Exposed: Step 2 Wealth – The Latest Scam System

One of my readers brought a binary options trading system named “Step 2 Wealth” to my attention earlier & asked me to check it out.

They said that they had received an email about the system claiming that it could generate them profits on auto-pilot but they were concerned that it was a scam so they wanted me to try & help them to determine whether or not it was actually genuine.

I immediately took a look at the website after receiving their email and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

This Step 2 Wealth system is promising it’s users $10,000 literally just for watching the video – a very bold claim, and a common tactic of a dangerous scam.

These scams can often fool newcomers but I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of them so I can almost instantly detect the telltale signs, and let’s just say this particular Step 2 Wealth system is displaying a LOT of telltale signs.

Something you need to know…

Before I continue with this review & expose this system for what it really is I want to make something very clear to you.

I want you to know that I am not affiliated with this Step 2 Wealth system in any way shape or form.

The reason I want to make that very clear is so that you can be confident that the information you will reading here is the real truth about this system. You see a lot of the other reviews that have been published have actually been written by affiliates who are getting paid a commission for each new member that they get to sign up.

This generally means that their reviews are biased since it’s in their interests to get you to join these systems (or in this instance to get scammed).

I have no interest in getting you to join this system, and I won’t be publishing any links to the website of this system within this review.

I just want to deliver the honest truth about this system so that you can make up your own mind as to whether or not you want to join based on the facts.

What is the Step 2 Wealth system?

The Step 2 Wealth system claims to be an automated binary options system that can make you profitable trades completely on auto-pilot.

The funny thing is that the video on the homepage tells you that this system has been created by a guy named Richard Williams who is a genius with numbers & has developed a mathematical trading algorithm that guarantees profits.

Yet despite Richard’s supposedly amazing mathematical ability, according to his income calculation published in the video he doesn’t even seem to be able to work out how many days there are in a month.

He claims that this system will generate you profits of $10,000 per day, which he works out to be over $360,000 per month….

Bad Maths

Ummm, are there 36 days in a month? LOL.

But we already know that Richard Williams isn’t a mathematical genius – in fact our so called “trading expert” Richard Williams doesn’t even exist.

I searched through all of the high profile trading websites to try & find any traces of this so called mastermind and there were none at all to be found.

Surprise surprise!

It’s common for these scam binary scammers to use fake names & actors to promote their systems – just like Angela Stevens the fake creator of the Guaranteed Money System which has been one of the biggest binary options scams so far in 2017.

That’s not the only lie you’re told….

The first lie that you’re told as you land on the homepage of the Step 2 Wealth system is that you’ll be guaranteed $10,000 immediately after watching the video. Unfortunately that’s simply not true.

False Guarantee

After you finish watching the video you’re told to deposit at least $250 with their “recommended” broker in order to start the system (more on that in a moment) – but there’s no sign of the promised $10,000.

Secondly, you’re told that there’s only 4 places remaining but this is also a lie. As I have been compiling this review there have been an additional 218 visits to the website (based on the video views recorded by YouTube) and yet the number of positions available has stayed exactly the same.

Scarcity Tactic

The truth is that this is nothing but a scarcity tactic to try and get you to sign up as quickly as possible. The reason they want you to sign up so quick is because they don’t want to give you chance to look for reviews because they’ll know you’ll find out the truth about the system & won’t join.

Here’s how this system really works…

Now that we’ve pulled it apart it’s obvious that this system is nothing more than a flat out scam, but you’re probably wondering just exactly how a “free” system can actually scam you, so let me explain.

Basically this system has never been built with the intention of making you money.

It’s been built as a ploy to make you think that you’ll be able to make money and nothing more. The only people making money from this system will be the creators & the affiliates who are promoting it.

All they want to do is convince you into thinking that you’ll be able to make money so that you’ll sign up with their “recommended” broker and deposit funds, because as soon as you do this they’ll get paid a huge commission from the broker company for referring you.

The only reason they’re “recommending” the particular broker is because they’re both in it together – they’re both making money at your expense.

And obviously you know how binary options brokers work, they make money when you lose money… So there’s absolutely no way this system is going to help you profit, in fact it’s actually going to do quite the opposite.

This system is designed to make you lose money quicker than you could imagine – because the quicker you lose the money the quicker you’ll deposit again to try and win it back. It’s a seriously vicious scam and that’s why it needs to be completely avoided.

Do I recommend Step 2 Wealth?

Absolutely not – this system is a vicious scam that will quickly part you with your hard earned cash.

The worst part is that even if you manage to stop this system before all your funds disappear you still wont be able to withdraw the cash because of hidden small print in the “recommended” brokers terms & conditions which requires you to trade with a certain amount before you can withdraw.

They do this to catch the people out who think that they’ll be able to “try” this system out, so be very careful because any money that you deposit into this system will be gone for good. My advice is just to stay well away.

These binary options systems are nothing but bad news. I’ve seen literally hundreds of them over the years and I’ve seen the damage they’ve caused to peoples lives.

Binary trading alone is extremely risky but these systems only add to the problem – my advice is to stay well away and look for a genuine way to build an income online instead. There are lots of different things you can do and if you’re interested in learning then here’s one of my blog posts that will help you get started.

Anyway, I hope you appreciated my insight into this Step 2 Wealth system and more importantly I hope I was able to prevent you from parting with your hard earned cash. Please do feel free to leave any comments & questions below and also be sure to share this post with your friends & family to make sure that they too do not end up falling for this viscous scam.

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