Blazing Trader Review – Too Good To Be True?

Welcome to today’s review which is of the brand new Blazing Trader system – something that promises to line it’s members pockets with $440,000 every single month all on complete auto-pilot.

A very bold claim I think you’ll agree, which is why I’m here today to check it and find out once and for all if it actually works or if it’s just another load of binary BS…

Blazing Trader Logo

So if you’ve come across this system & are wondering if it can make you money then stick around because I’m going to be revealing everything about this system.

Plus I want to let you know that I am not an affiliate of this system which means what you’ll be getting here is the TRUTH (not lies spun by affiliates who are just looking to make a commission by getting you to sign up).

So without further ado let’s take a deeper look into this system & find out what it’s all about…

At a glance…

First impressions of this system make it seem like you can’t lose… There’s a big red flag telling you that the system is 100% free, and as you read throughout the page you’re told that 100% automated risk free software comes with 100% no risk…

So the question that springs immediately to mind is where’s the catch?

I mean firstly why would somebody make a system that generates people $440,000 per month and offer it out for free?

…and if such a system had been created, howcome I discovered it via an email as opposed to on the news? I mean surely if an automated system could make anybody $440k per month it’d be hitting the news headlines right?

So yeah – immediately it raises suspicion.

But there’s testimonials – so it must work right?

If you scroll down the homepage you’ll see a selection of testimonials which might make you think that despite this systems ludicrous claims, it could actually work.

However… after doing a quick bit of background research I quickly managed to dismiss that possibility! You wouldn’t believe what I found…

The guy shown on the homepage as “Brock Idriess” is actually an American man who was reported missing back in around 2014 time, take a look below…

Fake Testimonial

I find it pretty unbelievable that they would stoop so low to use such an image. Based on this & what we’ve talked about so far it’s certainly not looking good for this system, but regardless I’m going to continue on with my review until I’ve reached a solid conclusion.

So – does the software work?

It’s probably not going to come as a big surprise to you that no, this software does not work.

The Blazing Trader system is nothing but yet another binary options trading scam built purely to part you with your hard earned cash.

But you’re probably wondering how I can be so sure about that – so I’ll share what I discovered and you’ll quickly realise why system will not, and does not work as promised.

Blazing Trader Homepage

Firstly I decided to look for some *real* user reviews, and every single review I managed to find which was written by an actual user of this sytem stated that the funds they had deposited quickly began depleting as all the trades this system was placing for them were losing trades.

The only positive reviews I could find were those written by affiliates promoting this system, who obviously have a direct interest in getting you to sign up as they’ll be getting paid a huge commission… So needless to say those reviews are all bias.

Finding those bad reviews spurred me on to do some extra digging… I certainly wasn’t going to try this system out for myself, but I wanted to know for sure whether it worked or not and what I found next was the nail in the coffin for this system.

Here’s the truth…

After doing some digging it turns out that this system hasn’t been created by a trader at all – in fact the person behind this system probably doesn’t even have the slightest idea about trading.

This system has actually been created by an internet marketer, who has created it purely as part of a ploy to part you with your cash & line his pockets.

You see the internet marketer behind this system has affiliated himself with a binary options broker, which means they pay him a commission for every new member he gets to sign up with them and deposit funds (and they pay him a pretty BIG commission too).

Losing MoneyHowever the only issue with that is that most people are reluctant to deposit funds with binary brokers because they know that binary trading generally comes with big risks… and when I say big risks, basically binary trading is going to inevitably end up with you losing all your money… So naturally people don’t want to participate or even associates themselves with it.

Obviously the issue with this for the internet marketer is that it means it’s difficult for him to earn any of those BIG commissions from the broker… but because he’s smart he soon figures a way around that, and that’s where Blazing Trader was born.

This system has been purely designed to make you think that you’ll be able to profit from your trades, to make you more likely to deposit with the broker, and to make you more likely to earn the creator of this system a commission.

Get me?

So basically nobody is making money out of this system other than the creator behind it & all of the affiliates that are promoting it telling you how great it is when really it’s going to do nothing other than part you with your money.

It’s not until after you’ve deposited your funds that you’re left to find out that this system doesn’t actually work as promised – and that’s when you’ll see you’re funds rapidly start to deplete.

Don’t get caught…

Getting Caught In a TrapThe reason this system is catching so many people is because they think that they’ll just be able to “try it” and then withdraw their funds if it doesn’t work out.

Let me make it clear – this is not the case, you cannot simply “try” this system.

Basically any funds you deposit into this system are gone for good – regardless of what they tell you because the brokers these guys work with make it rediculously hard for you to get a refund… So hard in fact that I haven’t seen a single person be succesful in getting a refund from this system as of yet (if you have personally managed to get a refund then please let us know how in the comments at the bottom of this post).

So yeah, make sure you keep hold of your funds and don’t deposit into thinking that you’ll be able to “test it”, otherwise you’ll get caught by their trap.

My conclusion.

Whilst this system looks and sounds the part, it scores a big fat ZERO out of 10 from me. It’s nothing but a scam put together purely to part you with your money & line the creators profits, so take my advice and don’t fall for it.

And I also want to take this opportunity to recommend that you stay away from binary option trading in general – it’s nothing but bad news, and will no doubt result in you losing a lot of money if you decide to participate in it.

Over the years I’ve seen lot’s of people try binary trading, and I’ve yet to see a single one of them make a profit. It looks like an easy way to make cash from the outside but believe me in reality it’s nothing more than a gamble and it’s certainly no way to make a sustainable income.

However since you were looking at the Blazing Trader system in the first place it suggests you were already looking for a way to make some extra income – so if that is the case then be sure to have a look through this blog. You’ll find tons of legit tips & tricks for building a real income online.

So I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and more importantly I hope it saved you from parting with your cash. If however you were unfortunate enough to have come across this review after depositing I’d greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Let us know what happened & if you were able to get your money back – your comment will be greatly appreciated by not just myself but all the other people considering trying out this system, so thanks in advance! 🙂

P.S. sharing is caring 🙂

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