Leaked Profits Review – Will This Leakage Really Make You Guaranteed Profits of $1,250 Per Day?

Today I’ll be taking a look into the Leaked Profits system which claims to able to generate you guaranteed profits of $1,250 per day by exposing a “leak” within the binary options industry.

As if this wasn’t already a bold enough claim, the Leaked Profits system also then goes on to state that it can guarantee you these profits on complete auto-pilot (yes, apparently you don’t need to do a thing to be able to generate these insane riches).

So if you’ve came across this system & you’re trying to find out what it’s all about (and whether or not it actually works) then rest assured you’ve landed in the right place. In this Leaked Profits review I’m going to be giving you an in-depth insight into the system itself & showing you exactly how it all works.

Before I Get Started…

It’s clear to me that many of the other reviews written about the Leaked Profits system have been written by affiliates which means they contain biased information. For that reason I want to make it very clear before I get started that I am not an affiliate of the Leaked Profits system.

The reason I want to make this very clear to you is so that you can rest assured that you are getting honest, truthful information about this system as opposed to biased information that’s been put together by an affiliate to simply get you to sign up so that they can earn themselves a commission.

So with that out the way lets go ahead & actually take a look at the system…

What Exactly Is The Leaked Profits System?

Leaked Profits is a system that claims it can make automated, profitable trades within the binary options market based on a “leaked formula” that they’ve acquired & programmed into their system.

It follows all the traits of a typical scam binary options system & I’m confident that this system too will also be a scam. I know that might sound like a hasty verdict but I’ve seen literally hundreds of similar systems & they’ve all turned out to be nothing but dangerous scams.

Several newspapers & other publications have actually started displaying warnings about these types of scam systems as you can see below:

Binary Options Warning

And whilst on that note I would like to mention that if you have previously lost money through a binary options scam or have already fallen victim to the Leaked Profits system prior to landing on this review then you can read this guide that I put together which will hopefully help you get a refund.

This particular system is actually almost identical to the Wealth Crew system which I had exposed just a few days ago. My initial thoughts are that these 2 systems have been launched by the same crooks in an attempt to target a wider audience.

Put it this way, if it’s anything like the Wealth Crew system then it’s definitely bad news.

How Exactly Does The Leaked Profits System Work?

You’re led to believe that all you need to do in order to be able to profit from the supposedly free Leaked Profits system is sign up, make a deposit with their recommend broker & fire the system up.

The so-called secret is that app has been designed, and I quote, “with the sole purpose of crushing it in the financial markets”.

Other than that you’re not given any details whatsoever as to how the system is supposedly able to make these profitable trades, you’re merely pushed into signing up to find out for yourself (and you’ll see why in a moment).

But firstly before I reveal the true intentions of the system I want to highlight the fact that the testimonials on the homepage of the website are not real, and neither is the claim that the app has been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

After a quick search it quickly become apparent that the guy in the video, and the same guy that supposedly published the testimonial claiming he was making $1,386 per day from the system is actually a paid actor on Fiverr selling videos for £7.95 a piece. If you were really making $1,386 per day on autopilot would you really be sat behind your PC making videos for £7.95 a pop? I doubt it…

Proof of Fake Testimonials

In my opinion when any company has to pay people to write testimonials there’s something fishy going on somewhere, especially if like in the case of the Leaked Profits system they claim their system is so amazing. If it was, and it really did live up to it’s promises then I’m sure people would be banging on the doors for the chance to write a review about it.

Funnily enough the only real reviews I could find about the Leaked Profits system looked like this:

Leaked Profits Reviews

So it’s clear that the Leaked Profits system does not hold true to it’s words, but I’m sure you already half expected that before you even landed on this review.

Here’s How The Leaked Profits Scam Actually Works

Since it’s evident that the system does not work you’re probably now wondering how a supposedly free system can actually scam you and part you with your hard earned cash, so let explain…

Basically, prior to launching the Leaked Profits system the creators first partnered up with a binary options broker. To summarize this partnership the creators of the Leaked Profits system basically earn a huge commission for each new member that they get to sign up with the broker as soon as that particular member deposits funds into their account.

Leaked Profits Recommended Broker

The reason the brokers are willing to pay the creators of this system such a huge commission is because binary options brokers make money when you lose money, and since binary trading is so risky they are almost certain that you will lose. Often the brokers will even pay out commissions higher than the amount that has been deposited because they are also aware that chances are you’ll make multiple deposits in order to try and win your money back.

They’re ultimately hoping that you’re going to fall down the slippery slope of binary options trading because that’s how they make their money. It’s sad, but unfortunately it’s very true.

Thankfully most people are already aware as to just how risky binary options trading actually is which means the majority of people are reluctant to get involved. However, this mentality is what’s spurred on the launch of these scam binary systems as the creators of them have wised up and realised that as long as they can convince you into thinking that you’ll be able to profit then they get you to sign up and deposit.

And of course if they can get you to sign up and deposit then they can earn themselves those big fat commissions.

This means that all the binary options scams that you see floating about online are nothing but ploys that have been put together to trick you into thinking you can profit just to get you to deposit. The second they get you to think that maybe you can just “try it out” and test it with the minimum deposit they’ve got you.

The minimum deposits for these systems generally start at $250 & since these scams tend to use unregulated brokers, once that money is deposited there’s pretty much zero chance of you getting it back – even if you don’t trade with it all.

Some brokers have been known to point blank refuse withdrawals and others have been known to use tricks such as setting the account to trade without the users permission & then claiming that it was the user that traded their funds.

To Conclude My Leaked Profits Review

It’s safe to say that I will not be recommending this system, in fact I’ll actually be doing quite the opposite and strongly advising that you stay well away from it. It’s clear that it’s nothing but a typical binary options scam that’s set out to part you with your hard earned cash.

There are plenty of genuine opportunities to make a bit of extra money online, some of which can even be scaled to a full time income however binary options trading is not one of them. Even without the involvement of these scam systems binary trading alone is VERY risky.

It’s so risky in fact that over the full 5 years or so that I’ve been working online I haven’t seen a single person manage to make sustainable profits from binary trading. Sure, I have seen people make money but I’ve also seen the same people lose a lot more overall. It seems that the only people making real money within the binary industry are the brokers & the people pushing the bogus systems.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have already fallen victim to the Leaked Profits system prior to arriving at this review then I’d advise you to read this guide where I explain how you can get your money back from a binary options scam.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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