Ninja Way To Get Free Targeted Leads For Your Business

Computer NinjaIn this post I’m going to share with you one of my more “ninja” ways of getting free, targeted leads for your business. Whilst the method is pretty cool and can come in handy at any point during your marketing journey, it’s usually something you’d reserve for when you’re just starting out in a new niche and you’re at the point where every lead counts.

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Here’s the low-down…

It’s a well known fact that most people promoting products or services online are failing due to the fact that the particular product/service they’re promoting isn’t actually all that good. This therefore means these people are open to looking into new things that could potentially work for them & help them become more successful.

In this method we’re going to use that fact to our advantage, and we’re actually going to promote our offer or opportunity to people who are already promoting something else. The great part is that thanks to a bit of creativity, it’ll all be done on auto-pilot (well most of it anyhow).

The concept of promoting things to people who are already promoting other things may seem silly, but take it from me it has very high success rates based on what we’ve just talked about above. Although the people you’re promoting too may come across like they’re doing really well, they could be desperately looking for something better to promote that will take their business to the next level. If you think you’re opportunity can offer that to them then great, you’re in for a treat.

So how does it work?

We’re actually going to use something called an email auto-responder. If you’ve never heard of one of those before, don’t worry – it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Basically whenever somebody sends an email to the auto-responder address, it automatically responds with a preset email that you’ve defined (hence the name).

So let’s say I have an auto-responder setup on the address, and you’ve set it up to automatically respond with an email that says:

“Hey, thanks for you message. Unfortunately I’m currently out of the office right now but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

Each and every time somebody sends an email to, that’s the email they’d receive straight back. If they sent 500 emails, they’d get 500 auto-messages back… (I’m sure you get the point).

So how can this generate us leads?

This is where the creativity comes in…

What we’ll be doing is setting up a nice fancy email that promotes our offer (with our link of course) and setting it up inside our auto-responder. Then we’ll be heading out and finding some other people who are promoting other products in our same niche, and finally we’ll subscribe to their email list using our auto-responder address.

This means that each time they send out an email to their list, they’ll receive a message straight back from you promoting your opportunity.

Sure it’s a little bit cheeky (and annoying), but it’s effective & it works.

As I mentioned right at the start of this post this method is probably best for those of you who are starting out in a brand new niche or for those of you who are really struggling to get leads.

Step by step walk-through.

For those of you who are interested in implementing this method into your business I’ll walk you through everything step by step.

There are only 2 things you’ll need:

I’m not going to go into detail of setting up your domain name with your web hosting account as the web hosting provider should be able to help you wit that if you find yourself struggling. This guide therefore assumes that you’ve already got your domain name pointing to your cPanel web hosting account.

So… Step 1.

The first thing you’ll need to do is head on over & login to your cPanel web hosting account. Once you’ve logged in you should arrive at a page that looks *similar* to this:

cPanel Overview

Now the first thing we want to do is setup an email account. You can create an auto-responder in cPanel without doing this, but the messages sent to the auto-responder will be discarded. We need to be able to receive the emails so we can confirm our subscriptions to the other marketers lists.

Under the “Mail” section, click on “Email Accounts” as shown below:

Email Accounts

The next page is pretty self explanatory, you just need to fill in the fields & hit “Create Account”. You’ll notice that to the right of the email field it already has “” – this means that you don’t need to enter it into the box, you only need to enter the name you’d like before the “@” symbol into the box (e.g. “dale”).

Secondly, since this email account will be getting a lot of emails it’s a good idea to switch the “Mailbox Quota” to unlimited.

cPanel Email Account Setup

Once you’ve done that you’ll now have your own email account setup on your domain name. You can easily access the messages sent to this account in your browser by clicking on the “Webmail” button on the main cPanel screen as shown below:


Step 2.

Now that you’ve created the email account & learned how to access your messages, it’s time to setup the auto-responder. To do this, click the button labelled as “Autoresponder” from the main cPanel page as shown below:

Autoresponder Button

On the next page there will be a list of auto-responders, only it will be blank because we haven’t yet created any. To create one, click the “Add Auto Responder” button as shown below:

Add Auto-Responder

The next page might seem a little confusing, but don’t worry it’s actually really straight forward. I’ll run you through the setup then I’ll show you an example image of one I’ve done myself.

Interval: (set this to 0)
Email: (this is the same email address that you’ve just created, so whatever you entered into that “email” box, enter into this one)
From: (this is the “from” address that the person receiving these emails will see, so it could be (this is the subject line of the message the auto-responder will send)
HTML: (if you would like to add clickable links using HTML code then tick this box)
Body: (this is the main email body where you will be writing your promotional message)

Here’s an example:

Example Autoresponder

Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go – your auto-responder is now setup!

Step 3.

Always the most important step – test it & see if it works.

Send an email from your own email account to your auto-responder & check if you get one back. If you do then you know it’s all good and that you can begin subscribing to other marketers lists using that address.

If however you don’t get an email back from the auto-responder go through the steps again & double check you did everything right (you may need to check your spam folder if you’re using a new domain).

The number of leads that you’ll obtain from this method will totally depend on the number of lists you subscribe to. The great thing is that because they sent you an email first, your email often has a much higher chance of landing in their inbox as opposed to their spam folder (though unfortunately, as with all email marketing this doesn’t always happen).

I hope you enjoyed this cheeky method of getting targeted leads, and as I mentioned at the top of the post be sure to check out my ninja Instagram method too.

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