How To Save Snapchats Without Your Friends Knowing

If you’re reading this post then you’re probably already well aware of what Snapchat is, but for those who don’t know too much about it and ummm (landed here by accident?), here’s a quick rundown…

Snapchat is a messaging app which puts a focus on sending photos to each other rather than text (although you can add a small snippet on text to your images if you wish). It has 2 main features, and these are:

  • Snapchat “direct snaps” – this is where you take a photo (or video) and send it directly to one of your contacts with a set time limit as to how long they can view it for. Nobody else can see it other than the contact(s) you sent it to, and once the time limit you defined is up it’s supposedly deleted forever. You can set a time limit of between 1 and 10 seconds on a photo, and videos can be recorded for a maximum of 10 seconds… So not long at all really.
  • Snapchat “stories” – this is where you take a photo (or video) but instead of sending it someone directly you add it to your “story”. It will stay on your story for 24 hours from the moment you posted it, and your friends can view it as many times as they wish during that period. Once the 24 hours are up it will then be deleted forever (supposedly) – just like the direct snaps. You’re able to set a time limit on the snaps you add to your story just like you are with direct snaps, and again the maximum time limit you can set or record for is 10 seconds.

When Snapchat started out if you wanted to chat to somebody you were forced to send a picture or video, but recently they added a text messaging feature too so you can just send somebody a written message instead if you like. The text messages you send are meant to disappear after a set time just like the images/videos do but I find it to be a little temperamental. For that reason I didn’t bother including it as one of the “main” features above, I just view it as a down-the-line addition.

As you can see there isn’t really a great deal to Snapchat, it’s a pretty simple concept. The reason it blew up and became so big because it was one of (if not the) first apps that “permanently deleted” your messages after they’d been viewed, meaning people could send “risky” texts without getting caught out (or so they thought).

Snapchat now has over 100 million users, so going off what we just said I guess it turns out there’s a lot of naughty people in the world! Haha I’m just kidding, Snapchat is good for clean fun too – (I swear).

Can’t people just screenshot the photos?

The big “USP” of Snapchat is the fact that once the recipient has viewed your photos or videos, they’re gone forever… Now whilst this can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing too… Because what if you want to keep the photo, or show it to somebody else?

Well the first option you’d probably think of is screenshotting the photo – but hold up, don’t do it – not unless you want to fall out with the person that sent you it (or end up in jail – yup jail, keep reading).

Snapchat Screenshot

You see Snapchat have the whole screenshotting thing covered, and you’d got to admit it’d be pretty lame if they didn’t right? So the moment you hit the buttons to take a screenshot, *bam* – the sender gets a big notification telling them what you just did (or tried to do!). Just like in the picture to the right.

So yeah, if you screenshot somebody’s chat you’re going to get yourself in trouble because they’re sure as heck going to want to know what you’re up to. You’ll just have to hope you have a good enough excuse, and don’t try the old “it was an accident” or “I don’t know how it happened” because everybody knows that just isn’t true and it won’t wash.

Also, probably the even bigger thing to deter you from screenshotting somebody’s chat is the fact that it’s apparently now illegal. Well, I guess it always was – but now with all these “trolling” laws and what not it’s severity has been turned up a few notches – so screenshot somebody’s chat and you could land yourself bars. Okay probably not, but hey you might get an embarassing slap on the wrists.

So why is it illegal? Well apparently it was deemed that Snapchatters use Snapchat because they don’t want the recipient being able to keep the photo – they’re giving them permission to view it for X seconds and that’s it – do anything other than that & you don’t have their permission so whatever you do is technically illegal. Like I say, saving a photo of somebodys cat probably won’t do much harm – but share a screenshotted nude with somebody and then you’re going to be in trouble… So be sensible, and most importantly respectful.

So how can I save Snapchats without my friends knowing?

Saving Snapchats is actually pretty easy using the method I’m about to show you. It’s kind of a long winded method the first time you do it as you need to install a few things, but once you’ve got it setup saving Snapchats in the future is just a case of clicking a button.

The one thing you will need is a computer, as at the moment there isn’t any way to save Snaps from a mobile phone (at least definitely not in the UK). There used to be a few apps that would let you save snaps but Snapchat got pretty good at blocking them so I wouldn’t even waste your time searching.

Step 1.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download a program called Bluestacks onto your computer. Bluestacks is a mobile phone emulator, which basically means it allows you run mobile apps from your desktop PC. To get Bluestacks, click here. It is a fairly big file at nearly 300mb but it shouldn’t take a great deal of time to download.

Step 2.

Once you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, open it up and install it. The installation process is pretty straight forward so I won’t go into too much detail about that but once you’ve successfully completed the wizard fire it up and you should have a screen that looks something like this:


Don’t worry too much if you don’t see the same apps as me, we’re going to install the ones you need just now (to see this app page make sure you’re clicked on the “Android” tab at the top – the “Welcome” tab will show you something different).

