How To Build A Large Email List

Despite what you might think building a large email list is actually really easy, in fact over the past year I’ve actually grown a list from 0 to over 17,000 strong.

That might sound crazy but it’s true, and I’m going to show you the exact method I used.

The best long term strategy is definitely to setup a blog, I don’t care what anyone says – it works, and in combination with LeadPages & OptInMonster it’s a sure fine way to get a whole load of subscribers very quickly & very easily.

How I built a list of over 17,000 subscribers in just 1 year.

Well, you’ve probably guessed the first step – but yep, I started by setting up a blog.

Then I came up with a mission of publishing 100 posts all targeting long tail keyphrases within the internet marketing industry. I figured that even if I only averaged 1 visitor per day on each of those posts then that’s still 100 visitors per day so I got to work & began publishing posts to my blog.

I wrote roughly 3 posts per day & after 1 month I’d hit my target of 100 posts. My blog had already began getting some organic traffic from the posts & they hadn’t even properly settled in the search engines yet.

By the end of month 2 I was averaging around 60 visits per day, but what I noticed is that a few of these visits where now actually coming from referrals and social media. People we’re beginning to link back to my content & even share it, I was amazing & from there my traffic quickly grew to around 200 visits per day by the following month.

Capturing my traffic.

So now I’d began to get the traffic (which was rising by the day) all I needed to do was capture them onto my email list.

My first approach was to install OptInMonster which allowed me to display a popup to visitors that were about to leave my website & also an opt-in form at the bottom of my posts. This worked extremely well, especially the exit-intent popup – I converted a whole load of visitors that would have otherwise left my website.

Then I decided to join up to LeadPages & create some lead capture pages. These worked extremely well & all I did was link to them from banners in my sidebar & the odd link here & there within posts. Those capture pages really do convert like crazy, especially if you’re giving away a freebie – which I was at the time, I was giving away my “Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online” e-book for free in return for the visitors email address.

It went from there…

That’s honestly all I did. I setup a blog, wrote 100 posts & began getting some organic traffic then used some lead capture plugins in order to monetize my visitors.

Once I began gathering a subscription base I began publishing new posts to my blog on a weekly basis & then emailing my subscribers once a week to keep them active & involved.

My traffic increased as more posts began to rank in search engines & more people began to share them & I finally started averaging around 50-60 new subscriptions each day, but I did lose a whole load every time I sent out a broadcast.

Over the course of a year that took me to a grand total of around 17,200 subscribers which is pretty amazing.

I’d never bothered with building an email list before & at the time I frequented on a few forums and noticed everyone was going on about how much they wanted a big list – I expected that it was going to be difficult but it actually turned out to be really easy.

Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about – create content, get traffic, implement opt-in forms & squeeze pages and your list will begin to grow like crazy.

I think most people just do things backwards, they create the landing pages & struggle like mad to get traffic. Get the traffic first & then you’ll make life a whole lot easier for yourself.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]