How To Separate Your Follow Up Sequence From Broadcasts In AWeber

Email MarketingAWeber provide a great email marketing service, it’s certainly my favorite & it’s definitely the one I most recommend… However they do lack one feature, and that is the ability to exclude people in your follow up sequence from your emails broadcasts.

Personally I think it’s strange that they haven’t implemented such a feature because separating people from your follow ups & broadcasts is a really important thing to do if you want to be successful at email marketing.

Thankfully though I’ve found a way you can do it (which you’ll find below).

But before I share with you the method, I just want to quickly explain why I feel it’s so important not to be broadcasting to people in your follow up sequence.

Basically, there are two reasons..

Reason #1: Your follow up sequence should be used to ‘warm up’ your new subscribers and build a relationship with them. You want to use the follow up sequence to let your subscribers know who you are, what you’ll be sending them & how they’ll benefit from it, not bombarding them with promotional broadcasts right from the off.

Plus it can confuse your subscribers, because let’s say for example in one of your follow up emails you say something like ‘tomorrow I’ll be sending you an email that you will teach you the best ways to….’ but then they receive one of your broadcasts before the next follow up email – they’re going to be left confused & wondering where the email you promised them is.

Reason #2: If you’re sending out broadcasts to users who are still in your follow up series then this will mean they’ll be getting multiple emails from you landing in their inbox. If this is the case then they’ll be more likely to unsubscribe or mark your mail as spam. You don’t want that!

The truth is that broadcasting to people who are still in your follow up sequence generally just messes things up and it’s a practice best avoided.

Here’s the method you can use to broadcast only to those who’ve finished your follow up:

In order to do this with AWeber you’ll need to use something called AW Pro Tools. There are probably other things out there that do the same thing, but this is the one that I came across and it did the job good enough for me.

The AW Pro Tools software does come with a price tag, but if you’re serious about your marketing then I firmly believe it’s worth it and that the results you’ll obtain from using it with most definitely outweigh the costs.

Once you’ve created an account over there you just need to log in to your dashboard and click on the ‘Automation’ link in the left hand sidebar:

Step 1

Once you’ve done that you need to create a new Automation Rule, and you can do that by clicking on the big blue button that says ‘Create Automation’:

Step 2

After doing that you’ll be asked to name your robot. “Robot” is just the name that AW Pro Tools call their automation rules, basically you just need to pick a unique name such as “Follow Up Automation Rule”… It doesn’t really matter what you call it, it’s just something so that you can identify what it is in the future:

Step 3

Once you’ve named your robot & created it you’ll then be asked which list you want to use for it. AW Pro Tools will automatically pull your lists over from your AWeber account so all you need to do is simply choose the one which you want to use this automation rule on – once you’ve done that, hit “Next Step”:

Step 4

Now on the next page you’ll be asked what you want to do with the subscribers once they’ve finished the follow up sequence. Your choices will be to either loop them back onto the same email list so that they’ll go through the process again, or move them to a new list… We want to move them to a new list, so select the option as shown below:

Step 5

All you’ll need to do now is select the list that you want the subscribers to be added to once they’ve finished your follow up series. This will be the list that you’ll be sending your broadcasts out to since you know that everybody on it has gone through the initial follow up sequence. Once again AW Pro Tools will automatically pull your lists from AWeber and you’ll just need to select one from the box:

Step 6

Once you’ve chosen a list just hit “Finish” and the jobs a good ‘en.

So what happens now?

Basically you’ve setup an automation rule that will move your subscribers from one list to another as soon as they reach the end of your follow up sequence.

This allows you to separate your subscribers & ‘warm them up’ with a follow up sequence without interrupting the process by broadcasting to them before they’ve finished it.

You’ll find that by using this method & only broadcasting to those who’ve reached the end of your follow up you can dramatically increase your sales. The reason for this is because you’ve taken the time to build a relationship with your subscribers (albeit automated) before broadcasting to them. You’ve built up the trust & now they’ll be more willing to buy from you when you do decide to go ahead & broadcast to them.

I hope you found my guide useful!

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