How To Generate 100 Leads Per Day From Instagram

Instagram LogoIn this post I’m going to share with you a truly amazing way to generate hundreds of leads every single day purely from Instagram.

The best news is that it runs completely on auto-pilot so you can just sit back & relax whilst the leads come rolling in. Like I said, it’s amazing!

The only downside is that since Instagram is primarily used on mobile devices conversion rates can be a little bit lower unless of course your offer is mobile optimised.

Oh, and in order to use this method you must have access to a smartphone since you’ll need to register an Instagram account. Unfortunately at the moment you can only sign up to Instagram from a smartphone/tablet by downloading the Instagram app.

Step 1 – Setting up your Instagram account.

First off you’ll need to download the Instagram app onto your smartphone/tablet & create a new account which you’ll be using to generate your leads.

Once you’ve created your Instagram account, log in & click the button in the bottom right hand corner to bring up your profile page as shown in the image below:

Instagram Profile Page

(click the image above to enlarge it)

After loading up your profile page click “Edit Your Profile” and it will load up a screen like the one shown in the image below:

Instagram Edit Profile Page

Enter the link to your lead capture page into the website profile field (as shown with the red arrow in the image above) so that it will display in your bio when people view your profile.

Similarly add some text to your bio in the box below, ideally telling the person why they should click the link in your profile.

Once you’ve done this hit save & if you head back to your profile page. It should now have the bio text you entered displaying along with the link to your lead capture page below it.

The last step is simply to add some photos to your profile & you can do this by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom (pictured below):

Add Photos To Instagram

Ideally the photos you upload should be related to whatever it is you’re offering. For example if you’re promoting a weight loss product then you could upload results from people that have used the product so visitors will be more inclined to click the link in your bio to find out more.

Take mine for an example, I teach people how to make money online so I’ve shown images of things that represent time freedom & location freedom, which are some of the benefits of having an internet business. Showing real results gets people more interested & makes them more likely to enter their email address.

Once you’ve done that you’re good to go & ready to move onto generating some leads!

Step 2 – Setting up Instagress

If you’ve never heard of Instagress it’s basically an amazing tool that let’s you completely automate your Instagram marketing. Best of all it’s free for 3 days and then just $10 for every 30 days after that!

After you’ve set it up you can let it run on it’s own & it will begin liking photos, commenting on them & following other people on complete auto-pilot.

When Instagress goes out & follows somebody, or likes their photo, that person will get curious & click onto our profile to see who we are… Then they’ll read our bio, and more importantly they’ll see our link…. and that’s how we’re going to be generating our leads.

You’ll be shocked at just how powerful this method really is. I started to see leads coming into my account after literally just hours of running Instagress for the very first time – I couldn’t believe just how easy it actually was to generate leads from Instagram.

So in order to setup Instagress the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account.

After creating an account with Instagress you need to then connect your Instagram account that you created in the previous step. To do this simply click the big “Add account” button & enter the details of your Instagram account (see image below):

Add Account To Instagress

Then once you’ve added the account you’ll be taken to a page where it will ask you to complete the settings for that particular account.

This page might look daunting at a first glance but don’t worry because I’m going to run through the settings with you right now & make it super easy.

Firstly under “What would you like to do?” be sure to select Likes, Comments & Follows as shown below:


Then under “Main Settings”, copy the settings from below:

Main Settings

The important ones to note are:

  • Activity speed – be sure to set this to slow so that Instagram don’t detect bot activity & block your account.
  • Don’t comment same users – be sure to tick this otherwise if it’s repeatedly leaving comments on the same users profile they could report you which could again result in your account getting blocked.
  • Don’t follow same users – same reason as above.

Below the “Main Settings” you can choose to target specific locations. If you wish to do that then feel free to add the locations you wish to target, otherwise you can ignore that section.

The most important sections are the “Tags” and “Comments”.

Tags allow you to determine who you’ll be targeting, so for example if you’re promoting a weight loss offer then you’ll want to target people who are interested in losing weight (obviously).

Somebody that’s interested in losing weight might upload a photo and add the hashtag “#belly” or “#weight”, so you could add these to your tags section like so:

Instagress Tags

Instagress will only target people that upload pictures which include tags that you’ve chosen in this section. So let’s say you have chosen the two tags above & somebody uploads a photo with the tag “#belly”, Instagress will automatically either like that photo, comment on it or follow the user.

So that moves us onto comments. The great thing about Instagress is that it allows you to specify a bunch of custom comments & it’ll pick one at random to leave on a users photo.

Sticking with the weight loss example that I used above, you could set your comments up like this:

Instagress Comments

So again if somebody posted a picture with the hashtag “#belly” (as we mentioned above) and Instagress chose to leave a comment, then it’d pick one of those at random and write it on the users photo. This really helps maximise the chance of them clicking through and visiting your profile (and it works VERY well).

Last but not least is the “Auto-stop settings”. If you’re happy for the bot to run 24/7 then you don’t need to set these, but personally I set them to try & help prevent Instagram from detecting that I’m using a bot.

If you do decide to set them then it’ll simply stop Instagress from running once it hits a certain target, such as x amounts of comments, likes or follows. All you need to do once it’s stopped is go back and hit start & it’ll begin running again.

Here are the settings that I recommend:

Instagress Auto Stop

Once you’ve entered all those settings you’re good to go, all you need to do now is hit start & Instagress will begin doing it’s thing.

Step 3 – Scaling it up.

Whilst just running one account with Instagress will certainly bring in plenty of leads on it’s own, I highly recommend scaling it up by adding multiple accounts.

For example if you have one account running & it’s generating 20 leads per day, then by adding another you could be generating 40 per day.

Similarly by adding 10 you could be generating 200 leads per day – and each account only takes what, 10-15 minutes to setup?

Important: If you are adding multiple accounts to Instagress then make sure the tags set in each account are different otherwise you’ll just have a bunch of accounts targeting the exact same people. The idea of creating multiple accounts is to widen your audience, so rather than having 20 tags in one account you could have 4 accounts each with 5 tags – this way you’ll generate much more leads since they’ll get reaching out to people quicker.

The great thing is that there’s no limit to the amount of accounts you can add to Instagress so you can literally scale it up as much as you want. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from adding enough accounts to generate 1,000 leads per day on complete auto-pilot.

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