Nuvo Finance Review – Total Scam or Trustworthy System?

Nuvo Finance is a system that’s just recently launched & it claims it will be able to make it’s users profits of $17,000 per month on complete auto-pilot.

The website looks fairly genuine, but in this review I’ll be taking an in-depth look into the system itself to find out once and for all whether or not it actually works.

So if you’ve came across the Nuvo Finance app & you’re looking to find out if you can actually make money with it then rest assured that you’re definitely in the right place.

I’m going to be revealing absolutely everything there is to know about this system, and you’ll be able to use the information to decide whether or not it’s the right system for you.

My disclosure…

As with all of my reviews I like to be completely honest with my readers, so I want to make it clear to you that I am NOT affiliated with the Nuvo Finance system in any way shape or form.

This means that you’ll be getting the TRUTH about this system, written by somebody who is NOT getting paid commissions for referring people to it.

The reason I want to make that very clear to you is because a lot of reviews online are written by affiliates who are biased because they’re earning commissions by getting people to sign up.

This means that quite often you can be fed lies by people who’ll tell you things work when really they don’t, just so that they can earn themselves a commission.

It’s a foul trick, but at least you can relax because you’ve landed in the right place to get the information you need about this system.

What is the Nuvo Finance system?

The Nuvo Finance system is an automated binary options trading platform that claims it can generate you an autopilot income by automatically placing profitable binary option trades.

It initially sounds promising but I literally came across a similar system today named LazyTrader which promised the exact same thing & turned out to be nothing but a dangerous scam.

I don’t want to tarnish this system with the same brush but I have to admit it because of what I seen earlier today I am suspicious about it right from the start.

What are binary options?

Since the Nuvo Finance system is (according to their website) target at “newbies”, I figured some of you might have landed on this review without actually knowing a great deal about binary options.

So with that being said I want to quickly explain how binary option trading works…

Binary options trading is one of the most simplest forms of trading there is, but don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity because it’s actually one of the hardest methods of trading to make a profit from.

Binary options is kind of like roulette – it LOOKS easy, but in reality it’s not so easy at all.

You see with binary options you need to pick a time frame, and then you need to determine whether the trade price will be UP or DOWN after that specific time frame has lapsed.

If you guess it right you make money, but if you guess it wrong then you LOSE money.

The problem with binary options is that the time frames are generally too short to make any sort of real educated decision as to which way the market is going to go.

It really is nothing more than “pot luck” because there’s so many fluctuations that could occur.

Hence why the Forbes themselves published an article stating that you should stay away from binary options altogether:

Binary Options Forbes Article

I agree with Gordon, the guy who published that article. Binary option trading is super risky & it’s something that is best avoided.

How does the Nuvo Finance system work?

The Nuvo Finance system has been launched by a guy named Peter Millen (according to the video on their website at least) and Peter claims that the system hasn’t lost a trade EVER, not even throughout the recession.

To me personally that’s an even bolder claim than the fact he said it can earn you $17,000 per month. A system that has never lost a trade is unheard of.

However, if this is truly the case then I’m a little suspicious as to why I found out about this website via a popup window on my computer as opposed to on a news channel. Surely if this system was real then it’d have been mentioned on TV or in Forbes magazine, and they wouldn’t be using underhand tactics to promote it?

Unfortunately throughout the whole 16 minutes of video footage you are not once told how the system actually works, you’re just shown a group of beta-testers supposedly profiting from the system “live on camera”, but if you ask me it all looks very staged.

I have a strong suspicion that the people in the video are actors (a trick used by scam systems).

The other alarming thing is that none of the links on the website work, and that there is no contact form or contact details.

Dummy Buttons

When you visit a website that has no way for you to contact the owner you should be immediately suspicious, because it only takes a minute for a webmaster to add one & if they don’t have one it generally means they have no interest in hearing from you.

Surprise surprise the only button that works is the join button – very suspicious indeed. It looks like their only interest is getting you to sign up to their system.

What I don’t like about Nuvo Finance

When I first landed on the Nuvo Finance website I felt it had a professional feel to it & I actually hoped that I might have finally found a binary options system that actually works. All the other ones I’ve seen in the past have been nothing but dangerous scams.

However immediately I was bombarded with bold promises, such as being able to generate $17,000 on complete auto-pilot. Bold promises are something that always make me very skeptical because as the saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is”.

I was hoping that the video was going to make up for it & that everything would be explained, but I was only left even more disappointed by the lack of information.

And to top it off I found out that the links on the website are all fake and that there’s absolutely no contact details for “Nuvo Finance”.

Then I discovered this…

After digging through the website to try and find out more information about how the system actually works I discovered something very alarming indeed. Take a look at the image below which is a screenshot from their website:

Website Screenshot

What you have to realise is that binary options brokers are like bookmakers. They make their money from people losing trades.

This is why binary option brokers don’t charge fees or commissions for trades.

So now that you know that, read the above screenshot again.

Nuvo Finance claim that the brokers they work with are PAYING them commissions for referring people to them.

So ask yourself one question – why would brokers PAY Nuvo Finance to refer people when they know it’s going to make them LOSE money?

Does Nuvo Finance actually work?

Absolutely not! Nuvo Finance is nothing but a scam and that one screenshot alone undoubtedly proves it.

This system is no different to any of the others that have came before it.

They’ve developed a system that “looks” genuine simply to try & convince you to sign up and deposit funds with the binary options brokers that they recommend.

As soon as you deposit your funds they’ll get paid a commission by the broker & you’ll be left with a duff system.

It’s a very clever ploy, but unfortunately the only people that are going to be making any money from the Nuvo Finance system are the owners & the affiliates that are promoting it.

I did some additional research to confirm my suspicions & it was quickly proved by several other websites, take a look below:

Nuvo Finance Reviews

Do I recommend Nuvo Finance?

No way – I recommend that you should stay well away from it & keep a hold of your hard earned cash.

Nuvo Finance is nothing but a dangerous scam that’s been put together with the simple intention of taking your money.

It’s very clever, and it almost seems convincing but do not trust it.

Do not even assume you can “try it out” because they will block your withdrawals until you trade with a certain amount (usually $1,000), so if you wanted your money back you would have to LOSE money first.

Basically what I am saying that you may as well kiss goodbye to any cash you deposit via the Nuvo Finance system.

So the bottom line is don’t deposit anything into it, instead keep a tight hold of your cash.

If you’re interested in a bunch of different (and free) ways to earn REAL money online then be sure to check out this post.

Also if you have any comments on the Nuvo Finance system (or questions) be sure to leave them below. I always enjoy hearing from my readers & I’m always more than happy to help. Thanks for reading my review, and I hope it helped you save your cash.

P.S. Be sure to share this post to prevent your friends or family falling for this vicious scam.

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