Can Internet Marketing Systems Become Saturated?

Saturation is a word that gets mentioned a lot throughout the internet marketing industry & it’s something that worries a lot of marketers… But does it actually exist, or is it just a myth?

Firstly, what is saturation?

Saturation in terms of internet marketing is where your unable to find new prospects to sell to because everybody has already purchased the product/service that you’re offering.

Obviously reaching a point of saturation on your own would be very difficult so if you have your own unique product or service then you’ll have nothing to worry about. However for people promoting products/services that many other affiliates are also promoting, saturation can be a bit of a worry.

Should I be worried about saturation?

Short answer… No.

If you’re promoting a system that a whole load of other affiliates are promoting then chances are you’ll run into a few people who’ve already tried it out. Whilst it’s not ideal, it’s certainly nothing to worry about – the numbers will be minimal compared to the amount of people that have never came across the product/service before.

According to research, almost 8 new people join the internet every single second.

So selling to the whole internet & saturating a product/service is next to impossible, especially considering that in addition to those 8 new users every second there are a whopping 2.3 billion people already online.

To be precise it’s said that 7.9 new people come online every second, which would equate to…

  • 474 new users per minute.
  • 28,476 new users per hour.
  • 683,443 new users per day.
  • 4,784,103 new users per week.
  • 19,136,415 new users per month.

Even the likes of Facebook hasn’t signed up that many people, so if you think you’re internet marketing product/service is at risk of saturation, think again.

So where did the idea of saturation come from?

Saturation is basically an ‘excuse’ that’s been created by a amateur marketers who’ve struggled to find success & make sales in their business.

Instead of working out the real problem as to why they haven’t been generating sales they’ve just gave up & put it down to ‘saturation’.

The truth is that if they’d just taken the time to tweak a few things then they’d probably have begun generating sales & realized it has nothing to do with saturation at all.

Maybe it’s time for a fresh approach…

If you’re finding that a lot of your prospects have actually seen the product/service you’re offering before then whilst it might not down to saturation of the product/service itself, it could be down to saturation of your marketing.

You see if you’re constantly targeting the same crowd of people then it’s inevitable that you’re going to run out of new people to promote to, therefore it might be time to freshen up your marketing campaign & widen your audience.

As a marketer it’s vital that you keep changing up your campaigns because over time they will naturally get less effective.

Even if you do stick to targeting the same audience (which I don’t recommend), you could change up your promotional material to try & target those who you haven’t yet hooked. From past experience I’ve ran the exact same campaigns but made a whole load of additional sales when they were beginning to become dry just by changing up the wording.

Basically, don’t get caught up in it all.

To put it simply, saturation doesn’t exist. It never has & it never will – the internet is a massive place and the idea of everybody having previously seen the product/service your offering is just ridiculous.

It’s nothing more than an excuse used by amateur marketers looking to take the easy way out by giving up and blaming it on something else other than themselves.

The word has, and will continue getting thrown about on various online marketing forums but take it with a pinch of a salt.

Just to reiterate before I go, saturation does not, has not, and will not exist!

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