Your First Million Review – Hype or Legit?

Welcome to my review of Your First Million, the system that claims it can help you make your first million online. Extremely bold claims, but most importantly does it live up to them? Let’s find out…

Well to kick off with it’s got one of my biggest red flags which is the “rush tactic”. If you look on right hand side it tells you that your space in the system will run out in just 7 minutes – this just gives you enough time to watch the video and sign up. Why’s that a red flag? Well basically they’re rushing you though the sign up process to try and prevent you from searching the web for reviews to find out more about the system, and usually when they use measures like this it’s because you’ll find out how bad it is. So just from my initial glance it’s not looking good – but hey, some genuine websites use those tactics too so let’s not slam it just yet.

Now unlike other systems the sales video doesn’t throw money in your face right from the start, instead this one sells you a dream. It talks about how you’ve just woken up, gone out onto the deck & are overlooking the beach. It’s actually a couple of minutes before it even gets into talking about the system itself but it introduces it by telling you it’s going to be the easiest and fastest way for you to make your first million. Somehow I doubt it and instead I can see it being the easiest and fastest way to lose your money.

There are systems out there that are proven to work, but any system that tells you that you can make millions by doing nothing is a load of rubbish – if that was the case everyone would be doing it & the whole world would be in crisis because no one would be working a job.

So does it work?

Honestly this system just looks like yet another rubbish binary options system. Nobody is going to be making money from this website other than it’s owner and it’s affiliates (affiliates get paid for referring you over to the system). Basically once you enter your email address into the website it just refers you on to a broker where you’ll need to make a deposit. Chances are this system has probably actually been designed by the broker to help make sure you lose your money so that they can make a profit (it wouldn’t surprise me!).

Speaking of affiliates, the affiliates of this system actually get paid a whopping $250 for each member they get to sign up – so think about this: If the owners can afford to pay out $250 for each new member that must mean they’re expecting you to lose a heck of a lot more! If this system was actually creating millionaires why would they need affiliates to help promote it? The system would absolutely blow up on it’s own.

The worst thing about this one is that they haven’t even really gone to much of an effort on the website. Usually the websites by these types of companies are really flashy and bling but they must just be getting comfortable now & realise they’re going to get money from people regardless – hopefully that won’t be you after reading this review.

Oh and I’ve also noticed that most of the other ones actually show an earnings disclaimer which this one doesn’t – I’m pretty sure that’s required by law, unless it shows you it somewhere in the video but I didn’t get that far in!

“but people say it works”

You might have read other reviews from people that have said that the system works and that they’ve made a ton of money, but as we mentioned above these are just affiliates and since they’re receiving $250 per referral they’ll say anything to try and get you to try it out. Regardless of what other people are saying – I’d highly recommend staying away!

My conclusion.

Stay away from this system unless you’re happy to lose your money. It’s clear that since the owners are paying $250 to it’s affiliates for referring you that they’re going to make money out of you somehow, and chances are you’re not going to make it back.

I’ve seen hundreds of these types of systems and I’ve never seen one that actually works and lives up to it’s claims. They just sell people dreams and hope that they’ll buy in and then pass you onto a broker where you’ll need to deposit a whole load of cash. OK so you might make some money at first, but in the end you’ll end up down and then you’ll probably end up putting even more in to chase the money you’ve lost – that’s how these systems work.

My advice to you would be to avoid this system & invest your money in obtaining some skills that can actually help you make real money online. Shortcuts rarely pay off.

If you have used the system and you’ve come across this review afterwards then please let me know what you think about it, most importantly did you actually make any money? By leaving your own opinion it’ll not only help me but it’ll help anybody else that’s also looking at getting involved with this system.

I hope you enjoyed my review & most of all I hope it saved you some money.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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