How To Make Money From An Email List

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If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for ways to make money online then you’ll have no doubt heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. Whilst in most cases this phrase is very true, there are many people out there with large email lists who are struggling to make any money at all. The reason for that… Continue reading

How To Separate Buyers From Prospects In AWeber

It has to be said that AWeber is a pretty great tool. It’s been my email marketing service of choice for the past few years, and that’s mainly down to their excellent deliverability rates. AWeber have one of, if not the best deliverability rates out of all the email marketing services available… and AWeber is also great and really easy… Continue reading

Email Marketers – Should You Use Double Opt-In? Yes, And Here’s Why…

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One of the most common questions asked by email marketers is whether to use single or double opt-in on their lists. For those who don’t know… Single opt-in is where the visitor enters their email & is immediately added as a subscriber to the marketer’s list without having to confirm their email address. Double opt-in is where the visitor enters… Continue reading

Marketers, Make More Sales By Doing Less Selling

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When starting out with online marketing it’s natural to want to begin earning your first commissions as soon as possible. …and I’m sure I speak for everybody (or at least almost everybody) when I say we all have the long term goal/dream of getting our online business to a place that allows us to live that passive dot-com lifestyle. You… Continue reading

Ninja Way To Get Free Targeted Leads For Your Business

In this post I’m going to share with you one of my more “ninja” ways of getting free, targeted leads for your business. Whilst the method is pretty cool and can come in handy at any point during your marketing journey, it’s usually something you’d reserve for when you’re just starting out in a new niche and you’re at the… Continue reading

How To Lower Your Email Spam Complaint Rates

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Email marketing is a great way to squeeze extra revenue out of your business, it provides you with the opportunity to follow up with your prospects & increase your conversion rates. To put it into perspective an email list is said to be worth around $1 per subscriber, per month – so an email list containing 1,000 engaged subscribers should… Continue reading

How To Write The Perfect Follow Up Email

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If you’re promoting something online then it’s vital you capture your prospects email addresses in order to follow up with them at a later date. That’s because very few people will actually make a purchase on their first exposure to a product or service. Instead they’ll most likely need at least around 7 to 10 exposures before they actually go… Continue reading