Gemini2 Review – Does It Really Work? Find Out Here

I haven’t really reviewed many systems lately as I’ve been busy with other things, but I’ve noticed something repeatedly popping up & that is a brand new system called Gemini2.

Since this new system is being pushed so heavily I figured I just had to take time out to have a look into it to find out what it’s all about

…and most importantly I want to find out whether it actually lives up to it’s bold claims (I say bold because according to it’s homepage you can make at least $12,341.37 per day which I think you’ll agree is a LOT of money).

So if you’ve came across the Gemini2 system and you’re wondering what it’s all about then you’re on the right page because I’m going to conduct an in-depth review and find out the truth about this system.

Gemini2 System Logo

Without further ado let’s get into the meat & bones of this review as they say, and as always you can rest assured that you will be receiving an un-biased review because I can confirm that unlike many other websites I am not affiliated with this system (meaning I don’t earn a commission for telling you how amazing it is)… I just tell it like it is.

At a first glance…

When you land on the Gemini2 homepage you’re immediately confronted by the bold claim that this system can make you at least $12,341.37 per day. Now immediately when a system guarantees an income figure I become sceptical – I don’t mind systems telling you what is possible to achieve, but when they give you a defined minimum that you’ll earn it rings alarm bells.

Gemini2 System

But regardless I’m not one to ever pass-up a potential opportunity without doing my full due diligence first & figuring out what it’s about, so on with our investigation we go…

The video starts playing and you’re presented with a guy driving around in a Lamborghini. That guy is supposedly named Brandon Lewis, and was apparently one of Google’s top engineers working at Silocon Valley.

Brandon is said to be the creator of the system, and he is said to have created the system based off a discovery he made when he was younger which enabled him to retire at 28 years old.

According to the video he’s been offered 10’s of millions of dollars to keep his discovery from the public, but is determined to give 50 ordinary people access to his Beta group… Hmm this is starting to sound like a familiar story.

So what exactly is the Gemini2 software & how does it work?

The Gemini2 software is supposedly a “no loss trading software”. Basically, using algorithms it is meant to predict trends and make trades accordingly to put you into profit each time.

It sounds good in theory, however I’ve seen (and reviewed) many of these systems before and unfortunately they have been nothing but hype, put together to simple swindle people out of their hard earned cash.

So will Gemini2 be any different?

Well I sure hope so because I’m fed up of seeing these “nothing but hype” systems that are leaving desperate people in an even more desperate situation.

But there’s only one way for me to find out for sure, and that’s for me to try it….

Luckily I managed to get the last spot in the United Kingdom – well, according to their webpage I did at least…

Last Spot Remaining

So I popped in my details & hit the join button, where I was once again presented with a video of Brandon Lewis who was this time congratulating me on getting involved.

On this page I was also presented with a section showing supposedly live trades which had all won, and several people holding up big fat cheques thanking the Brandon for his Gemini2 system.

It all looks good from the outside, but then I found something which quickly made be very sceptical indeed. I did a reverse image search using Google and found that the photos of the cheques had been doctored.

Take a look at this, here’s “Donald” holding up his cheque for the Gemini2 system..

Donald Gemini2 Cheque

But then look at this, here’s the exact photo where Donald is holding up his cheque for a different “no loss trading system”…

Donald Formula Cheque

So one of these is blatantly fake… and that has set off major alarm bells.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt and proceeded to enter the rest of my details. The system was now asking for my phone number and a password.

After entering the additional information that was requested I was taken to yet another page where I was told I needed to activate the system in order to start seeing my profits.

Guess what I needed to do to activate it?

Yes surprise surprise I had to deposit a minimum of $250…

Now if you’ve seen any of the previous reviews I’ve written you’ll know that this is a major warning sign.

I decided not to deposit any funds at this point and moments later I received a call from a guy on their “team” who was doing his best to try and get me to make me deposit… and not just $250 either, he wanted me to deposit at least $500.

So my question is, why is Brandon paying a team of people to try and get us to deposit? Surely there’s plenty of people who’ll Beta test a $12k per day system, so if you don’t want to then I can’t imagine it would be hard for him to find somebody else.

Why does he need to waste money forcing people to deposit?

This got me thinking, so before I deposited and tried it out first hand I decided to do some research. What I found made me glad I didn’t deposit.

Here’s why…

Firstly there is no “Brandon Lewis” – this guy is just an actor.

Secondly, this system claims to be a “no loss system” but in fact it seems it is more like a “no win system”.

I’ve not managed to find any reports from people who claimed they have made profitable trades other than those who are affiliated with the system. Everybody else has reported nothing but losses… and I managed to find out why.

The reason people are losing on their trades is because there are ulterior motives involved with this system.

This system hasn’t been setup by a trader at all – instead it’s been put together by a marketer who’s simply looking to make a quick bit of cash for himself (or herself) at the expense of others.

Basically the person behind this system has got themselves affiliated with a binary options broker, meaning whenever they get somebody to deposit funds – they get paid.

Now because binary option trading by norm is so risky, people are very reluctant to deposit funds – which means the marketer would struggle to earn any commissions.

Unless he could come up with a cunning plan to develop a so called system that made people feel like they they couldn’t lose.

If he (or she) could do that, then they could get hundreds, even thousands of people to deposit – and earn huge commissions off the back of every one of them.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Gemini2 is not a really binary options trading platform at all, and it’s certainly not a “no loss” platform. This system is setup with the one intention of getting you to make a deposit with the broker, and that’s it… after that they don’t care about you, and they don’t care whether you lose all of your money.

They’ve earned theirs and that’s all that matters.

My advice.

Based on what I’ve just said my advice for you is to definitely steer clear of this system. In fact I would actually recommend that you steer clear of binary options altogether as it’s a very risk way to try and make money.

If however you are still looking for a way to make extra money then my suggestion for you would to be to look into internet marketing.

Internet marketing is something that will allow you to build a sustainable business online, and can see you easily generating 4, 5 and even 6 figures per month.

The internet is a very powerful tool and internet marketing allows you to leverage it to build an income. That’s the way I personally generate my own income online, and have been doing so for the past 4 or 5 years now.

There’s plenty of information on this blog about internet marketing to help you get started, and also be sure to check out the guide I put together that lists over 72 easy ways for you to make money online.

Lastly, I hope I was able to help you dodge this system & keep hold of your money.

If however you were unfortunate enough to have put money into this system before coming across this review, please do leave a comment and share your experience. I am interested in knowing what happened myself and I’m sure many other people visiting this page would be too.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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