Fast Cash Challenge Review – Binary Options Scam?

Welcome to my review of the Fast Cash Challenge. I’ve been looking into a lot of systems lately and Fast Cash Challenge is one that I’ve just recently come across so I want to share my thoughts.

This system isn’t making claims as wild as the other systems I’ve reviewed lately, but it still claims we can make cash fast – so the question is, can we?

I’m going to throw it at you right from the start and tell you no, you can’t. Basically this page is just yet another funnel that’s trying to channel you into binary options. The creator of the system isn’t a trader and it’s not going to be making anyone any money other than it’s owner and it’s affiliates.

Whoever owns this site will be getting massive commissions from the brokers they refer you too once you enter your email address, but not only that they’ll also be building their own email list at the same time. An email list is said to be worth around $1 per subscribe per month, so if you had 1000 subscribers you should be able to earn around $1,000 per month (providing your subscribers are all actively engaged with your emails).

It’s pretty clever, but unfortunately it means that the people on the frontend coming across these systems aren’t going to earn any money and instead they’re just going to get scammed out of whatever money they put into it. That’s why I feel it’s important for me to put these reviews together to try and alert you of all these companies.

Fast Cash Challenge ReviewThe problem is none of this binary stuff is really any good, it’s just a way for the creators to create massive profits for themselves. In fact in all my time of being in online marketing I’ve literally seen hundreds of different systems introduced and none of which have create consistent profits for their members, they’re all just very good at getting people to believe the hype. Usually they throw at you insane claims, and whilst the Fast Cash Challenge doesn’t really do this it’s still not going to help you profit.

Here are some pointers to help you from losing your money in binary options:

  • Watch out for scare tactics – ie where they say things like “only the first 30 get in”, basically they’re trying to stop you from going around and looking for reviews before signing up.
  • If there’s nothing but a video & an email box – chances are they’re just trying to build their email list and make a quick profit from referring you to a broker.

Those are just a couple of quick pointers but I’m sure you get the idea. Basically think about it, if a system was going to help you make millions overnight then you’d probably be hearing about it on the news, and not my blog.

Also when you’re reading reviews of products be sure to make sure the person isn’t an affiliate. You’ll notice I haven’t linked over the the Fast Cash Challenge and that’s because I’m not an affiliate, basically there’s nothing in it for me I’m just giving you my honest opinion… However some people might tell you that the system is absolutely fantastic and can make you a load of money but the chances are that they’re probably an affiliate which means they’ll get a commission for referring you over.

My conclusion.

Avoid avoid avoid! Fast Cash Challenge is nothing more than somebody trying to make a quick profit from referring you on to a broker. There’s a very rare chance that you’ll be able to make any money at all with this system. Plus if that wasn’t enough the video is super cheesy, and super fake.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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