Making Money Is All About Mindset

You might find it hard to believe, but your mindset is the number 1 factor that will determine whether or not you become successful at making money online.

When I first started out I came across a whole load of people telling me the exact same thing & I ignored their advice. I ended up jumping from method to method, system to system & nothing was working out…

Then I changed my game.

MindsetI decided to focus more on my mindset – I realized that it wasn’t the systems that weren’t working, it was me.

What I was doing wrong was I was giving up each time I reached an obstacle.

Basically if I wasn’t making money or if it all just seemed too confusing then I’d quit & try something else…

I wasn’t sticking around long enough to make it work – because I was in the wrong mindset. I was too caught up on the short term as opposed to focusing on the longer term, overcoming the obstacles & positioning myself for the future.

You see if you have the right mindset then there’s no such thing as failure. Seriously, there isn’t – contrary to what you might believe failure doesn’t exist.

How can failure not exist?

Failure is nothing more than a word that’s given to those who quit when they reach an obstacle in their journey to success.

That’s because if you work to find a way around that obstacle and then go on to succeed then you didn’t really fail because you reached the end goal which is success.

Failure QuoteAt the end of the day if you truly want something then you’ll find a way to get it. No matter what you think or how hard it might seem there’s nothing stopping you but yourself.

Providing you have the right mindset to keep on moving forward regardless of whatever obstacles arise then you’ll become successful at whatever it is you want to achieve. This “law” doesn’t only apply to making money online, it applies to everything in life.

Once I realized this for myself I plugged back into a system & stayed there as opposed to hopelessly chasing silver bullets like I was previously.

I stuck at it, I remained obedient, I learned & I most importantly I took action…

And because of that in just 2 months I managed to make a whopping sum of just over $14,000.

Now I’m not saying that to brag or show off, I just want to highlight how powerful your mindset actually is. To go from such poor results to such amazing results all by changing something that seemed “silly” felt incredible.

The only regret I had was that I hadn’t changed my mindset sooner, because I knew that if I had I’d be in an even better position today… But hey what’s done is done, we live & learn!

So how can you change your mindset?

Improving Mindset

This is a question I get asked a lot & I tell people that they need 2 things in order to achieve a successful mindset.

Those are confidence & ignorance… But probably not quite how you envisage them…

By confidence I don’t mean getting up and standing on a stage in front of thousands of people, and similarly by ignorance I don’t meaning going around ignoring people.

So what do I mean?

I mean confidence in your own ability, because in order to be able to do something you must first believe you can do it. You need to remove any element of doubt that might be holding you back & you need to repeatedly tell yourself that you CAN do it… Because, you CAN!

As I said above the only thing stopping you from doing something, from doing ANYTHING, is yourself.

Ignorance is just as important too, because in order to succeed you need to be ignorant to negativity. A positive mindset mindset is needed to keep momentum even when things might not be going so great, because nobody said the journey would be easy.

Negativity can come from all sorts of different sources, some that you might completely overlook. Just a few small changes to your daily routine can make a HUGE difference

As an example when you wake up on a morning you might look out of the window & notice it’s raining.

This might immediately make you feel negative because you begin thinking of the things that you can’t do. Instead you need to start shifting your focus back onto the positives and looking at the things you can do.

It might seem like a silly change, but believe me it can make a big difference.

The journey might not be easy…

As I mentioned above the journey itself might not be easy, but that’s because the reward at the end is so great.

As the saying goes…

“Live a few years of your life like most others won’t to live the rest of your life like they can’t”

Basically there’s only ONE difference between average people & successful people…

Average people give up whilst successful people carry on.

…That’s it.

There’s no magic, they’re no better than you, they just carried on whilst you didn’t.

So coming back to the title of the post hopefully now you can see how making money is all about the mindset.

Of course there are other factors involved too, but none of these will work without the foundations that is mindset.

I really hope you enjoyed my insight and I hope you can take something away from it to improve your game just like I did mine.

My advice: Picture where you want to be in 5 years time and do whatever it takes to make it happen – it will come around an awful lot sooner than you think & this time next year you’ll wish you started sooner.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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