Don’t Get Duped By The Duplicash System

Duplicash Homepage ScreenshotProduct Name: Duplicash
Product Owner: Unknown (they have hidden their identity)
Cost: Minimum $250 (pressured into paying more)
My Score: 0/100

Quick Summary: Duplicash is a scam binary options system that’s attempting to trick you into thinking you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars each day by copying professional traders.

Read on for my full review…

Before I start…

There’s something I want to make very clear right from the off & that is the fact that I am not an affiliate of this Duplicash system.

The reason I want to make that very clear is so that you can rest assured that what you’ll be reading here is the TRUTH about this system written by a third party who has no interest in getting you to sign up with the system.

You see many of the reviews for this system (and other scams like it) have actually been put together by affiliates who are getting paid commissions for getting you to join. This means that their reviews are generally biased, and I’ve even seen several that consist of nothing but lies in an attempt to draw you in to the scam.

What is the Duplicash system?

Duplicash is one of the latest binary options trading systems to surface. It hardly got my heart racing when I first discovered it because I’ve seen several similar systems prior to this one & they’ve all turned out to be nothing but dangerous scams.

Though unlike the other systems that have came before it Duplicash claims to be a “social network” for binary options traders, and it claims to provide an easy way for you to copy the trades of professional traders to be able to duplicate their profits for yourself.

In theory it sounds quite plausible, but in reality it doesn’t quite work as promised – and it’s certainly not a method that will enable you to make $500 every 5 minutes as the video on the homepage of the website claims.

Bold Claim Made By Duplicash

Duplicash makes out as if the method of copying trades is revolutionary but it’s not, in fact it’s been done several times before.

Copying trades in certain instances can help you profit (with a reputable company – not Duplicash), but the problem is that you’re fate is entirely in the hands of the person you’re copying which means you can just as easily lose money too.

When it comes to binary options copying trades means that you’re essentially just relying on somebody else’s pot luck as opposed to your own.

Yes, I said it – binary options trading is nothing more than pot luck.

Personally I hate binary options trading with a passion because I’ve seen the financial ruin that it can cause. It’s the riskiest and most addictive type of trading out there which is why even Forbes themselves advise against trading with binary options, take a look at a snippet from one of their articles:

Binary Options Forbes Article

You see the time frames in which binary options trades are made means there’s no allowance for an educated guess.

Whilst on the surface it seems because all you have to do is guess which way the trade will go, in reality it’s not so simple because there’s so many fluctuations that can (and will) happen during that short space of time. It’s a gamble & nothing more.

In fact over the 5 years I’ve been working online I’ve literally not seen a single person manage to make sustainable profits from binary options trading. The only people who manage to make money from it are the people who are pushing the systems & recommending trades, and that’s only because they’re making money at your expense – not from profitable trading (because there’s no such thing).

It’s nothing more than a convincing ploy…

I have to admit that the creators of the Duplicash system have gone to some extreme lengths to try & make their system look believable, but unfortunately it’s nothing more than a very well executed scam.

All they want to do is get you to think that you’ll be able to profit so that you’ll make a deposit with the broker that they recommend to you.

This is because as soon as you make that deposit, they get paid a huge commission (at your expense).

They have absolutely no interest in helping you to profit & after you make your deposit you’d be left to find out the hard way that the system absolutely does not work as promised. In fact it actually works in quite the opposite way because this system is designed to make you lose quicker than you could ever image.

Because the quicker you lose, the quicker they can convince you to top your account up to try again – meaning they’ll earn more commissions which will again be at your expense).

Pulling it apart…

To prove this system is nothing more than a mere phony, let me highlight to you some of the tricks & lies you’re fed by the Duplicash system.

Random Profit Number

Firstly, as pointed out by the image above the “daily app profits” statistic displayed on the homepage of the website is nothing more than a mere random number. If you refresh the page you’ll see that the number changes upon every page fresh (and sometimes even goes down), that’s because it’s fake.

Number of Permitted Accounts

Also on the homepage you’re told that the server has a maximum capacity of 30 positions per day, and there’s a big bubble displaying the current amount of positions available at any given time. Unfortunately this is yet another lie as if you refresh the page you’ll also see that this statistic resets too.

This is more worrying though because this is called a “rush tactic” and that basically means it’s been done to get you to rush into buying into this system without taking the time to look at reviews first. It’s clear why they’ve used this tactic because they know that if they give you time to look reviews you’ll find out that it’s nothing but a scam.

Faked Social Proof

Lastly, if you scroll down towards the bottom of the Duplicash homepage you’ll see that they display a so-called “live feed” of the Duplicash hashtag trending on social media. What they don’t tell you though is that all of these statuses and tweets are 100% fake.

A quick search on twitter soon makes that evident as the only tweet about the Duplicash app is a tweet telling you to stay away:

Duplicash Tweets

So it’s clear to see that there’s a lot of trickery being used by this system and that’s only at the very forefront – there’s a lot more behind the scenes.

To conclude my review…

It’s clear to me that the Duplicash system is a very well put together scam that has been launched with the simple intention of making people think that they’ll be able to profitable trades just so that they can get them to deposit and earn themselves a commission. This system has absolutely no intention of helping you to make profits.

For that reason (among several others) I absolutely do not recommend that you get involved with the Duplicash system, in fact I actually recommend the opposite – I highly advise that you stay away from it & that you don’t even enter any details.

If you do provide them with your details then they’ll no doubt keep calling you up to try & convince you to buy into the system & “try it out”, just like all the other binary systems that do that came before it.

So stay well away from the Duplicash system, and I’d even recommend staying well away from binary trading in general.

There are many, many much better alternative ways that you can make a genuine income online.

Anyway with that being said, I hope you appreciated my insight into this system and more importantly I hope I was able to prevent you from getting drawn into this system and parting with your hard earned cash. Be sure to leave a comment to share your experience below.

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