Also FYI, Bluestacks is kinda resource heavy which means it might crash during installation or when you try and run it. It happened to me when I first tried to install it – if it does happen to crash just close it down & try again or restart your PC if necessary… Eventually it’ll work.

Step 3.

Downloading Casper APKNow that you have Bluestacks installed, you’ll need to install something called Casper. This is an Android app which will run inside of Bluestacks, and will allow you to save any Snapchat photos/videos you wish.

To install Casper click this link to visit their homepage, then scroll down & hit the “Download” button underneath the heading “Download APK” as shown in the image to the right.

That will take you to the download page on Casper’s website – from there you just need to select the latest version and you’re good to go. The filesize isn’t anywhere near as large as that of Bluestacks so it should download pretty quickly.

Step 4.

To install Casper, you’ll first need to open Bluestacks & click the button the says “Install APK” on the left hand side – see the image below to give you a better idea…

Installing Casper on Bluestacks

After clicking the button you’ll be asked to choose an APK file to install – simply navigate to wherever you saved the Casper download, select it and hit OK. If you click the “Android” button at the top you should now see the Casper icon (as shown in the image above).

Step 5.

Open up Casper, and you’ll be prompted for your Snapchat username and password. The first time I downloaded it I was a little sceptical of entering my details but I’ve had it installed for over 5 months now and touch wood everything’s been fine.. It seems a genuine app so I wouldn’t worry too much – but if you are worried you can obtain a Snapchat AuthToken and use that to login instead (I think?).

Anyway, however you get in – once you get in you’ll see it loads up your main Snapchat feed. You can view, send and do pretty much everything you usually can do on Snapchat (and then some) all from your computer which I find is pretty neat in itself. You can also do some cool stuff such as set fake locations to prank your friends.

To save a Snapchat all you need to do is view it (as you normally would) and then click on this little icon at the top:

Snapchat Save Button

Once you hit that button a little message will popup to let you know the Snapchat has been saved and wallah, you’ve got a copy of the snap to keep forever without the other person being any the wiser.

So how do I view the snaps I save?

To view the snaps that you’ve saved you’ll need to download a File Manager. The one I recommend is called “ES File Explorer”. To get it all you need to do is go back to your main “Android” screen and type it in the search bar. You’ll see it come up within the results & it just takes one click to install it from there.

So to view the snaps you’ve saved all you need to do is load up ES File Manager & click on the “Images” category which you’ll find on the Homepage (as shown in the image below)…

ES File Manager

So as things are at the moment you’ve learned how to save your snaps, and you’ve learned how to view them at any point in time… But something you might be wondering is where abouts the saved files actually reside on your PC (and how to access them). I know I certainly was when I first did it, and it took me ages to figure it out… but here you go to save you the same hassle I’ll show you right now…

Here’s how to find the saved Snapchat files on your PC

By default you won’t be able to view any of the snaps you saving using Bluestacks/Casper on your computer, so no matter how much searching you do you won’t be able to find them. Instead what you first need to do is move them over from their default location into the “SharedFolder” which both Bluestacks and Windows can read from – then you’ll be able to view them as a normal file & do as you please.

FYI, here are some important file locations you’ll need to know:

  • Snaps you save in Casper are located in Bluestacks at: (Root)/sdcard/ Snaps/
  • Windows SharedFolder location: (C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder) – assuming C:\ is the name of your hard drive… If it isn’t, just change it as neccessary.
  • Bluestacks SharedFolder location: (Root)/sdcard/windows/bstfolder/BstSharedFolder.

Even though the Windows & Bluestacks SharedFolders have got what seem like different file locations, they both point to the same place – so if you put something in one, you’ll see it in the other and vice versa.

So if you want to view a saved snap from Casper in Windows you’ll need to open up ES File Manager and transfer it across into the shared folder. As an example let’s say you want to transfer an image, here’s a detailed run through of how to do it…

  • Open Bluestacks, then open ES File Manager.
  • Click sdcard -> -> Saved Snaps.
  • Click on the image you wish to copy to Windows and hold your mouse down on it until a tick appears.
  • When the tick appears click the “More” icon in the bottom right hand corner of Bluestacks and click “Move To”.
  • Click the back navigation arrow in the box that appears, then navigate to sdcard -> windows -> bstfolder -> BstSharedFolder.
  • Hit OK, and you’ll get a notification that the file has been moved.
  • In Windows navigate to C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder
  • Wallah, you should see the saved snap as a normal image file in Windows, from there you can do as you please with it.

Enjoy my guide?

So that’s a wrap from me – hopefully now you have everything you need to know regarding saving snapchats and snapchat stories. If however you do happen to have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out. I really hope you enjoyed the guide, that it was easy to follow and that you were able to make use of it – but as always I’m open to criticism so please do feel free to share your thoughts below.

Also, remember to be responsible – I don’t want to be a killjoy but as I mentioned earlier in the post it’s really important to get the senders permission before saving a Snapchat, especially if you plan on sharing it otherwise you could potentially land yourself in a lot of trouble.

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