Marketers, Make More Sales By Doing Less Selling

When starting out with online marketing it’s natural to want to begin earning your first commissions as soon as possible.

Laptop Lifestyle…and I’m sure I speak for everybody (or at least almost everybody) when I say we all have the long term goal/dream of getting our online business to a place that allows us to live that passive dot-com lifestyle.

You know, the lifestyle in which we’re able to generate an income on “auto-pilot” whilst we’re out doing the things we enjoy… That’s the dream right?

And ideally we’d all like to get there as soon as possible… Again, it’s only natural.

But because of this mentality of speed, many marketing newcomers (and even some veterans) take the approach of sell, sell, sell.

I mean to be honest, at a glance there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that approach. It seems pretty sensible – after all the more things you sell and the more people you put your offers in front of, the more money you’re going to make right?

Well it certainly seems to make sense in theory, but if it worked in practice then the top earners would be doing it, surely.

Only they’re not… They’re doing something different.

In fact if you go & take a look at some of the top earner’s websites, you’ll notice that it can be pretty difficult to find out just what it is they’re actually selling.

It’s as if they’re hiding their products, which sounds like a bit of a silly marketing technique… Only the thing is it can’t be that silly because they’re the ones earning the most money!

Huh… *scratches head*… So what are they doing?

Well instead of being caught up in the “speed” approach & focusing on selling, they’re focusing on giving value & most importantly building trust.

You see when a visitor lands on your website, they’ve never met you before – you’re a stranger.

…and that means if your website is full of “in your face” sales pitches then you’re basically just a cyber version of this guy…

Coat Watch Salesman

Would you buy a watch from that guy if he approached you in the street?

My guess is probably not… Which means that the people landing on your website and probably not going to buy from you either if you’re taking that same approach.

Sure, you might get the odd sale here & there but you’ll be missing out on a phenomenal amount of revenue purely because your visitors don’t trust you enough to make a purchase.

That’s why all the “gurus” concentrate on building trust first before they pitch their products to you. It means they might not turn visitors into sales as quickly, but they’ll sure as heck make a lot more sales overall – hence why they’re earning so much money.

People buy from people they trust.

So instead of focusing on selling that means you need to focus on building trust, then the sales will follow because as we just mentioned, people buy from people they trust.

Building Trust

But how do you build trust?

Well trust is a funny thing – it’s not something you can create immediately, it takes time to build. This means that the first thing you’ll need to do is capture your visitors email addresses so that you can actually follow up with them & let them get to know you better over time.

There’s a few different methods you can use to encourage people to give you their email address which I’ll touch on in another post, but one of the most popular ways is creating something known as a “lead magnet”.

A lead magnet is basically where you offer your visitors something valuable in return for them handing over their email. Now by valuable I don’t mean a gold ring (although I’m sure that would probably work), instead I mean things like an e-book, a video or even a special blog post – basically just something that you think your visitors would find value from.

Once you’ve got their email address they turn from just another plain old visitor into a “lead”.

Email Marketing MoneyYou see when they were just a plain old visitor, they could leave and never return… You’d have had no way of following up with them to encourage them to come back or check out the new & exciting things you have to offer further down the line.

However once they become a lead, that’s all changed because you now have the ability to follow up with them whenever you like.

This not only enables you to be able to build trust with them, but it allows you to also turn them into a source of multiple revenue since now you can send them to more than 1 offer.

…although we won’t be sending them any offers just yet because we still haven’t built up that all important trust.

Now the easiest way to build trust is to simply deliver them even more value. So over the next 7 days, or even 2 weeks you should follow up with them and send them things that you feel might help them, and you think that they might feel thankful for.

For example if they opted in to receive an e-book about the best dieting techniques then you could follow up with a 7 day video boot-camp sharing your best weight loss tips & tricks. It’s related & therefore they’ll most likely find value from it, plus videos massively increase trust because people get to see that you’re a “real person”.

You can use websites like AWeber or GetReponse to manage your subscriber base & with these companies you can even automate the follow up series. This means that you could setup your own purpose built “trust building” follow up series that will get sent out to your leads automatically.

Then, once they reach the end of the “trust building” follow up they can automatically be moved onto a separate list to which you can send out your offers.

So even though it might take 7 days, 2 weeks, or a month before you make a sale (depending on how long you make your “trust building” follow up), you know that when you do finally send out an offer to your prospects that they’re going to know exactly who you are.

You’re no longer that shady stranger from before which means chances are people will be much more likely to buy from you.

So to recap…

If right now you’re directly linking your visitors straight to your offers – stop.

Losing MoneyBy doing that you’re not only missing out on a massive amount of revenue because people don’t trust you, but you’re also missing out on repeat sales because you’ve got no way to follow up with those people again in the future.

You need to be collecting emails and building that all important list.

However if you are already collecting emails & building a list, you need to ask yourself if you think you’re installing enough trust into your prospects before you pitch something to them.

If straight after they give you their email address you’re trying to sell them something then you’re taking the wrong approach. Making quick sales is nice, but you’ll make a lot more sales by stepping back and taking some time to build some trust with them first by following the steps above.

Remember, as we’ve just talked about we can install this trust automatically by using an automated follow up sequence so you have no excuses.

Quick Tip: My number 1 tip is to use videos – show people you’re a real person and connect with them. This is the quickest and most effective way you can build trust with somebody online.

So I’ll leave you with that to think about, and I hope that you found this post useful.

If of course you do go ahead & implement the changes then let me know how it affects your sales & revenue by leaving a comment. I’d be really interested to hear your results.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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