Instant Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?

Lately everywhere I go online I keep seeing this “Instant Cash Club” system popping up. It’s a system that claims can generate you over $10,000 per day which is usually the type of thing I’d just ignore, but since this one has appeared quite a few times I figured I’d take an in-depth look to find out what it’s all about.

Most importantly I want to find out whether or not it actually works or not. So if you’re looking to find out the same thing then stick around and read this post.

As always you can rest assured that what you will be reading here will be a completely unbiased review. Most other reviews are written by affiliates who have a direct interest in promoting the software to you so that they can earn themselves a commission, but I can confirm that I am not an affiliate of this system so what you will be getting is the truth.

So without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into this Instant Cash Club system…

With a quick glance at the homepage it’s easier to see that this is yet another trading system. These trading systems have built up quite a bad reputation so from the get-go it doesn’t look all that promising… However with that being sad there are a few trading systems that work, so I won’t completely disregard it just yet without trying it out myself.

Instant Cash Club Homepage

According to the video on the homepage the system has been created by a guy named Thomas Jordan. The presenter of the video is said to be sat with a brand new member of the Instant Cash Club system, and the concept is that they leave the house, come back & then show you what their results are.

Basically they are attempting to give you “real” proof that this system works.

When they log back into the system at 8pm after their “day out” the system is shown to have generated them $5,124.30 (well it’ll actually be $250 less than that as if you watch closely she already had $250 in her account before starting).

This certainly seems impressive – but the question is, is it real and how does it work?

I decided to go ahead & try it out for myself to find out.

First off when I entered my name & email I was immediately taken to a different page with another video. This time the presenter was congratulating me on making it in.

One thing I noticed on this page was that there was a counter at the top telling me that there were hundreds of people viewing that page, and every second it was going up. This is something I don’t like, because it’s a pressure tactic and usually these are types of tactics operated by scam/bogus systems.

What’s even worse is that this counter was clearly fake, because every time I refreshed the page it went back down to 794 people. It’s only a little lie but if they’re willing to lie about things like this then what else are they willing to lie about, it doesn’t really make me place my trust in this system.

Fake Counter

There were a few more testimonials on this page too, each boasting crazy income figures into hundreds of thousands every month.

I decided to do a bit of research on the testimonials to see if these were legit or not, and what I found quickly proved that they weren’t. I ran a reverse Google image search on the photo of the girl that is supposedly named “Kathy P”, and it turns out that photo is actually of the author Patricia Weitz who is best known for writing a book named College Girl.

So fake pressure tactics and now fake testimonials too, it’s not looking good so far… but regardless I shall continue.

Once entering my phone number on this page I was finally taken into the system, however I was prompted to deposit a minimum of $250 before I could activate it & start trading. This was a HUGE red flag.

The reason this is a red flag is because this is a typical trait of a binary trading scam (I’ve reviewed hundreds and they all follow this similar structure).

Here’s how the scam works…

The creators of these binary scam systems aren’t actually traders at all – they are in fact internet marketers who are just out to make a quick buck at the expense of others.

Basically they affiliate themselves with binary options brokers which means that they get paid a commission each time they get somebody to deposit funds.

However, since binary options is known to be very risky it’s generally difficult to get people to deposit – meaning it’s difficult for the marketer to get any commissions.

So what they do to get around this is they create bogus systems that make you feel confident in the ability to profit, because if you feel confident then you’re going to be more likely to make a deposit… and ultimately they’re going to be more likely to earn a commission.

Only once you’ve made a deposit and tried the system do you then find out that it’s not what it was promised to be, and instead of making money you actually end up losing money (and generally you lose it very quickly).

If that wasn’t bad enough most of these brokers have rules that you cant withdraw your funds – meaning you can deposit $250, trade with $20 and then pull the rest out if it doesn’t work out… Which is how most people end up getting caught out by these systems.

You may as well kiss goodbye to any money that you deposit into these systems because the chance of seeing it again is highly unlikely.

Need proof?

No doubt some people will tell me that because I haven’t personally tried the system I don’t have a right to judge it. However that’s not true, because I did go ahead & conduct research.

I was unable to find ANY reviews from people who were profiting from this system other than those written by the affiliates that were promoting it. Every single review I read from people who had used the system stated that they lost money.

I think that is proof enough that this system does not work. If it did, and it was generating people $250,000 per month on autopilot as it promises I’m pretty sure we’d be hearing an awful lot about it.

My advice…

Firstly my advice would be for you to stay away from this system, that is unless you’re looking for a way to lose money.

But since you were checking this system out in the first place then I’m guessing you were looking for a way to make a bit of extra income.

If you are, then I’d suggest you look into internet marketing instead & forget about binary options completely. Binary options is very risky, whereas internet marketing will allow you to build a sustainable business and generate a full-time income.

Internet marketing is something I’ve been doing for the past 4 or 5 years and it’s awesome – if you’re looking to make extra money then it’s definitely what I’d suggest you do. There’s plenty of information on this blog that can help you get started and with Google at hand you’ll never be short of information.

I really hope that this post was able to prevent you from parting with your cash, and I hope that it’s also given you an insight into the best way to make money online.

However if you had already bought into this system before coming across this post then I’d really appreciate if you could share your experience by leaving a comment below. I personally would like to hear about it as I’m sure all the other people would who are also consider getting involved with this system.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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