How To Disable Double Opt-In With AWeber & LeadPages

I recently moved from GetResponse back over to AWeber & I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out to set single opt-in up with LeadPages. It was easy with GetResponse, I just used this cheeky little Office AutoPilot hack. However with AWeber nothing I tried seemed to work! Then I finally managed to figure it out, it was actually pretty simple but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on it anywhere so I figured I’d put this post together to help anyone out who might be in a similar situation!

The first thing you need to do is head over to your list’s settings:

AWeber List Settings

Then you need to click on confirmed opt-in:

AWeber Confirmed Opt-In

Scroll down the page & under “Require Opt-In On Web Forms” switch it to “OFF”:

AWeber Require Opt-In

From the top menu click “Sign Up Forms” & then click “Create a Sign Up Form”:

AWeber Sign Up Form

From the next page simply choose the fields you want on your form. If you only want to collect the email address be sure to delete the name field otherwise it won’t process, similarly if you want to collect both, be sure to include both.

You don’t need to style the form, once you’ve selected the desired fields simply hit “Save Form” and head to step 2 where you will need to set up the desired thank you page etc. After configuring your settings, go to step 3 and select “I will install my form”, then click “Raw HTML Version” and you should see something like this:

AWeber Raw HTML

Highlight all the text from inside that box then copy it and head over to LeadPages.

From inside of LeadPages, click “My Account” and then “Integrations”:

LeadPages Integrations

On the next page, scroll down and click “AWeber”. You will arrive at a page like this:

Connect AWeber

Follow the instructions to connect your AWeber account and make sure “Allow copy/paste” is switched to on.

From there head over to the LeadPage that you’ve created which you want to integrate.

Click on the opt-in form, and then from the sidebar on the left choose “Integrations”. From the drop down box select the following:

“HTML Copy/Paste -> AWeber”

LeadPages AWeber Integration

Then you’ll be provided with a little box where you can paste the raw HTML code that you copied earlier from AWeber:

Paste HTML Code

Paste the code in there, hit “Okay” & then finally save your page.

You’ve just successfully integrated AWeber into LeadPages with single opt-in.

However I’ve got to admit that after trying single opt-in for a while I’ve actually gone back to double opt-in. I find it increases my email open rates because that way I can take the visitor to a thank you page and get them to actually click on the link in my confirmation email which then keeps my future mail out of the spam box. When I just sent single opt-in mail the majority of it just went straight into the spam folder unnoticed and my email open rates were shocking.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope it helped you out.

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