My Trip To Las Vegas And Los Angeles!

Last year I went to Las Vegas and I really enjoyed it so I decided to go again this year too. I returned about 2, maybe 3 weeks ago but I’ve only “just about” resurfaced.

Vegas certainly takes it out of you (especially when partying around the clock), so please do pardon my absence – heh. But here I am, back in the saddle & ready to share my story 🙂

Initially we were literally just going to head back to Vegas, but then we decided to add a little visit to Los Angeles onto our trip too & then drive to Vegas from there…

British Airways Games ConsoleThe flight to LA was 11 hours, and was something I wasn’t massively looking forward too (especially since I couldn’t have a drink as I was due to pick up the car at the other end)…

However the British Airways plane we flew on had a games console built into the back of the headrest which was pretty cool… and it was multiplayer too which meant our flight mainly consisted of battleships & chess… oh and a bit of Pac-Man too – haha!

When we arrived at LA we were due to pick up the car from the airport & drive to the hotel. Let’s just say this was an… “experience”.

I had my friend insured on the car but he really didn’t want to drive, and to be honest I don’t blame him! Driving on the right hand side alone is a pretty crazy concept for us Brits, let alone contending with all the wacky road rules over there (such as the turn right on red!).

But the fun began before we even got out of the rental car parking lot…

I drive an automatic here in the UK and I have done for many years so the concept is nothing new to me – however put me in the left hand side and everything goes out the window! I don’t know what on earth possessed me to do it, but I used my left foot to brake. (doh!)

For those of you who’ve done that before – you’ll know exactly what happened (and how embarrassing it would be in front of spectators)… and for those of you who haven’t, go try it… Let’s just say you’ll probably find out that the car stops a “little” bit quicker than you might expect – haha!

So that was that… Once I screwed my head back on we were off to the hotel…

Straight onto the freeway & I’m not going to sugarcoat it I was scared! Haha… But luckily we got there in the end… Unscathed… And it was time to check in at our hotel.

We stayed in the Omni Hotel, which is in California Plaza, Downtown LA. It was a really nice hotel and we (unintentionally) bagged ourselves a very nice room on the top floor which was a nice surprise.

Anyway, to cut a long story short – in LA we did all the typical LA stuff, went to Hollywood, looked at the celebrity houses etc etc… Here are the pictures, and now let’s jump over to the fun stuff (i.e. Vegas!)

Of course, from LA I still had to drive to Vegas so it’s safe to say I was a little nervous about that bit… but those nerves soon surpassed as you can probably tell from the short clip below:

Once we were out of LA it was pretty much just 1 straight road the whole way so the music was cranked & the fun began 🙂

Then we dropped the car off at the airport & got whisked to our penthouse suite in the Aria via one of their limos. It was such a great feeling to step foot back in there (seriously, I can’t even put it into words how good it felt to be back).

Now I did record a “walk-around” video of our suite but because I’m silly I held the camera the wrong way around so unfortunately the quality isn’t all that great. Regardless though, for any of you that are actually interested here it is anyway:

It’s actually our second time staying in the Aria… Most people said we were crazy for doing the same hotel twice but the room & the service is great so we figured why the heck not (though next year we’re thinking about trying the Cosmopolitan bungalow or maybe the MGM skylofts).

Plus the Aria were kind enough to stock us up with a whole load of alcohol – I guess they remembered us from last year, haha!

Now seems we arrived there around midday, one of the first things we decided to do was go out and shoot some guns! 🙂

We headed over to Battlefield – our favorite place to shoot in Vegas, and here’s a few pics:

Pulling the trigger on the .50 cal sniper rifle was a little bit ummm… nerve-racking! (but so much fun!)

You’ve probably heard of Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat? Well after letting loose at the shooting range our holiday mainly just consisted of the “Rave, Repeat”. Over the course of 7 days we’d literally booked to see around 14 DJ’s… It was pretty intense!

One of the parties that stood out was Tiesto at Wet Republic… I won’t touch too much onto that but let’s just say things got a little crazy. Here’s a pic:

Tiesto Wet Republic

I think maybe a little too much alcohol might have been consumed that day (whoops!) but hey it’s Vegas right. 🙂

One thing I did notice at the pools this year is that an awful lot of people seemed to be throwing money up in the air, and to be honest I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Sure you’ve got money, that’s cool, and sure you want to show it off, that’s cool too – but to throw it away… Hmmm that just doesn’t seem cool to me.

This is what I’m talking about…

Wet Republic Throwing Money

Leave a comment & let me know how you feel about that – are you with me on thinking that it’s not so cool?

Anyway putting that aside the trip was enjoyable… Really enjoyable.

Plus do you know something? I didn’t gamble all week – not even one dollar went into a machine. I know for most Vegas is about the gambling, but to be honest I’ve never been a big gambler & for me Vegas is all about the parties. I don’t regret it because knowing my luck I’d have most likely lost anyway!

Oh I almost forgot about the haunted hotel room too – this was super funny!

Basically, on our first night we’d had the TV on and all of a sudden it started going fuzzy so I made a joke that it was probably a ghost haunting the room. I didn’t genuinely think that for a second, it was literally just a joke.

Anyway, a little later that night I’d gone to use my taps & I couldn’t get them to run warm. Only cold water was running through so I went to my friends room at the other end of the suite to see if his were the same, but his we’re fine. Again I cracked another joke about the ghost & said he must be down my end of the suite (still not thinking anything of it).

Then we’d got ready & headed out to the club, returning at about 3am or something like that. We stayed up briefly, then we each retired to our rooms. I had a quick wash, then turned out all the lights & climbed into bed.

Now picture the room – the bedroom was huge, and then 2 large sliding doors went into the huge bathroom, and a walk-in closet which spanned off that. I’d left both sliding doors open & whilst laid in bed looking into the bathroom in the dark was like looking into the abyss. So I’m laid there for about 10 minutes and I finally start to drift off, until…

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” comes from in the bathroom…

It was a crazy loud noise which sounded like the shower had just turned on. Literally in my head I was thinking “how the heck could the shower turn on by itself”… then I remembered my previous joke about the ghost and WHOOSH I was straight out the door and started banging on my friends… I told him about it, but he kinda laughed it off..

It was a funny ordeal, but what the heck had happened? By the time I got to my room everything was off & there was no longer any noise.

Now I’m not going to lie, trying to get back to sleep was a little more difficult this time around, but I went with it, and survived the night (heh).

But still every night that ordeal was playing on my mind… What the heck had happened?

Until one night when I decided to run the whirlpool bath…

I’d been in there for about 20 minutes prior to getting ready to go out, so after getting out I started to get ready and then about 10 minutes later….


There it was again… and guess what it was? It was the ruddy whirlpool bath! Turns out it was a bit faulty & it would come on for a short 30 second burst about 10 minutes after switching it off! That’s it! No ghost, just a faulty bath – my relief, haha!

It’s probably a “you had to be there” thing, but looking back it was so funny how I fled from the room – and to be honest I’m going to say I think most people would have probably done exactly the same haha! 🙂

But on a side note the whirlpool bath was amazing, and albeit quite randomly I happen to have a picture:

Aria Penthouse Bathroom

What an amazing bathroom right? I’d love to have one like that in my own home. To be honest the photo doesn’t really do it much justice, but take it from me in the flesh it was HUGE.

So yes I do apologize for going off on a tangent and boring you with my dodgy horror stories but I hope you found it amusing all the same.

Until next year that’s a wrap and in the meantime (or for the most of it) I’ll be stuck in not-so-sunny England 🙁

I’d certainly much rather be here…


But now it’s time to try & make myself productive again & get some work done!

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