Mikes Auto Trader Review – Does It Work?

Welcome to my review of the latest software entitled Mikes Auto Trader which has been created by none other than Michael Freeman. I’m pretty excited about this new software because Michael Freeman seems to be one of the good guys in the binary options industry & like me he helps people avoid the many scams out there. I’ve decided to take a deeper look into it & find out what it’s all about.

As you probably guessed, yes this is a binary options system & it’s free to use. There’s tons of free binary options software out there right now & the majority of it is totally useless but this guy is a pretty well known throughout the industry so I’m hoping this one actually has something to bring to the table. Mike has been pretty open about his strategies in the past & he’s shared a lot of them on his website and on his YouTube channel, so we know he knows his stuff – that’s always a good start.

You see the majority of these systems lately have been getting created by internet marketers that have no other interest than earning a commission from referring you over to a broker. Hardly any systems that have launched recently have been created by people that have actual trading experience, in fact this is the first one that I’ve came across in a while.

My Initial Thoughts.

Most binary options systems just try and sell you a dream by throwing pictures of yachts, mansions & luxury cars at you in the video, but Mike’s doesn’t. In the video he’s pretty honest about the industry, explains who he is & why his system is different to the rest. He could have easily thrown together some completely hyped sales pitch and drawn everybody but he hasn’t, he’s just said it like it is & I appreciate him for doing so. My first impressions are good, and it all looks promising so far.

There isn’t a great deal of information on the website itself, just a video & a box to enter your email however there are a few awards that this product claims to hold such as “Best Auto Trader 2014” & “Binary Options Watchdog Approved Auto Trader”. The second one is pretty good because that website slams most binary options software so for a system to be approved by that website means quite a lot… I’m definitely getting very interested now.

I Gave It A Try…

I decided I’d go ahead & give it a try so I entered my email into the box on the homepage. After doing that I was then taken to another page where Mike explained a little more about the system. He mentioned that it was completely free and that all he requested was that you donated to the one of the charities that he’d listed below – that’s very nice of him I must say.

However on this page your also told to sign up with one of his recommended brokers, there’s actually 7 brokers to choose from. The problem is that he doesn’t really go into detail about the system actually works, the only thing he mentions is that it’s completely web based but he doesn’t talk about any of the “science” behind it. To be honest Mike’s system could be absolutely fantastic but I hate depositing with a broker without knowing how it’s going to work because I’m basically just relying on a promise.

Recommended Brokers List

Regardless, if you close the deposit popup window then you can actually get to see the system & I have to say it looks amazing. It certainly looks like an awful lot of time & effort has gone into building it and on the right hand side you’re shown a “winning list”. Unlike with most other systems there’s no exaggerated figures over here. Most systems show you so called “live stats” of other members winning trades and sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit, there’s none of that here and instead it displays more modest amounts of around $40.

My Conclusion.

Whilst I won’t be recommending this software right now simply based on the fact that I haven’t tried it I do have to say that it’s one of the most promising systems I’ve ever came across & believe me, I’ve came across hundreds. Mike takes an honest approach in his video & actually let’s you navigate around his system without making a deposit.

As you probably know with quite a lot of binary options systems there often doesn’t even turn out to be a system but you’re only left to discover this after you’ve made a deposit. Mike gives you peace of mind by letting you check it out before you go on to deposit and the other members stats seem like genuine modest sums of money rather than the usual made up rubbish.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this one especially if you’ve actually used it. I want you to let me know how it worked out for you & whether or not you were able to profit with this system. You can leave a comment below this post & it’ll not only help me to make a better decision on this software but it’ll also help other people that are looking to try out this system for themselves. I’d really appreciate it if you could just take a moment out to leave your thoughts.

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