How To Get Free Website Traffic

Free Website Traffic

The “dot com” lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular & everyday new people are looking to get involved in online marketing. Previously people have always been skeptical about the whole concept of making money online but now they’re begin to realise that not only is it possible but it’s actually quite easy to get involved in. If you’re going to succeed online then you NEED traffic, because traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Without traffic you have no chance… Continue reading

People buy from people, not businesses.

Shop Assistant

One of the most important things that I’ve learned throughout my time spent marketing is that people buy from people, not businesses. This happens everywhere, not just on the internet. Think about it, have you ever been into a shop & been served by a rude assistant? Did you come out with the words “I’m not going to shop there again”? Chances are you probably did, which backs up my point that people buy from people – not businesses. The… Continue reading

Single Opt In VS Double Opt In, What’s Better?

LeadPages Thankyou Page

I’ve been focusing a lot of improving my email marketing campaigns lately, I’ve shifted providers & tried various different things but one of the biggest decisions I had to make was whether to go single opt-in or double opt-in. Initially I started out with double, then I made the move to single, now I’m back over with double & I’m going to explain why in this post. Started out with double opt-in. Initially I launched all of my campaigns with… Continue reading

How To Become A Better Online Marketer

Online Marketing

This is a question I’m asked time & time again, “how can I become a better online marketer?“. The answers simple, you just need to strip down what marketing is. As you probably know if you’ve read my about me page I used to a former electrician and I’ve only been marketing a few years but during this time I’ve achieved a lot. Often this upsets marketers especially those who’ve been in the game quite a while. The truth is… Continue reading

How To Double Your Blog Traffic TODAY

Increase Blog Traffic

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve published an awesome piece of content on your website & being totally hyped for a “traffic explosion” only for it to go unnoticed? No likes…. No shares… No backlinks… …Nothing? Unfortunately I can safely say I’ve been a member of that club once upon a time. It’s a horrible feeling and all that work feels like it’s pretty much gone to waste. But after the reading what I’m about to share… Continue reading

How To Build A Large Email List

Email List

Despite what you might think building a large email list is actually really easy, in fact over the past year I’ve actually grown a list from 0 to over 17,000 strong. That might sound crazy but it’s true, and I’m going to show you the exact method I used. The best long term strategy is definitely to setup a blog, I don’t care what anyone says – it works, and in combination with LeadPages & OptInMonster it’s a sure fine… Continue reading

How To Increase Your Email Open Rate

Email Open Icon

“The money is in the list”… That’s probably a saying you hear all too often right? Well there’s no money in the list if nobodies opening your emails, so if that’s the case then what can you do to increase your email open rate?

Guide To Increasing User Engagment With Your Website & Your Brand

Increase Visitor Engagement

User engagement is a very important factor towards an online businesses success. Engagement doesn’t stop at website level, social level or email level but in fact it should take all of these into account and you should aim to increase engagement with your brand as a whole through all of these channels. There are a whole load of different reasons as to why we’d want to increase user engagement, but ultimately it’s to get our users to spend more money.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing – Targeting Pre-Purchase Queries

Affiliate Marketing Money

I see many affiliates making the same mistake & wondering why they aren’t making any money. They think that by creating a blog post on a particular product or service & getting it ranked that it will bring them in some cash, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that unless you make sure you’re targeting pre-purchase queries. I see a lot of people actually targeting post-purchase queries instead & of course that means there’s no chance of them ever making… Continue reading

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing – Leverage Your Learning Curve

Learning Curve

So I frequent on a few internet marketing forums & I see the question “where to start in affiliate marketing” (or something similar) get asked several times every single day. Now my advice to anybody just starting out in affiliate marketing would be to leverage their learning curve & use it to their advantage. The first thing you should do is setup your own blog & as you learn new things publish posts on what you’ve learned to your blog.… Continue reading