Dream Catcher System Review – Scam Revealed

Welcome to my review of the latest system to surface, called the Dream Catcher system. This is something that’s apparently been created by a 49 year old former Wall Street trader named Matthew Warner, and I’m here today to discover what this system is all about & whether or not it actually works.

So if you’ve come across this Dream Catcher system & you’re looking to find out if it’s real or just another scam, stick around because I’m going to reveal everything in this in-depth review. Plus as always I want to make it clear that I am not an affiliate of this system so what you will be reading here will be the TRUTH.

Forget all those bogus reviews that are published by affiliates just so they can earn themselves a commission – as always I will be telling it like it is.

So without further ado let’s take a look into this system & find out what it’s all about…

Dream Catcher System Homepage

As I mentioned above this is a system that’s said to have been created by a guy named Matthew Warner who was a former Wall Street trader – or at least according to the Dream Catcher website that’s what he used to be. Now usually succesful Wall Street traders are quite high profile guys, so I decided to do some ground work to see if I could find out anything about him… Surprise surprise I couldn’t.

So is Matthew Warner real? Who knows – but regardless he’s apparently giving 15 people the chance to become an overnight millionaire… So what’s all that about?

Well my first thoughts are that it just sounds to be like one of the bogus claims made by all the other scam binary systems that have came before it – however just as that thought was running through my head something interesting popped up in the video which caught my attention and made me stick around to check it out.

The interesting thing I seen was the fact that Matthew claims he will pay you $4,250 in the next 17 minutes simply for taking part in a 3 minute survey at the end of the video. So the first thing I did was stick around until the end of the video to see what that was all about.

Guess what?

No survey, and no $4,250.. so that was a lie right from the off – instead you are told that they’ll be in touch with the survey questions in about 2 months!

Survey Questions

Oh and the video actually went on for about 24 minutes – so the 17 minutes was a lie too.

But anyway, I’ll stop being petty & I’ll go ahead and sign up into the system to find out first hand what it’s about… It’s just that as you can imagine, no matter how small or big I don’t like websites telling me lies.

After entering my details…

Once I’d entered my details I was presented with another video where Matthew was this time congratulating me on getting on-board. He then asked for my phone too along with some further information to complete my registration.

I inputted the required information and finally I was taken into the system, only now I was told that in order to activate it I had to make a minimum deposit of $250.

However I was left very skeptical on this page because I noticed a counter in the bottom right corner telling me that was only 3 spots left and that I had under 5 minutes to deposit and get involved. Now I don’t like anything that uses these types of pressure tactics and it always raises a huge red flag for me.

Pressure Tactics

Instead of “rushing in” like they’d want you too, I decided to do my due diligence instead & I’m glad I did because what I found shocked me.

After doing a bit of digging it turns out that my suspicions were correct. Matthew Warner doesn’t exist at all – instead he is merely an actor who has been paid to try and get you to buy into this system.

In fact there are no traders involved with this system at all. Instead it has been created by an internet marketer who is simply out to make a quick bit of cash at the expense of others.

Basically he has affiliated himself with a broker company, meaning he earns a commission every time he gets somebody to deposit.

However since binary options are so risky, by default he would have a hard time getting people to make deposits… Meaning he wouldn’t be earning a great deal in commissions.

So what he has done instead is created this Dream Catcher system which is basically just a purpose built system to try and convince you that you’ll be able to make profitable trades & an autopilot income so that you’re more likely to deposit.

Meaning he’s more likely to earn a commission.

Pretty smart, but pretty naughty too since he’s making his money by other people losing theirs… Not good!

But the reason so many people are getting caught out by this system is because they think that they’ll be able to just “try it out”.

They think that they’ll be able to deposit $250, try it out and if it doesn’t work just withdraw whatever funds are left in their account.

Only they are left to find out that they can’t do that.

You see the brokers that they’re affiliated with make it very hard for you to withdraw your funds – so hard in fact that you may as well wave goodbye to any funds that you do deposit because it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get them back.

My advice

As you can probably guess my advice is for you to stay well away from this system. In fact I would advise you to stay well away from anything to do with binary options altogether.

In case you didn’t know, binary option trading is very risky business – at the end ofthe day it is nothing more than a gamble. Through the binary industry very few people make profits, and the only ones that do are those who have been very very lucky – but even then they will most likely go on to lose it because it is so unstable.

If however you are looking to make a bit of extra money and are wondering what is the right away to go about it, then please feel free to check out my huge list of ways to make money online. These are all legit ways that anybody can participate in and use to build a sustainable income online.

It took me quite a while to put that guide together, but I really do hope it helps you out. With over 72 methods listed on there I’m sure there’ll be something that proves to be useful for you and helps you to earn the extra money that you are searching for.

Also before you go, if you happened to deposit into the Dream Catcher system before coming across this post then I’d like to kindly ask if you could post a comment to share your experience. I would certainly like to know what happened (and if you were able to get your money back) as I’m sure many other people would too who are also looking into trying out this system.

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