The Traders Oracle Review – Legit Or Scam?

Welcome to my review of the brand new Traders Oracle system – the system that claims it’s going to allow us to become a millionaire and will even pay us $500 just for watching the video on the homepage right to the end. Now if you’ve already watched the video on the homepage then you probably already know that bit’s BS, but what about the rest of it? That’s exactly what I’m here to find out and as you’ve probably already guessed I’m not an affiliate so what you’ll be getting here is a completely honest, unbiased review.

From the name & slogan you probably already guessed that this is another binary options system, but if you didn’t then guess what, this is another binary options system! To be honest when these binary option systems first came out they used to generate an awful lot of hype, but this system is just another in a long line of systems that have failed before it so that hype has died down an awful lot these days. “Free” binary options systems have created a really bad name for themselves & they are generally best avoided, but I know people will be curious about this system so I figured I’d check it out regardless to try & help people from losing their money.

Can you profit from binary options?

Technically you can, but believe me it’s extremely rare. More often than not people who trade binary options lose their money because at the end of the day it’s just a gamble – there’s absolutely no way the trades can be guaranteed regardless of what any system or person tells you. Think about it, if you could then the brokers would go bankrupt overnight.

The truth is that many of these binary trading systems are actually created by the brokers themselves (though the brokers won’t tell you that). They create them to lull you into a false sense of security by making you think you’re going to win because that way you’re more likely to deposit… and guess what, when you do that’s when you’ll get to find out that the system doesn’t work quite well as it promised.

Most of the brokers require $200 or $250 deposits but people end up losing a lot more than that because they begin chasing their money, they put it down to a fluke of the system & try again only to end up losing once more. It’s a clever tactic from the creators of the systems, but in my opinion it’s an unethical one since it parts people with their hard earned cash under false pretences. What’s worse is that often the people that are parted with their cash are the ones who didn’t have much cash to spare to begin with.

My review of Traders Oracle

This system seems to follow the same structure of all the so called “free” binary systems that have come before it. It features the video which tries to flog you a dream, the form to grab your email & the annoying popup that appears when you try and leave the page. Not to mention the gimmicks used on the page which claim the offer is going to end in (x) amount of minutes only for the counter to reset when you refresh the page.

500 Dollar VideoWhat might be more appealing to people about this system is the fact that it says you’ll get $500 just for watching the video on the homepage. The fact is that’s just not true, what you’ll actually be getting is a matched deposit with the broker up to the value of $500. That might still sound appealing to you, but the way I see it is it just demonstrates how confident they are that you’re going to lose.

Plus if you actually are going to go ahead & trade binary options then it’s generally highly recommended to avoid these offers because it can make it much harder for you to get a refund of your money.

Does this system work?

I’m going to come right out there and say NO, without even trying the system. Why? Well take a look at this:

Affiliates Link

Yep that’s right, they’re actually paying affiliates to promote this system so you need to ask yourself 2 questions.

  1. Why would they pay people to promote this system? If it worked so well it’d promote itself right?
  2. Why would affiliates waste time promoting this system when they could just use the system itself to make money? (hint: it doesn’t work!)

Oh & guess what, the system isn’t “free” either since after entering your name & email you’ll be told you need to sign up with their recommended broker and deposit $250 or more. Sure, some people might say “oh yeah but that’s just going to turn into more money” but firstly it isn’t & secondly that’s still not my idea of a free system.

My verdict here is that if you’re looking for the quickest way to lose your money then you’ve found it, but other than that this system is probably going to provide no use whatsoever. That’s if there actually even is a system because for all we know they could just be spinning us lies just to get us to deposit so that they can earn a big fat commission – after all once they’ve made their commission what are they going to care?

Either way it’s a clever ploy to get people to part with their money but hopefully after reading this review today you won’t be parting with yours!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post & I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a comment below to share your own thoughts.

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