Making Money With Affiliate Marketing – Targeting Pre-Purchase Queries

I see many affiliates making the same mistake & wondering why they aren’t making any money.

They think that by creating a blog post on a particular product or service & getting it ranked that it will bring them in some cash, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that unless you make sure you’re targeting pre-purchase queries.

I see a lot of people actually targeting post-purchase queries instead & of course that means there’s no chance of them ever making any money because the visitor that’s landed on your page has already bought the product. They’re just looking for more information on it & that’s why they came over to your blog.

Let me give you an example of what I mean, I’ll show you a pre-purchase query and then I’ll show you a post-purchase query.

Pre-purchase query: What is LeadPages?

This person clearly hasn’t yet purchased LeadPages otherwise they’d know what it is, however we do know they’re interested in it because they’re looking for more information. If you were targeting this query then all you’d need is a bit of gentle persuasion, an affiliate link & you could have made yourself some money.

Post-purchase query: How do I configure GetResponse in LeadPages?

There’s a very high chance (pretty much guaranteed) that this person has bought both GetResponse & LeadPages & they’re simply looking for more information on how to set them both up. What’s weird is that I see a whole load of affiliates targetting phrases like these because “they’re easier to rank for” & then they’re wondering why they aren’t making any money.

Making sure you target pre-purchase queries.

From what you’ve read above you can see how important it is to actually target pre-purchase queries, because that’s where the money is but how exactly do you go about doing it? How can you find the pre-purchase queries?

Well the answer to that’s simple, all you need to do is think like a customer. If you were looking to purchase that product then what things would you be searching for? Here’s a few examples, & we’ll carry on using LeadPages:

  • What is LeadPages?
  • LeadPages review?
  • Is LeadPages a scam?
  • Is LeadPages worth the money?
  • How to create a landing page.

Those are just a few quick examples, but I’m sure you get the idea. You’d be surprised at how many people searching “is something a scam” before they go ahead and buy it. It may seem a little daft when you read it but you really would be surprised.

If you put a post together and target a whole load of these pre-purchase queries then it’s going to make an awful lot more sales believe me.

But… there is a time when post-purchase queries are useful too.

Whilst the chances are they’re not going to bring you any money from the actual post itself they are a really good way to bring traffic over to your website.

Think about it, carrying on with the LeadPages example how many people use that software all over the world? If you provide answers to users questions, just like I have here then you can bring in a whole load of extra visitors and then try and push them into another product your affiliated with.

So let’s say I wrote a post on integrating GetResponse with LeadPages, which I have, then I know my reader is interested in lead generation. So from this knowledge I could now try and push them into another product that they might be interested in such as this program which could help them generate a lot of money from their leads.

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