Review of The United Trading Network – Latest Scam Launched

The United Trading Network is a brand new system that’s just launched & it claims to be the fastest way to boost your profits.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about it & I’ve had a lot of people coming to me asking if it really works so I’ve decided to take the time out to put together an in-depth review about this system to reveal the truth once and for all.

So if you’ve came across the United Trading Network and you’re trying to figure out whether or not you can actually make any money with it then rest assured you’re in the right place. I’m going to be revealing literally everything there is to know about this system so that you can determine if you really want to join.

Before I get started…

I want to make it very clear to you that I am not an affiliate of the United Trading Network system. This means it doesn’t matter whether you sign or not – I won’t be making any commissions by referring to your website, and I won’t even be putting any links to their website in this post.

The reason I want to make this very clear is so that you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the real TRUTH about this system in this review.

You see many of the other reviews that have been put together online have actually been written by affiliates who are earning commissions by getting you to sign up. This unfortunately means that often their reviews contain lies because they’re just looking to make money (often at your expense).

I am not interested in earning commissions, I am simply putting this review together to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you really want to sign up to this system by giving you facts.

What is the United Trading Network system?

The United Trading Network system claims to be a revolutionary piece of software & the fastest way to boost profits.

It claims that the “secret” to making profitable trades is to link up with other traders & work together as a team to beat the odds.

Bold Claims

Whilst it sounds slightly plausible in theory – unfortunately “linking up” with other trades will not guarantee you profits & it’s certainly not revolutionary. There’s been several other systems that have used this approach & they end up creating more losses because people become reliant on copying other peoples trades.

The shocking thing about this system is that is claims to guarantee “83% Auto Winning Profitability” which is an absolutely outrageous claim.

Impossible Probability

My initial instincts are telling me that this is just yet another binary options scam that’s trying out a different approach to catch more victims.

Bold claims, hyped up videos & unrealistic promises are common trends with these types of binary scams.

How does the United Trading Network system work?

I decided to take a deeper look into the United Trading Network system to try and find out if there was any truth at all in their claims.

I mean I know 83% auto winning probability is impossible, but I figured I’d check this system out to see if there was any possibility that it could help you profit at all.

I attempted to sign up to try it out first hand but unfortunately for some reason it kept denying my application as you can see below:

Access Denied

I’m not sure why this error message was coming up, but there was no way for me to get into this system to check it out.

This meant I had to do some digging, and what I discovered about this system shocked me.

Here’s the truth about the United Trading Network system…

Since I couldn’t get into this system to try it out first hand I decided to do some investigating instead, and I discovered that this system is nothing more than yet another binary options scam as I had originally suspected.

It’s actually been launched by the same guys who launched CFDSociety & the Guaranteed Money System (2 other dangerous binary scams I recently reviewed).

Despite it’s claims the United Trading Network system has not been built to help you make profitable trades at all. In fact it’s been built to do quite the opposite.

The United Trading Network system is nothing more than a ploy to get you to sign up with their “recommended” broker & deposit funds with them, because as soon as you do this it means that the creators of the system get paid a huge commission for referring you.

And keep in mind how binary options brokers work – they make money when you lose.

So there is absolutely no way they would be paying commissions to the creators of a system that helps you make profitable trades, but they’re not – because this system doesn’t help you make profitable trades… It actually speeds up the process of you losing money.

The process looks something like this:

  • You sign up with the United Trading Network
  • They tell you to sign up with their “recommended” broker & deposit funds
  • They earn a commission as soon as you deposit
  • You get access to the system, but find out it doesn’t work as promised
  • Your funds disappear in an instant as the system makes hopeless trades on auto-pilot

And unfortunately even if you do manage to stop the system before you lose all your money there’s still no hope of you getting your money back because in the small print it will have been stated that you need to trade with a minimum amount before you can become eligible for withdrawals.

It’s a very common trick these scams use and it’s the trick that catches most people out.

People think they’ll just be able to “try” these systems and withdraw their funds if they don’t work as promised – but these scammers are clever.

Generally you’ll need to trade with at least $1,000 before you can withdraw anything, whereas the minimum buy in is $250. This means that most people would have to lose more money in order to get their original money back, which obviously doesn’t make sense.

So the bottom line is that you’re pretty much kissing goodbye to any and all of the money that you deposit into this system.

But it’s not just this system that’s bad…

Sure this system makes things worse, but even binary options trading on it’s own is VERY risky.

In fact I’ve never met one single person who’s been able to successfully make a sustainable income from trading binary options.

The only people who claim that they’re making money are the people who are trying to get you to sign up to brokers or systems, because the only money they’re really money is the money they’re getting paid in commissions at your expense.

Even Forbes recommend against binary options, take a look at a screenshot of an article from their website:

Binary Options Forbes Article

The problem with binary options is that it’s made to look easy.

It’s made to make people think that they’ll be able to make an educated decision as to which way the trades going to go based on certain factors, but the truth is it’s nearly impossible because the time windows are way too short which leaves the trades open to all sorts of massive fluctuations.

Binary options trading is pot luck.

And for that reason it’s something that I strongly advise you stay well away from, unless you’re looking to lose money – because that’s all it will help you do.

My verdict on the United Trading Network system

It’s nothing more than a piece of junk that’s been designed to part you with your hard earned cash.

The creators of this system are making money at your expense, just in the same way that all the other binary options scams that have came before it have done.

They’re even paying affiliates to promote this system for them to try and get as much cash of people as they possibly can.

If this system really worked as promised then there’s no way affiliates would be wasting their time trying to sell this junk to people, they’d just sign up & profit from the system themselves…

Obviously it’s clear as day that it does not work as promised.

The United Trading Network system therefore gets a massive thumbs down from me & it’s definitely getting added to my list of dangerous scams to avoid.

I hope you appreciated my insight into this system, and most importantly I hope this review helped to prevent you from parting with your hard earned cash.

I’d like to thank you for reading, and I welcome you to add any comments or questions about this system below.

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