Fast Money Method – Scam Or The Real Deal?

Welcome to my review of the latest system, Fast Money Method which promises simple, easy money & says that it’s all guaranteed. It sure sounds good, but is it legit or is just another scam flogging a dream? I’m here to find out!

This is another free binary options system & lately I’ve seen an awful lot of these launch. Out of the hundreds I’ve seen I’ve yet to find any that have lived up to their promises. OK admittedly I’ve seen a couple that have helped people out a little bit, but nowhere the near the scale they initially advertised. At the end of the day binary options trading is hard work to make a success of and whilst these systems claim to make it easier the majority of them just make it even worse. The shocking fact is that some of these systems are actually setup by the brokers themselves and are designed to make you lose so that they can make more money – I’m not saying that’s the case here with Fast Money Method, but I just wanted to make you aware of that when you’re out there looking for a system to use.

As you can see from the image below the website itself is pretty basic with nothing more than a video & a signup form:

Fast Money Method Homepage

There’s a counter in the bottom left hand corner that tells you there’s only “12 places left” and it counts down as you watch the video. Similarly on the right hand side of the page there’s a display of the “live earnings”. These may look very convincing but the second you refresh the page they restart, doh. Anyway we’ll ignore these for now as they don’t necessarily mean it’s a bad system, it could just be a marketing tactic which whilst it’s a bit naughty, is OK providing the system works as it says it should.

In the video he mainly talks about breaking free from your job & in one way or another basically says that the system will help you earn $500 to $850 per day using this system virtually on auto-pilot. This goes on for quite a while, I tried to stick around to find out more about the system itself and how it works but after about 5 minutes I got fed up & just went ahead & entered my name & email to gain access.

After submitting my name & email I was taken to another page where I was told that today is the day I finally join the wealthy and break free from my job with no technical skills, no selling & no learning. If that wasn’t bold enough, he also went on to say that I was going to earn $550 to $895 per day guaranteed. It sounds good, but to be honest it sounds too good to be true.

In order to begin trading with the system you’re required to make a deposit with the broker of their choice which in this instance was OptionFM. I was told that if I deposited today that I’d get an extra $750 free bonus added to my account but when I went to the deposit form there was no mention of this. Plus $750 is an awfully large amount for a “free bonus” so this made a little sceptical.

I have to admit though that the system itself did look pretty impressive & you can see a snapshot of what it looks like below (the system is fully web based):

Fast Money Method Website

There’s actually a button the left which you can probably see in the screenshot that says “Robot Tour” & if you click that then it’ll give you a really easy to follow tour around the system & it shows you how everything works and how to get started. Once you’ve deposited your funds it’s basically a case of setting the amount you’d like to trade & then just basically activating the system & letting it do the work. Whether or not it actually wins or loses the trades is another matter completely. At a minimum of £25 per trade if it did start losing then you’re going to very quickly burn through your money.

I haven’t personally used this system & to be honest I’ve struggled to find any reviews from real users online. All I’ve came across are biased reviews left by affiliates who are promoting the program, but one thing I don’t understand is that if these programs really work as promised then why are the affiliates promoting them for a commission? Surely they’d just be using the program itself and profiting from that right? That’s just one thing I’ve never understood & I’ll leave you to think about that for a moment.

My conclusion.

In all honesty I think this is simply another one of those free binary options systems that promises the world but doesn’t deliver, however that’s just my own personal opinion based on what I’ve seen. I haven’t personally tried the system out so I can’t actually comment on how well it works, but put it this way I’d be surprised if any of the users have managed to earn the claimed $500 to $850 per day with this system.

If you’re reading this post & you’ve actually tried this system out for yourself then I’d love to hear what you think about it. Has it helped you profit & more importantly does it live up to it’s claims of helping you to earn $500 to $850 per day? I really hope it does, but frankly I just can’t see it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my insight into this system & as always I hope it helped you save some money! Feel free to share your comments below.

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