Quattro Bot Review – Scam Or Real?

Welcome to my review of the Quattro Bot system, a newly launch system which comes with a bit of a twist. This system was developed by a guy named Hans Kline who claims he used to be a car technician for the car manufacturer Audi, though I’m not quite sure how they’d take to him using their name on his system. He goes on to say that because he excelled at maths, science, statistics & physics at university in Germany he was able to come up with a “unique quad tech formula” that generates 5k per week. Are these once again again merely nothing more than wild claims or can this system actually help us profit from our trades? I’m here today to find out…

This is actually another free binary options system & there’s been a lot of these surfacing lately with nothing but false promises. To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of binary options in general because there’s a massive amount of risk involved, in fact I very rarely see people that manage to successfully profit from trading them. Almost everyday I see a new binary options system launch that’s promising the world but I’ve yet to see one deliver. Is this Quatto Bot going to be the one that proves me wrong?

I have to admit that out of all of the new binary options bots that I’ve came across lately this one has really caught my eye simply because of it’s strange storyline. To be honest I’m not quite sure what the whole job at Audi has to do with trading binary options but it’s been heavily brought into this product. He claims it’s because he learned the stat analysis that he used in the system from Audi but I just can’t figure out how a method of analysis that is applied to car dynamics would work in the binary options market.

By using the so called “Quad Tech” formula that he’s devised he goes on to say that he’s now over $780,000 richer. The video doesn’t really expand on this formula or delve into how the system works other than stating that it looks at the longer term as opposed to the short term because that way you have more chance of being able to accurately predict what’s going to happen. To be honest a lot of programs say this but whether you look at the long term or the short term it’s doesn’t really make that much of a difference, at the end of the day absolutely anything can happen, and anything that can happen, will.

I believe that the whole connection with Audi is basically just a ploy to be able to throw in a lot of technical terms & use the name of a reputable brand to hope that it’ll convince you that it must be a quality system. To be honest I can’t imagine Audi themselves actually being too happy if they came across this system because it’s basically infringing on their brand name.

As you can see from the image below, other than a video and a signup form there isn’t really much else to the website:

Quattro Bot

Since I didn’t really find out how the system worked I decided to go ahead & enter my name & email in order to gain access in the hope of being able to find out more.

One thing I did notice was that it said “28 day free trial” above the signup box but this is generally just a ploy to make you think it’s a paid system when it’s actually free. Remember what I mentioned earlier about free systems getting a bad reputation? Well they’re now actually starting to pretend to not be free in an effort to increase their signups by appearing to be more reputable. It might sound confusing but hopefully you understand what I mean.

Unfortunately, after entering my details I was just taken to a page with an error:

Quattro Bot Error

I’m not quite sure what happened, I tried & tried for around 10 minutes but I just couldn’t get in to check it out. I’m a little disappointed really as I wanted to get in and see what this system was all about – maybe Audi have actually discovered it & took action, I’m not sure?

I tried looking around for the web for reviews of this system & to see if anybody else was having issues with getting access but I couldn’t find anything other than affiliate promotion.

If you’re reading this & you’ve managed to get access or have already been using the software then I’d love to hear what you think. How has it been working out for you, did it live up to it’s claims of helping you generate over 5k per week or was it a total flop?

I’m also interested to find out more in regards to just what this “quad tech” formula just actually is so if you have any insights on that then I’d love to hear it. He mentions in the video that it pulls data from 4 data sources, but I’ve no idea which sources he’s referring too.

My conclusion.

Based on the fact that I couldn’t even gain access into the systems itself I simply can’t recommend it at this moment in time. The website itself is a little strange and personally I’m not sure what the whole connection with Audi has to do a binary options system but as I mentioned earlier I think the creator is just trying to use the name of a reputable brand to convince you that this system is legit – whether it actually is or not, who knows.

As I mentioned at the top of this post I personally don’t really like binary options since there’s a lot of risk involved. I’ve came across hundreds of these systems that claim they remove the risk but I’ve yet to see one that actually lives up to it’s claims. The truth is that if a system could guarantee profits from your trades then all of these broker companies would be out of business in no time, plus you’d probably be hearing about the system on the news – not on my blog.

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