CodeFibo Review – Does It Really Work?

Welcome to today’s review which is of the newly launched CodeFibo system.

This is a system which claims it’s cutting-edge technology can generate you $7,000 per week on complete auto-pilot. I think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty bold claim so I’ve decided to take a deeper look into this system to find out what it’s all about, and most importantly find out whether or not it works.

So if you’ve come across the CodeFibo system & are considering getting involved make sure you read this first.

Oh and as always before I start this review I want to make it clear that I am not an affiliate of the CodeFibo system. The reason I stress that is because a lot of the reviews online for systems like these are written by affiliates who have a direct interest in saying good things about them as they earn a commission for every person they get to sign up.

That’s not the case here – my review will be completely unbiased and I’ll be revealing the TRUTH once and for all.

So without further ado, let’s get into the review…

What’s CodeFibo all about?

CodeFibo is a newly launched binary trading system supposedly created by a guy named Professor Lewis. The system is said to run on complete auto-pilot and make profitable trades by using cutting edge technology to detect trends based around what they call “Fibonacci Strategies”.

CodeFibo Homepage

So idea is that people can plug into this system, set it away and then enjoy auto-pilot profits of up to $7,000 per week.

It certainly sounds nice, but is it really true?

Unfortunately the answer is a big fat no – it’s not true. Despite the claims made by the website, CodeFibo isn’t putting anybody into profit – in fact it’s actually doing the opposite.

You see the moment across CodeFibo I was sceptical – it looked very similar to the other binary scams that have came before it, many of which I’ve reviewed on this blog & advised people to stay away from. Because of that I decided to do some background research first, and I’m very glad I did.

Just like with all the other systems that have came before it, everything you’re told is a lie. For a start Proffesor Lewis doesn’t even exist, and he certainly didn’t create this system.

Professor Lewis Actor

This system was actually developed by an internet marketer who is simply out to make a quick buck at the expense of others – I’m not certain, but my guess is that he probably doesn’t even know the first thing about trading, never mind said “Fibonacci Strategies”.

Here’s the truth…

This system has been put together to do nothing other than make you “believe” that you’ll be able to profit from your trades. Only once you deposit money and fire it up are you left to realise that it doesn’t quite work as promised.

So you might be wondering why somebody would go to all that trouble… What’s in it for them?

Well basically the internet marketer behind this system has affiliated himself with a binary broker, meaning he gets paid a big fat commission for every person he gets to sign up & deposit funds.

However most people know that binary trading is very risky, and because of this they are very reluctant to deposit funds and trade. This of course means that the marketer will struggle to make any commissions, because people will be hard to convince.

But because the commissions are so big, he doesn’t give up there – instead he is smart and comes up with the idea to create a system which will make people think that they’ll be able to profit, and that of course is where CodeFibo is born.

So everybody lands on the CodeFibo website, watches the video and then feels confident that they’ll be able to profit on auto-pilot and rushes through to make a deposit… Earning the marketer big fat commissions.

It’s great for the marketer, but not so great for the people who have deposited because they will be left to find out that the system doesn’t work as promised and will quickly see their funds that they deposited begin depleting.

Don’t get caught.

The way this system is catching so many people out is because they think that they’ll just be able to “try it” and then withdraw any remaining funds if it doesn’t work as promised.

Let me make it clear that any funds you deposit will be gone for good – you cannot “try it”.

The brokers these marketers work with don’t like giving refunds and they make it very difficult, so difficult in fact that I’ve not yet met a single person who has managed to get their money back from one of these scams.

With that being said my advise is to stay well away and do not deposit any money.

Well that is unless you’re wanting to lose it, but I could think of many better causes that you could give your money too rather than a greedy marketer.

Already deposited?

If you’re unfortunate enough to have stumbled across this review AFTER depositing and are looking for help getting your money back – I’m sorry to say that you’re going to struggle. Obviously the first thing you should do is ask the broker if they will process a refund, which is unlikely – but then failing this your next option is to contact your bank to see if they can help you… Again though, this doesn’t always work.

As sorry as I am to say it, you’ll probably end up having to simply pass it off as a hard lesson learned.

How else can you make money then?

Risky BusinessSince you stumbled across CodeFibo in the first place my guess is that you were looking for a way to make some extra money. Firstly I want to stress that binary options is not the way to do it.

Trading binary options, manually or with robots is very risky business and very, very few people succeed. It is certainly not a way to build a sustainable income.

But you might be wondering what is, and what you can do to build a genuine income online… and thankfully I have the answer.

If you’re wanting to make extra money then you should be looking at internet marketing instead – this is a proven method to build a genuine & sustainable income online. I can vouch for it too since it’s what I’ve personally been doing since the end of 2011.

So if you are serious about it then I would certainly recommend doing some research into internet marketing (you could start by having a look around this blog). It’s without a doubt the number 1 way to make money online and the best part about it is that the possibilities are endless.

And I’m going to leave you with that thought – so I hope you enjoyed reading review, and more importantly I hope I was able to help you dodge the “CodeFibo” bullet and keep a hold of your cash.

If however you were unfortunate enough to have lost money to this system then I’d like to ask if you’d be so kind as to leave a comment below sharing your experience. Let us know what happened, and if you were able to get your cash back – I’m certain there will be a lot of people interested to hear.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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