eMobile Code Review – The TRUTH!

Welcome to my eMobile Code review – a new product from a guy named Ronnie Montano which claims everything is “done for you” so that you can simply begin making money. Let’s find out whether or not that’s actually the case and more importantly whether or not we can actually make any money!

Before I go ahead and jump into my review I want to let you know that I am not an affiliate. This means that the information you’ll be getting here will be totally honest & as always will follow my no BS approach. Basically I’m going to be telling you whether or not it works for real.

What is eMobile Code?

That’s the first thing you’re probably wondering – what exactly is it? Well basically this system is supposedly designed to help you setup your own mobile website business, without having to build any websites and without having any web development experience. The system is said to provide all the training you need to get started & basically the software itself will create a “done for you” mobile website. So you’re probably wondering where the money is going to come from – well the idea is that you’ll then sell these websites on to local businesses that are in need of a mobile website. It’s a fair idea since the internet is going mobile & a lot of websites aren’t yet optimized but most importantly…

Can you make any money?

Well the first thing I noticed which I found pretty strange is that in the sales video itself it shows you commissions from ClickBank & Click Sure which are affiliate programmes, however after getting inside the system the money is supposedly made from selling your mobile websites onto local businesses – so I don’t see how ClickBank & ClickSure could possibly be involved. To me it just looks like they’ve shot together some false income proof for the sake of the video which if that’s the case, definitely isn’t a good sign. Regardless though we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt & continue on with the review to find out if any money can actually be made by using the system.

Does it work?

I actually went ahead and bought the product to check it out and check if there was any money to be made. The concept seemed fair enough so I thought it was worth a try & even if it didn’t hold any value at least I’d be able to use the information to help others out who might be considering doing the same.

The sales page claims it was $99 and is down to $49, but it’s been $49 ever since it was launched so don’t let that panic you into buying. Once I actually got inside the system I was immediately taken to an upsell, but obviously I wasn’t too bothered by that – it’s part of marketing & it’s how companies make their money. If I don’t want to buy I just click next, no big deal… Well, actually it was kind of a big deal because I wasn’t able to click next until I’d actually watched the majority of the video (the button was delayed), oh and wait there was just one – there was actually around 5 or 6 of these so it took an awful long time just to actually get past the upsells and get into the system itself.

What’s more is that the links to go to the next video were actually broken so when I clicked on them it just took me to a dead end. Luckily I managed to be able to guess where the link should have taken me to but someone who is new and has limited experience would have probably been stuck at that point.

My main concern.

When I did actually finally make it to the members area it wasn’t the eMobile Code members at all, instead it was the Mobile Money Code members area which is a product Ronnie Montano had launched in the past. It looked like it was just exactly the same product but dressed under a different name, I was very disappointed. Furthermore the guy in the videos that reckons he is the creator of the system is a different guy to the one that was in the sales video & said he was the creator. So not only have we been taken to a completely different members area but we’ve also been lied to… Not a good start.

Here’s the members area I’m speaking about:

eMobile Code Website

Inside the system there’s also a “free gift” but it turns out not to be free at all. Basically your said to get a free website but you’ll only get it if you sign up to some extremely expensive web hosting. This is completely ridiculous, not only is it not free but most web hosting packages are around $3 and they are charging an insane amount of money.

My conclusion.

Personally I can’t see any money to be made from this system, at least not without an insane amount of hard work. The business model will require you to pester people to ask them if they’d like a mobile website for their company & obviously in this field there’s a ton of competition so it’s going to be very difficult to actually get anyone to turn around and say yes. Although the system claims you don’t need experience with building websites, clearly you will because when these companies ask you questions you’re not going to know the answers & they’ll smell a rat.

Plus it just looks like this product is basically a re-dressed version of “Mobile Money Code” and not a new product at all – a big disappointment. I certainly won’t be recommending this product to anybody & I think those who do buy into it are also just going to find that it’s been a waste of money.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out this review:

Well I made the mistake of purchasing this 2 days ago. You pay through a site that is out of the U.K I think maybe Australia. So Im guessing FCC cant do anything. This is a completely useless program.

If you’ve tried this system out then please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below – I’d love to hear what you think as I’m sure a whole load of other people would too who might be considering buying this system.

Once again I hope you enjoyed my review & most importantly I hope it helped you to save some cash!

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

Making good money online isn’t easy, but it IS possible – and this free training gives the average person the best chance of success at launching their own profitable online business.

…I should know, because that EXACT training enabled me to leave my job as an electrician & pursue working from my laptop instead. See how I went from nothing to over $10k/month here.

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