Chrissy’s Invite Review – Scam System?

Welcome to my review of Chrissy’s System. This is a system that’s just recently launched & claims it can generate it’s users profits of over $5,000 per day on complete auto-pilot. Obviously those are some pretty bold claims so I’ve decided to take a closer look to find out what it’s all about & most importantly whether or not it can actually make us any money.

Before I get started with my review I want to let you know that I’m not an affiliate of this system so I’ll be revealing the truth. I understand there are a lot of other websites claiming to host ‘reviews’ but the majority are actually written by affiliates who are just interested in trying to get you to sign up so that they can earn themselves a commission. This website isn’t one of them!

So what exactly is this system all about?

This system is yet another so called ‘free’ binary options system. The reason I don’t sound too happy about that is because I’ve seen literally hundreds of these types of binary systems launch & I’ve yet to see a single one of them actually put somebody into profit.

Usually these systems turn out to be nothing more than hype but regardless I’m going to take some time out to look at it just in case. I won’t be getting my hopes up (and I wouldn’t recommend you getting yours up either), but hey… who knows?

So the video on the website starts out with a blurred out ‘Chrissy’ showing you her income increasing & increasing, all of which is supposedly being generated by this system. She claims that the system generates her anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000 per day & goes on to emphasize the point that it’s 100% free and that you don’t even need to enter your email to get access.

She said that all you need to do is click the big green ‘Yes’ button to gain access..

So I clicked the big green ‘Yes’ button…

But instead of being given access I was just taken to another page with another video of Chrissy, where this time she was un-blurred & asking for my email address.

In the first video she is blurred & mentions that she can’t really show her identity, yet in the second there’s no blurring at all. Second to that she mentions that you don’t need to enter your email, but then she’s asking for it on the very next page. I’m confused!

Next she’ll probably be telling us that it isn’t free either… Oh wait, she is….

Chrissy continues to hype up the system & then finally tells you to enter your email to gain access. However after entering you’re email address you’re then asked to deposit at least $250 with the broker that they recommend in order to gain access to the system.

So it’s gone from not requiring an email & being 100% free to requiring an email & costing at least $250. I don’t like the look of this.

Instead of depositing I decided to do more research.

Here’s what I found.

This system hasn’t been created by a binary options trader at all, instead it’s been created by an internet marketer who’s simply out to make a quick profit at the expense of others.

The second you sign up & deposit with the broker that is recommended to you by this system, the creator earns a commission. This system is therefore nothing more than a whole load of hype to try & encourage you to deposit funds by making you feel confident in the fact that it will enable you to generate profits.

However only after depositing your funds will you quickly realize that it doesn’t work quite as promised & instead of profiting you’ll begin losing… a lot.

What’s worse is that if you do make a deposit thinking that you’ll be able to just ‘try it out’ then chances are you won’t be able to get a refund. The creators are clever & only seem to work with brokers who have strict no-refund policies so that the commissions they make will be safe.

To conclude my review…

This system is no different to any of the other binary options systems that have came before it. My advice would be to most definitely avoid it, unless you’re looking for a quick way to LOSE money that is.

These binary options systems have proved to be nothing more than a whole load of hype. I’ll admit that they’re pretty convincing but nobody will be making any money from them other than the creators & the affiliates. If you think you’ll be able to make auto-pilot profits from a ‘free’ binary options system then think again.

The truth is that binary option trading is massively risky and very few people actually manage to make a profit. Those that do certainly make it look easy but let me tell you that in reality it’s nowhere near as easy as they make out.

These “100% auto-pilot” systems are a complete joke, if they really worked then everybody would be using them. Sure, there’s systems out there that can help you make an awful lot of money very quickly & automate most of the process, but there are none that completely automate every single part of the process.

I really hope you found my review of this system useful & most importantly I hope it helped you save some cash. If you happen to have already bought into this system & your reading this review afterwards then by all means feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience.

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