you’re making at least $500 per day in your first week – to be honest I just can’t believe that could be true.

This software comes with a price tag of $690.00 however he mentions that you can get it for free if you trade via one of his recommended brokers since he’ll receive a commission if you do so. I’ve seen a lot of other free systems use this tactic because free systems have a bad reputation so they try and make it seems like it’s not actually free to set your mind at ease. The difference with this one is that he does actually give you the option to pay whereas with the other ones even if you try to buy it they force you down the free route instead so I’m not quite sure which category this one falls into.

If you want to go down the route of depositing with a broker instead of purchasing the system outright then it’s going to require a minimum deposit of $300.

My conclusion.

Whilst this system does make some pretty bold claims, it’s v3.0 in it’s development so it’s clearly been around for a while & the owner himself even offers his personal assistance. To be honest I really don’t know how I feel about this system, I definitely feel like it’s probably one of the more genuine ones out there but still I don’t really know if it’s going to work.

Right now I can’t recommend it simply based on the fact that I haven’t personally used the system & I haven’t yet been able to find any real user reviews. If you’ve used this system yourself then I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think & how it worked out for you. You can leave a comment below this post and your views will not only help me to reach a decision but it will also help other people who are also looking into using this system in an attempt to profit from their trades.

I would like to add though that this is probably one of the systems that has interested me the most out of all the ones that I’ve came across lately & the fact that the developer wants to get in touch with you and help you is certainly a lot more reassuring.

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