30 Day Change Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my review of 30 Day Change. This is a brand new binary options system that claims it has helped 167 average people go from a monthly income of $3,200 to $46,572.79 in just 30 days, an extremely bold claim I think you’ll agree. The question has it, and can it help you do the same?

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I’ve never been a big fan of binary options, to be honest very few people actually manage to profit from them & the majority of the succes stories you see floating about the internet are simply written by affiliates trying to promote systems. The truth is that trading binary options is nothing more than a gamble & nobody can guarantee the outcome, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

The purpose of these systems is of course to try & minimise that risk, but out of all the systems out there there’s probably only around 1% of them that actually work as intended. For some reason binary options seem to have become super popular lately & a whole load of systems have been surfacing but to be honest the majority of these systems have been junk. Instead of being developed by actual traders the majority of them have actually been designed by internet marketers “posing” as traders in order to try & make a quick buck. As a result a lot of people have lost money lately so I’ve been looking into these systems to try and find the good from the bad.

My first impressions.

This system seems to understand the growing concern people are getting over free binary options software & tries to make itself seem “free but not free” to try and convince you that it’s a genuine system. What I mean by this is that it’s free to use, but you’re told that you’ll be getting a 97% share whilst the creator takes 3% – basically, it’s free software and that’s just a gimmick used to make the software seem more powerful than it probably is.

After that the video moves on to show you a few case studies and the first one you’re shown is that of a guy named Jeremy. It claims that in just 3 months he’s managed to turn $300 into $693,104.35 – that just seems way too unrealistic & I’ve never even seen any of the industry gurus achieve figures like this. Oh but don’t forget they’d take their 3% share out of it which would leave Jeremy with $672,311.22.

Jeremy isn’t the only one, there’s a ton of other so called case studies that you’re shown but the truth of these certainly comes into question. I never understand why these systems make such exaggerated claims because if they dulled them down then the system would be so much more believable and an awful lot more people would probably buy in. There’s even a few video testimonails & there’s one of a woman showing you her “new BMW” but it looks scripted to me.

One thing I did notice was that one of the guys in the testimonials, this guy:

James Testimonial

He’s actually a paid actor from the website Fiverr, take a look:

Fiverr Testimonial

So we know that one at least is fake, but hey the system has just launched so maybe they’ve just used paid actors until they get some real testimonials in to fill the space.

Further to that the system then goes on to make another bold claim and tells us that there’s no risk:

Zero Risk

So since there was apparently zero risk, I decided to check it out..

Does it work?

I tried to check the software out but it was asking me to deposit at the broker before it would give me access so I was actually unable to take a look. I did manage to find some YouTube tutorials on the software & to be honest despite my earlier discoveries (the fake testimonial) the software did actually look fairly decent. These videos were filmed by the owner of the software so who knows how it works in practice for a real user but it certainly did look interesting in these clips.

Since I wasn’t able to try it out myself I want to reach out to guys & hopefully if you’ve tried it you can leave your thoughts below this post. What I want to know is was it worth it, and more importantly did it live up to it’s bold claims?

Apparently with this system you also get a personal business advisor that you can contact at any point & ask for assistance. They’re supposedly avoid to contact 24/7.

I took a good look over the website & attempted to find out how it works but there didn’t seem to be anything that gave it away. To be honest I don’t really like systems that don’t give you access or let you know how they work before you deposit – you’re basically just relying on a promise & at the end of the day ~$250 is a lot of money to leave on a promise.

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