Live Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Live Profits review! This is a brand new system that’s just recently launched & it’s generated an awful lot of hype because it claims it’s users will be able to see profits of around $10,000 per day on complete auto-pilot (yep – extremely bold claim I know).

In this review I’m going to find the truth & discover whether or not it actually works and most importantly whether or not it’s going to make us any money.

By the way you can rest assured that I’m not affiliated with the Live Profits system so what you’ll be getting here is a completely unbiased, third party review. I know when it comes to these systems there are an awful lot of affiliates promoting them and they write their own reviews but only tell you what you want to hear… I’m here to reveal the truth about this system.

Let’s get started…

When you land on the website for this system you’re presented with a popup that immediately asks for you to enter your name & email address. I don’t really like that, but unless you submit your info there’s absolutely no other way you can gain access to the website to find out what it’s all about.

So after entering your name & email you’re shown a video which is supposedly being filmed live & broadcasted to hundreds of people across the world. I’ll admit that it all looks very convincing, however I can assure you that it’s fake & isn’t really being broadcast live.

How can I be so sure?

Well if you watch the video you’ll notice the guy will show you the time to ‘prove’ that it’s really being broadcast live. At a first glance it does seem genuine, but if you refresh the page then the exact same video will replay however the time will be different… It’s nothing but a bit of computer-trickery.

Live Profits Homepage

Just to prove this to you I’ll show you the time/location the video is showing me right now & I can almost guarantee yours will be different:

Current Time

Plus if you take a look at the top right hand side you’ll notice a box that tells you about new people ‘supposedly’ entering the live stream… The funny thing is regardless of how many people enter, the number of active viewers under the video doesn’t change.

So what’s this system actually all about?

Well after watching just a couple of minutes of the sales video it quickly becomes clear that it’s another binary options system.

I’m disappointed by this because I’ve seen literally hundreds of these binary options systems launch over the past few months & I’ve yet to see a single person manage to make a profit from them. Trading binary options is risky enough as it is but these systems seem to be making it 10 times worse.

In fact many of these systems haven’t even been created by real traders. Instead they’ve been created by internet marketers who are simply looking to make a quick profit by getting you to deposit funds with a broker that they recommend. They’re creating these systems to try & convince you that you’ll be able to make a profit so that you’ll go ahead & make a deposit to gain access to their ‘system’.

However after depositing your funds you’re usually left to find out the hard way that the system doesn’t quite work as promised, but of course by this point it’s too late.

This system is no different…

After digging deeper into this system it turns out that this one is no different to the rest.

Once you submit your details to obtain your ‘free download’ you’re redirected straight to a broker website and told to deposit at least $250 in order to continue. I don’t know about you but that’s not what I call free.

Whilst you’re on the deposit funds page there’s another ‘Live Profits’ video playing on the right hand side. This video basically tries to emphasize the fact that any money you deposit will be made back almost instantly because this system is so good, but believe me in reality that’s not the case.

I carried out some research & managed to find 5 people who’d deposited into this system. All 5 reported losses, but 1 of them stopped before he lost all of his money & tried to obtain a refund from the broker. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful because he said the broker made it extremely difficult for him to get his money back.

My conclusion.

It appears that this system is nothing more than a whole load of hype to try and get you to deposit your funds with a broker so that the creator can earn a commission.

Unless you want to LOSE your money my advice would be not to deposit into this system. It talks the talk, but it doesn’t walk the walk.

To be honest binary options trading in general is very risky business. It’s OK for a bit of fun but if you’re looking to use it as a means of generating an income then you need to look elsewhere, otherwise you’ll just end up losing an awful lot of money.

Out of all of the people that trade binary options, very few actually manage to make a profit. Those who do make it look easy but the truth is that in order to make profits with binary trading you need to spend hours behind your PC monitoring data.

The best way to build an income online is through online marketing, plus it’s actually an awful lot easier to get into than you might actually think. I started 2 years ago & I’ve never looked back.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading my review & more importantly I hope it helped you save yourself some money!

By the way if you’re reading this review after depositing funds into this system then I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a comment below & share your experience. I’m sure other people who are also considering this system would be really appreciative.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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