Secret Money Vault Review – Another Scam Or Is It Legit?

Here I am once again with yet another review, this time of a new system called the Secret Money Vault. When you land on the homepage of this system you’re greeted with a video that asks if you’re earning $4,250 a week. It then it goes on to say how if you’re not, you soon will be once you begin using this system. Yet another bold claim, so is there actually any truth in it or is it just more BS? Let’s find out!

This is another binary options system that is apparently 100% free & claims it can make us an awful lot richer very, very quickly. To be honest I’m always put off when a system is free because surely if a system was so great & could genuinely earn us as much money as they promise then it’d come with a price tag. After all I’d pay 1 million for a piece of software if I knew it was going to earn me 2…. I’m sure anybody would right? So when a system that claims it can help us make $4,250 almost instantly I quickly become very sceptical.

There’s also a little counter in the bottom corner which shows you how much has supposedly been claimed from people using this Secret Money Vault system which you can see below in my screenshot:

Claimed Money Screenshot 1

Looks great right? $424,275.00 in claimed profits – this system must be good!

Oh wait, look what happened when I refreshed the page:

Claimed Profits Screenshot 2

Yep that’s right – the “amount claimed” dropped by over $8,000 – how do you work that one out?

Now I’m definitely very sceptical of this system!

To be honest, for a system that’s supposedly generated over $400k I’d have at least expected a bit more of a professional video to have been put together. It’s basically just a slideshow throwing income screenshots & luxury pictures of Google in your face. From what I’ve discovered so far I’m going to say that the income screenshots shown in the video are probably fake too.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper…

Forgetting about the sales page let’s find out what this systems actually all about & whether or not there’s any logic behind it – despite our initial finds, could it actually work?

After entering my name & email address into the main page I was then taken to another page where I was asked for further details. This time I was not only asked for my name & email again, but also for my phone number & a password.

Secret Money Vault Members Area

Below this there was also a feed of supposedly “Live Streaming Accounts” from other members that are using this system right now. Currently it’s displaying a guy named Karl Penberthy and it shows his starting balance of $250 with a profit of $127,563. It lets you browse through all of his trades & it shows you which ones he has won & which ones he has lost. In total he’s apparently won 960 trades & lost 63.

I have to admit it all looks extremely convincing, but I doubt it’s real. Why? Well if you do a bit of refreshing you’ll notice something very odd about the results. At first you might see the numbers increase, and it may seem legit, but then after a couple more refreshes you’ll notice things don’t add up – all of a sudden he’s supposedly made less trades than he had just a minute ago. How’s that work?

Regardless I decided to continue with my registration and enter my details into this page to try and get a look into the system itself. I went ahead & entered my name, email, password & phone number. That’s when I was presented with this:

Fund Your Account Message

Before I could go any further it was asking me to fund my account with a broker that they recommended. The broker they recommended was GTOptions & they wanted me to deposit $250, but hey – after doing this I’m going to generate $18,900 on autopilot so it seems like a good deal right!?

Probably not, and here’s why…

A lot of these “systems” are set up by internet marketers and not traders. Generally the ones that are set up by internet marketers are only interested in collecting your email address & then forwarding you onto a broker so that they can get a commission. Once you’ve signed up with the broker & deposited some funds then they don’t really care any more because by this point they’ve already made their money, this means that often the “system” turns out to be a whole load of rubbish (if there is actually a system at all).

I’m not saying that’s the case here with the Secret Money Vault, but I’m certainly not going to depositing $250 on a promise.

Some of these binary options systems, generally the ones created by the traders, actually give you an insight into how it works before they ask you to deposit any funds – that way you know what you’re going to be getting. Personally though I’m not a great fan of binary options in general simply because for me it’s just too risky. There’s no real strategy and at the end of the day no matter how much research you put into it it’s just a gamble, nothing more.

Nobody can guarantee what’s going to happen and if they tell you they can then they’re lying – simple as that.

I find it very hard to believe that a free system is going to enable you to make any money at all, let alone $4,250 per week. Think about it, if these things worked then the brokers would be out of business overnight, I’m sorry but it’s just not possible

My conclusion.

To me this one just looks like another system created by an internet marketer as opposed to a trader and for that reason I won’t be recommending it. It’s also concerning that the figures changed on the homepage & inside the members are when you refreshed the page. To top it off you don’t even get to see the system until you’ve made a deposit so I wasn’t able to actually leave a comment on how well the system itself worked, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be too great if it’s hidden away like that.

If you’ve used this system then I’d love to know what you think – did it work out for you and most importantly did it make you any money? Let me know by leaving a comment below this post and it’ll not only help me but it’ll also help anybody else that might land on this post looking to try out the system for themselves.

Thanks for reading my review & I hope it’s saved you some cash!

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