The Wealth Organization Review – Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my review of The Wealth Organization which is the latest system to surface that claims it is the answer to all your financial woes by making you become a millionaire in the next 90 days. Just like me you’re probably thinking it sounds too good to be true right? Well let’s take a look into the system & see if it does actually hold true to it’s claims.

It probably won’t come as a shock to you to find out that this is another free binary options system. Over the past month alone I’ve probably seen at least 50 of these systems launch each of which claimed they could generate a nice sum of money. The truth is that out of all of these free systems that I’ve launched I’ve yet to see just one live up to it’s claims, the majority I’ve came across so far have resulted in nothing other than people ending up with less money than they initially started out with.

In all honesty I’m not a big fan of binary options in general – I don’t care what anybody says, at the end of the day it’s nothing but a gamble. Sure you can look at trends to try and increase your luck, but there’s no way that you can even guarantee the direction of a trade – think about it, if you could then none of these brokers would be left in business. Personally I believe there are much better & easier ways to make money online, but hey each to their own.

First impressions.

The Wealth Organization’s website followed a similar layout to that of the majority of other free binary options systems. The automatically playing video, the box to enter to enter our name & email and the counters telling us that copies are running out. The difference being on this website was that there didn’t see to be any way to pause the video which was a little bit annoying. I have to admit though that despite the whole not being able to pause the video thing being annoying, I did quite enjoy the funky music in the background!

The video starts out with a bunch of testimonials, the first guy tells you he made $13,577.90 in his first 12 hours and then it goes on to a bunch of other people telling you pretty much the same thing. Shortly after that he moves on to tell you that you’re 1 of 7 lucky people that have been invited to access his private page, which I found a little strange considering I noticed this below the video:

4435 Counter

But putting that aside he moves on to tell you how his system has created a new millionaire every single day & that you’re going to be the next one. He claims his system is like nothing else and mentions in one breath that it doesn’t involve trading but then in an other goes to say that it’s a binary options system which of course does involve trading.

He doesn’t really delve into the system or explain how it works, he just goes on to mention that he developed a processor and one night a guy called him up to ask him if he could use it to power his new trading algorithm software that was making him thousands per day. Other than that he doesn’t really go into the specifics of how it works.

The website has a few counters on there which supposedly show you the live earnings accrued by other members in the system & how many copies are available, but after refreshing the page these stats reset so it’s clear to see they aren’t real.

Digging deeper.

At the moment I’m left undecided, the stats on the homepage are clearly false but the video itself is fairly convincing & it’s clearly had a lot of effort put into making it. On the surface it just looks like every other free binary options system out there but I’m going to dig deeper to find out if this ones actually got something that can finally help us profit from our trades.

In order to dig deeper I went ahead & entered my name and email on the main page, then from there I was taken to a members are which looked like this:

Members Area

On this page you’re told that your spot will expire in the next 10 minutes & will be given to somebody else if you don’t take action. Personally I hate these kind of things because they pressure you into making a decision without really being able to find out all the information about the company before you do so. Whilst some legit companies use this technique, often it’s used by a lot of companies that are trying to hide something because they know that by doing this it’ll stop a lot of people from searching for reviews of the system before they go ahead & enter their details.

The video on this page basically just reiterates the fact that you need to sign up quickly, but below this video there’s a live display of all the other member’s earnings which surprise surprise all say “won” and the payouts are all identical of $15,500. In find it extremely difficult to believe that there was not one loss at all. Regardless I decided to go ahead and enter my details on this page to see what happened next.

After entering my details into that next page I was simply then forwarded onto a broker which was GTOptions where I was told I needed to deposit at least $250 to continue. Needless to say that from this stage I didn’t continue.


Well for the simple reason that you don’t get to see the system at all until you’ve made a deposit – how do you actually know there’s a system there? I’m afraid I’m not going to be throwing $250 into something based on a promise from a person I’ve only just met a couple of minutes ago.

My conclusion.

I’m not going to be recommending this system simply because I didn’t actually get to see the system, and to be honest I can’t even be certain there’s a system at all since you’re required to make a deposit before you can gain access. I’ve came across a lot of these free binary options systems and many of them follow this trend, but some of them do actually show you the system itself before you’re told to go ahead & deposit – admittedly it doesn’t mean it’s going to work, but it’s much more reassuring.

To be honest I don’t know if The Wealth Organization works or not, I didn’t even try it out, but simply based on what I’ve seen and the past experiences I’ve had I won’t be recommending it today. If you personally have happened to have made a deposit & tried it out then I’d definitely love to hear what you have to say about the system & how it worked out for you. You can leave a comment below this post & it’d be much appreciated if you could take a couple of seconds out to do so.

I hope you enjoyed reading my insight into this system and most of all I hope my review has helped you save yourself some money!

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