Kill Binary Review – Scam or Legit System?

Welcome to my review of the Kill Binary system, the system that claims it can change your life by generating you thousands of dollars per day on complete auto-pilot even if you have no previous experience of binary option trading.

Obviously I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that those are some pretty bold claims, so I’ve decided to take a closer & find out what this system is all about and whether or not it can actually make us any money.

If you follow my blog then you’ll probably be aware than I’m not a big fan of binary option systems. That’s because out of the hundred or so I’ve seen launch I’ve yet to see a single one actually put anybody into profit. Regardless though this system seemed to be generating a lot of interest so I figured I’d take some time out to review it.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that I’m not an affiliate of this system which will mean that what you’ll be getting here will be a completely honest review… I won’t be feeding you some biased BS just so I can make a commission by telling you to sign up.

The first thing I have to say about this system is that the acting in the video is super cheesy. Yep, that’s right I said acting… If you thought it was a real news story, think again. It’s clearly nothing but a gimmick to try and convince you that this system is legit.

How do I know? Look at this…

Kill Binary Actor

Yep that’s right, the so called ‘creator’ of this system is actually an actor offering his services on the website Fiverr.

I couldn’t bare to watch the video so I decided just to jump right in and enter my name & email to see what the system was all about, after all according to the website this system was is supposedly 100% free…

Only it isn’t…

Once you’ve entered you’re name & email you’re taken to another page where you quickly find out that this so called ‘free system’ isn’t free after all. Instead you’ll need to make a deposit of at least $250 with the broker that they recommend in order to gain access to it.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I call free.

So instead of depositing any money into the system I decided to do some further research first. I’m glad I did because it turns out this system isn’t any different to the other systems that have came before it after all… Just another one looking to part you with your money.

So how does it REALLY work?

Basically nobody other than the creator & the affiliates of this system will be making any money from it. Instead of being created by an actual trader this system has been created by an internet marketer & it will do nothing other than part you with your cash.

You see the internet marketer that’s created this system has agreed a deal with the brokers, and he (or she) will get paid a big fat commission every time he (or she) gets a new member to signup & deposit funds into their account.

Obviously though most people know how risky binary option trading is so barely anyone will sign up and deposit… However the internet marketer behind this system is clever, and has realized that if he (or she) makes you think that you’re guaranteed to profit, then you’ll be more likely to deposit.

Meaning he (or she) will be more likely to get a big fat commission.

Unfortunately for you, only after depositing your funds will you realize that this system doesn’t actually work as promised. Oh and if you think you’ll be able to get your money back then think again, the brokers make it extremely difficult for you to get access to your money. Many of them require you to make a minimum amount of trades before you can claim a refund, but by this point your balance will most likely be emptied.

Does it definitely NOT work?

No doubt some of you reading this review will still be considering buying into this system even despite what I’ve said above, but here’s something for you to think about…

If it worked, then why would affiliates be working to promote this system for a commission? Surely they could just use the system to generate an income on auto-pilot as promised.

Oh wait, I guess it clearly doesn’t work.

Here’s my advice…

If you’re thinking about buying into this system, don’t.

You may as well wave goodbye to any money that you deposit into this system because the chances are you’ll never see it again.

If you’re looking for the system that will allow you to LOSE money quickly then great, you’ve found it… But other than that this system is useless & it certainly won’t make you any money.

Binary options trading is risky enough at the best of times but systems like these just make it even worse. Despite what you might think, very few people actually make a profit from binary option trading & those that do spend countless hours behind their PC monitoring data. If you took into account the amount of time they actually spent trading along with their profits you’d actually find that they’re probably on less than minimum wage.

Quite a shocking, but true fact.

If you’re looking to generate a stable income online then binary options isn’t answer the answer. At the end of the day it’s nothing more than a gamble – if you’re serious about building an income & looking for a legit way to do it then you need to find an internet marketing system instead. Using those you get out what you put in, so you can completely scale your business… How much you earn is completely up to you.

That’s what I did 2 years ago & to be honest I’ve never looked back.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of this system & most importantly I hope it helped you save some money. If you happen to have already deposited into this system before coming across this review then I’d love it if you could share your experience by leaving a comment below. Where you able to get your money back? Let me know!

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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