People buy from people, not businesses.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned throughout my time spent marketing is that people buy from people, not businesses.

Shop AssistantThis happens everywhere, not just on the internet. Think about it, have you ever been into a shop & been served by a rude assistant? Did you come out with the words “I’m not going to shop there again”?

Chances are you probably did, which backs up my point that people buy from people – not businesses. The assistant that served you may have had nothing to do with the running of the company, in fact the company may be excellent, but because he/she was your “purchase connection” they themselves has a massive influence on your decision to buy.

Whilst it is certainly evident in the real world, it’s massively important online & it’s a vital component of success that many marketers overlook.

Picture this, somebody is sat at home browsing the internet looking for something to buy. Unless you’re an absolutely massive reputable company then the chances are they’re going to be extremely wary, regardless of how well & “un-scam-like” you think your website looks. You may be the most honest person in the world, your product might be the best product int he world, but unless you can place confidence in the buyer then the chances are they’re not going to purchase.

But by bringing a bit of personality into the business you can massively increase your conversion rates and drive sales through the roof. Show the customer that there’s a real person at the other end who actually cares about them & their business. Assure them that they’re not just buying from a robot.

Now when I say show them there’s a real person at the other end I don’t mean just on the phone and start calling them, because not only is this time consuming for you but it’s also probably pretty annoying for most customers. Instead you can automate the process of adding personality to your business by making just a few small changes.

Some quick changes you can make…

1. Don’t hide behind a brand.

Branding a business is great, but unless it’s already a huge business then that branding isn’t going to mean a great deal to new customers. Sure existing customers will probably recognise it and trust it if the initial sales process was pleasant for them, but to new customers it means nothing.

So instead of hiding behind a brand, show your customers the person behind the brand… Prominently introduce somewhere on your website. You’ll notice on my blog I have a photo of myself & a link to an about me page at the top of the sidebar, well that’s there for a reason. As your reading this post picture this blog without that image of me – who’s talking to you? You wouldn’t know, but because I’ve put that image there you’ve built up an idea in your head as to who I am and probably how I sound as you read this post.

It might seem like a tiny, almost silly change, but that alone can have a massive impact on the conversion rate of your business.

2. Sign your emails with a photo.

People like to email – it’s a quick & easy method of communication but once again it lacks personalisation. On the phone they hear a voice, they hear your emotion – in an email there’s none of that, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating it.

Take a look at the signature of one of my emails:

Email Signature

It’s an easy change, and it’s just…. nice.

3. Add video.

Video is a massive tool to allow you to build a relationship with your audience since they can not only hear you but they can see you too. Including a video as part of the sales process is an amazing way to increase conversations. It doesn’t have to be anything major, as an example let’s say you own an online clothes store, you could just pop on camera and say:

“Hey I’m Dale & I’m the owner of x store, I’m really glad you came to visit & I hope you enjoy the excellent selection of stock that’s on offer – I hand picked it all myself! Also, if you need any help then don’t hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call – thank you!”.

Something really simple like that can go a really long way – they get to see the person behind the website and if you make it seem like you’re talking directly to them then they’ll feel like they actually know you. If you’ve nail that then congratulations, because who do people buy from? They buy from people they know, and they buy from authority figures… If you’ve nailed that, you’ve made yourself a sale!

It’s easy…

To be honest I could list hundreds of different ways that you could bring your personality into the business & connect with the audience, but it’d be pointless because you’re human – you already know how to connect with somebody.

All you need to do is think of ways to show the customer who you are, and how you can help them. More importantly try and connect with their need.

If you can connect with their need then you’re onto a real winner. Let’s say somebody is looking how to generate more customers for their business, their need is that they probably don’t many customers right now so they want more. To connect with them you could publish a video or write a story talking about a past experience when you too were struggling for customers, and then offer them a solution.

Again, video would work better in this situation because it would strengthen the emotional connection but a written story would still strengthen the chance of a conversion.

The mistake people make…

Many website owners treat their customers as if they already know them, they treat them as a friend & forget they are a complete stranger.

For this reason when you’re personalising your business it’s important to keep consistency. Look at it this way, if you passed somebody in the street & said hi then the chances are you’ll probably have forgotten their face the next day. Yet you don’t forget the faces of your friends because you’ve known them for much longer.

The same applies to a website. You could personalise your website and it might seem great to you, but as soon as visitor leaves they’re probably going to forget your face & then those emails from you are just going to be emails from “another company”. That is unless you keep consistent with your personalisation, don’t restrict it to your website, carry it on in follow up emails – remind that visitor just who exactly those emails are coming from.

If you do this then over time you’ll build up a relationship with them & they’ll begin to feel like they know you. They see your face regularly & therefore they’ll get more confidence to buy from you… You’re no longer “just another company”, you’re a person.

…and people buy from people, not businesses.

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