Should You Hire Writers For Your Blog?

Blog WritingUp until now I’ve never hired anybody to write content for my blog, however lately it’s something I’ve been putting quite a lot of thought into.

The reason I’ve been considering hiring writers isn’t because I’m lazy, as I love writing & love delivering content to my readers. It’s just that lately I seem to be struggling for time & I don’t feel that I’ve been able to put the same amount of quality into my posts as I have done in the past.

The lack of time means that I’d either have to reduce the quality of my posts, or keep the same quality which that would mean my blog being updated far less often. I don’t want to do either of those because the aim of my blog was to deliver regular, high quality content which leaves me in a bit of a dilemma.

So because of this little dilemma that I’ve found myself in I’ve recently been weighing up the pro’s and con’s of outsourcing my content. I’ve put this post together to share them with you in case your a situation where you’re trying to decide the same thing (yes, this post is written by me!).

So we may as well dive right in, and I’ll start off with the cons… The good news is best served last right?

The Cons…

1. Duplicate Content.

I think this is probably the scariest aspect of hiring writers, or at least it certainly is for me anyway. You see when I write content on my blog I know for sure that it was all completely original because I was the one that typed it up.

However I have been worried that if you’re paying somebody for content that they may be tempted to cut corners & copy content from elsewhere on the web. I’m aware that you can use certain websites/tools to check for copied content, but the writers are also aware of this as well & they’re using things known as ‘article spinners’ to get around these checks. It’s still copied content, just in different words so that it bypasses these checks.

I want all of my content to be completely original.

2. Cost.

Outsourcing content will mean forking out money, and the amount you’ll have to fork out will depend on the quality of the posts that you want written. I had a quick look around at pricing and to be honest I was quite shocked – for a ‘decent’ article some websites were charging in excess of $100!

It might not immediately sound like an astonishing amount but that would rack you up a 3,000 dollar bill if you wanted to bring fresh new content to your readers on a daily basis. Quite expensive I think you’ll agree!

You can of course get cheaper content but this brings us back onto point 1. The less you’re paying the more likely the person will be to cut corners in order to try & get the job done quicker. I think when it comes to purchasing content you’re best off going for quality even if it is going to cost a bit more money, after all it’s your blogs reputation on the line.

3. Reader Connection.

Your readers usually read your blog because they like what you post & how you write. The person you outsource the writing too may have a different post structure or different written tone & your readers might not like it.

To be honest though as long as your content topic remains the same I don’t imagine this one will be too much of an issue, and if you do notice a negative response then you can always look for a new writer.

The Pro’s…

1. Time Leveraging.

This is probably the biggest upside to outsourcing your content because if you have a blog then you’ll understand that writing content can take up a tremendous amount of time.

I personally spend countless hours every month writing & submitting new posts to my blog and if I was to outsource my writing then these are hours I could use to be doing something else… Thus leveraging my time & becoming more productive.

2. Consistent content.

If you’re writing your own posts then you’ll probably try and keep as consistent as you can but no doubt there’s been times when you haven’t been able to submit something new for whatever reason.

If you’re outsourcing your content through a reputable company then you know that the content will get delivered regardless of how you’re feeling or what you’re doing. It’s a case of pay, get content & post. Through rain or shine you can get fresh content consistently posted to your blog. Easy peasy.

VersusHmmm… So which wins?

Whilst there’s more cons than pros, I think the pros do outweigh the cons.

The important thing is to make sure that if you do outsource your writing, make sure you get the highest quality you can & make absolutely certain that it’s original content. It might cost more but as I mentioned above the reputation of your blog will be relying on it.

So basically it all boils down to money. If your blog isn’t earning a great deal at the moment then it’s probably not the right time to start outsourcing your content. Continue writing your own posts for now, build up some traffic, build up some income & then start investing in content to scale things up.

On the other hand if your blogs making money then I think content is probably one of the best things you could invest in to scale up your business. Think about how firmly you would position yourself if you were able to publish 1 new high quality post every single day for the next year.

365 high quality posts… Now that would be a blog & a half!

Will outsourced content affect SEO?

One major concern people have when outsourcing content is whether or not it will affect SEO.

You’ll be glad to know that the answer is no, it won’t. That is as long as it’s quality & original content.

Think about it, the majority of the largest websites on the internet hire staff to keep the site updated – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it, it’s only if your writers use bad practices that it becomes a problem.

So am I going to hire writers?

As I mentioned at the start of this post the reason for me even considering hiring writers was because I’ve been finding myself short of time lately. I really want to take some time out to go over the aesthetics of my blog and make it look a bit prettier but if I do so then that will mean scarifying my updates.

I think what I’m probably going to do is hire writers to keep the blog updated whilst I work on the site and then take things from there. If it works out well & I’m happy with the content that’s being published then I’ll probably keep up with it and add my own posts to blog as often as my schedule allows.

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