Build a Team, To Build Your Success

In this post I’m going to share with you an important lesson I’ve learned over the years I’ve been doing online marketing, and that lesson is that if you want to become truly successful, you need to build a team.

You see when I first started out I began as just your everyday affiliate marketer – I’d promote things, and I’d receive a commission in return.

The problem was that if I stopped promoting, the commissions stopped coming in – so I was effectively still trading my time for money, and I was actually having to work longer hours to pull in the cash than I would have done if I was working at a normal 9-5.

As I learned a bit more about marketing I understood how a blog could help you make things a bit more passive – so rather than directly marketing products/services I started a blog & marketed them through that (or should I say this) instead.

This helped, because it gave me some leverage.

You see when you write a blog post, the blog post doesn’t disappear overnight – meaning that whilst the blog post might take a couple of hours (or a day in some cases) to write, it could potentially be getting visitors for many years to come.

Time And MoneySo blogging enabled me to leverage my time a bit more, because I was no longer having to directly trading my time for money.

The posts I had written began getting visitors, and as I wrote more the visitors began to increase – meaning I could cut back a little bit on the amount of hours I was putting in my business.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still putting quite a lot of hours into my business. It’s not like I was being lazy, it’s just that I kinda realised I had a life to live too.

After all money is pretty useless if you’ve got no time to spend it.

Then, in around 2014 I kinda fell into the network marketing industry.

This was an industry I was completely unfamiliar with, but there was a particular opportunity that landed in front of me on several occasions… And after numerous times of passing it up, eventually I decided to “give it a go”.

Now I just want to point out here that I’m going to hit you up with a network marketing opportunity – the only reason I’ve brought that into the post is because that’s where I began to realise the true power of team work.

You see most of the guys in this particular opportunity were pushing huge numbers… and I mean huge.

Lots of MoneySome of these guys were pulling in $20k, $50k and some even over $100k per month.

It was unbelievable – and to be honest that’s what initially made me pass up on the opportunity so many times in the beginning, because I simply just did not believe it. In fact I was actually thinking something along the lines of “yeah… this is definitely a scam“.

But eventually after seeing so many people promoting it I just got curious, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt just to try it out for myself.

And after getting inside and seeing it first hand for myself I realised that these guys were actually making the money they were claiming they were making.

They were doing it through the power of team work – which is obviously what network marketing is all about, but the thing is, network marketing makes these insane types of figures pretty easily achievable.

Well, providing you commit yourself to the company and actually work for it that is…

But yeah, $10k, $20k and $50k aren’t unrealistic numbers in the network marketing game. There’s a website dedicated to reported the top earners in the network marketing industry each year and on their leader-board of 150 people this year, every single person’s average income was over $100k per month.

Some of the top earners were averaging over $1 million per month.

Now if you’d have told me prior to seeing it first hand and getting involved in the industry that somebody could make $100k per month, let alone $1 million I would have laughed in your face.

Truthfully, back then even $10k seemed like an insane number… But the network marketing industry taught me a lot.

These numbers were achievable because they were leveraging the efforts of other people – so as opposed to just making money from their own efforts, they were making money from a team below them too.

And as John D. Rockefeller’s quote goes…

I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

And I completely agree with that quote.

So am I recommending you join a network marketing company?

Well, yes & no…

Personally I’m not a huge fan of the network marketing game – you get a lot of people joining your team wanting to make big bucks but then not willing to lift a finger, and ultimately blaming you for their lack of success in the company.

It can be a very rewarding game, but at the same time it can be very frustrating too.

However, despite that I do recommend you pick a company & try it out – because the network marketing game can teach you a LOT.

Bill Gates Network Marketing Quote

But that’s not what this post is about…

Network marketing taught me the importance of building a team & leveraging their efforts.

It taught me that to become truly successful, as opposed to just “getting by” or being moderately successful, building a team is absolutely essential.

You see the biggest reason affiliates never really take off in their business is because they remain as affiliates.

But what you’ve got to realise is that as an affiliate – you are essentially just the member of somebody else’s team.

Whilst you might be making yourself enough money to get by as an affiliate, ultimately you are building somebody else’s success.

To become truly successful you need to create your own product or service & have affiliates, aka “a team” working with you in promoting the product.

This way you get to leverage the efforts of other people and it helps not only take your business to a new level, but it makes it overall much more sustainable too.

Sure, it might not be easy to come up with your own idea or service, but that’s what separates those who are truly successful from those who are just doing OK.

The problem is most affiliates just have tunnel vision – they think more traffic & higher commissions is the answer…

Whilst that may work in the short term, it’s not a long term solution & as an affiliate you’re still going to be solely 100% responsible for your income.

Here’s the huge difference…

If you are working on your own and you stop, your income stops – or at least begins to deteriorate until it eventually stops.

If you have a team working with you and you stop, not only will your income already be higher, but your income keeps going and has the potential to keep on increasing too.

So in short, a team is the answer to providing you with a larger income, a more sustainable income, and a more passive income.

What’s the take away from this post?

Ultimately the purpose of this post is to help you think bigger than an affiliate, and to help you see how building a team can help you take your business & it’s income to an entirely new level.

I feel like one of the biggest things affiliate marketers struggle with is sustainability in their business, and building a team provides a solid solution for that.

For some reason there isn’t a great deal of information or advice on building a team, but after personally spending some time in the network marketing industry I feel like it’s an absolutely fundamental part of your success.

So hopefully you enjoyed this post & understood the points I’m trying to make – if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below, because this is a topic I always love to discuss.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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