Option Navigator Review – Does It Work?

Here’s my very own Option Navigator Review! This is one of the latest binary systems to be throw out into the marketplace & here I am once again with a no BS review.

Firstly I’d like to say one really great thing about Option Navigator compared to all the other binary systems I’ve reviewed – It has no bold claims & a really professional looking website! This one certainly looks a lot more promising than all the ones I’ve recently reviewed. I’ve seen systems that have claimed they can make you a millionaire in 7 days or quit your job in just 24 hours – obviously ridiculous claims.

Plus one thing I hate about most binary systems is that they’re just ran by internet marketers looking to make a quick profit by referring you on to a broker for a commissions & adding you onto their email list. They do this by adding a scarce tactic by telling you that there’s only so many spots available which means you make a rushed decision and don’t look around for reviews first. It’s clever, but it leaves people out of pocket and getting an inbox full of spam – something you certainly don’t want. Option Navigator has a laid back approach & seems to be very professional as opposed to all these other “hyped” pitches published by other companies.

Now whilst I say it doesn’t make “wild claims”, what I mean by this is that the website itself doesn’t throw insane claims at you. They do have a few testimonials from supposedly real members saying that they made $400 in a minute etc. Whether these people are real or not who knows, most likely not – but many companies use fake testimonials especially when they have just launched then they later replace them with real ones as the come in. It’s a bit of a naughty practice but I have seen it happen & it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is bad. Plus I know $400 in a minute might sound ridiculous, but with trading that is actually possible – however obviously to get that sort of cash you’d have had to have a huge stake.

So can you actually make money?

We’ll move onto the important stuff & see whether or not you can actually make money with this system.

Unfortunately despite the professional looking website, it’s still just another binary options clone… Doh!

Just take this for example, the website says:

Sit back & collect your Earnings

Followed shortly by…

*This service involves trading binary options which in turn may result in the partial or full loss of the invested funds.

Option Navigator FeaturedSurely if this system could guarantee us money then they wouldn’t need a disclaimer right? I guess they can’t guarantee us money then! The website makes it sound so easy that you just need to follow 3 simple steps in order to begin making money but unfortunately just isn’t the case. Once you’ve submitted your details you’ll just be forwarded onto a broker where you’ll be asked to deposit money & no doubt you’ll lose it shortly after.

The worst part is that some people out there will actually sign up to these things simply because they’re either new to the internet or new to this whole trading game and can’t tell the difference between the bad systems and the better ones. Similarly when you use a system like this the chances are that you’ll also be passed onto an unregulated broker. This is more like the fastest way to lose your money as opposed to the fastest way to earn any money.

I have come across some binary options that do actually provide you with a system as opposed to just redirecting you to the broker, but even then the system is generally useless. Think about – the majority of these binary option websites are actually created by the brokers themselves just as a means of getting visitors so why would they create a system that works? If they did then they’d either soon shut down or ban everybody from using it.

My conclusion.

Option Navigator is just one of many in a long line of bad binary options. I’d definitely avoid it along with all the other binary options programmes out there, nobody is going to be making money other than the owners or the affiliates that are referring people in for a commission. As opposed to being a quick way to make money these systems are just a fast way to lose it.

If you really want to earn money online then your best bet is to learn how to set up a real online business, there’s hundreds of different proper ways to make money online as opposed to gambling all of your money away on trades. Just by having a quick look through this blog you can find a whole load of different ways right off the bat.

Have you tried it?

If you have actually happened to try Option Navigator out then please let me know your thoughts. Was it as bad as I thought it would be or did you actually end up making any money? (I doubt it).

I hope you found my review useful & most of all I hope it saved you some money!

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