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Hi there! My name’s Dale, I’m the founder of Living More Working Less & I’m an affiliate marketer from England, UK.

This essentially means that I earn a living by connecting people with the products or services that they’re looking for online, and in short, I do this by creating simple web pages or placing advertisements on the internet.

In my opinion, it’s a really fun way to earn… And when done right, it’s also pretty passive.

But funnily enough, this was never something I set out to do in life. I mean, as a child, I wasn’t saying “when I grow up, I want to do affiliate marketing”. The reality is, I didn’t even know it existed.

Affiliate marketing was literally something I “accidentally” stumbled across back in 2012 & within that same year, I managed to earn enough online to say goodbye to my full-time job as an electrician.

Don’t get me wrong. Things weren’t all plain sailing & I’ve had some ups & downs… But I learned a skill that will stay with me forever, and that skill is how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Believe it or not, it’s really not all that difficult.

But what I love about it most is that:

  • You get to set your own hours
  • You don’t have to show your face or talk to anybody
  • You can earn from anywhere in the world
  • The amount you can earn is completely uncapped
  • And when done right, maintaining your income requires very little work

In fact, maintaining your income takes such little work that I was able to take a 4-year break whilst still earning more money per year than I would have been whilst working my job as an electrician.

During that break, I travelled the world, went to several festivals & met some truly amazing people.

Recent Travelling Photos

But of course, I don’t say that to boast. I say it is because I want to highlight what’s possible.

So, with all that in mind, I decided to launch this website, Living More Working Less, as a means of showcasing what I was up to & teaching others how they could do the same to earn money online.

Plus, I also started using this website as a means of exposing scams & shady programs because whilst there is the “good” when it comes to making money online, there is also the “bad” and the “ugly”.

The good news is that over the years, my reviews on this website have helped protect thousands of people from getting scammed & helped put several scammers out of business.

Scam Protection

And it’s been quite a journey since I initially launched this website. Not only have I helped a lot of people get started online & earn their first commissions, but I’ve also learned a lot myself.

In fact, since initially starting this website, I have:

  • Gone on to generate over $1,000,000 (1 million) in all-time affiliate commissions.
  • Launched a website that passively generated over 6-figures per year through paid advertising.
  • Been recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world’s largest affiliate marketing training platform.
  • Launched my own training course teaching people how to succeed with affiliate marketing.

So it’s safe to say it’s been a fun ride for sure & I’ve met some amazing people along the way.

Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

But I’m not done yet 💪

Earning over a million dollars in commissions through affiliate marketing is a solid achievement… But my mission is to build a truly thriving affiliate business that generates multi-millions every year.

And more importantly, I want to continue to help others do the same.

As a result, these days, I’m always working hard to stay fully up-to-date with what’s going on & making sure that I’m delivering the most cutting-edge training & tools through my free training course.

Alongside, of course, continuing to expose scams here on this blog & helping people to stay safe.

So if you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing & would like to find out how you can get started with it, be sure to sign up for my free step-by-step training course via the button below.

Alternatively, if you keep reading, I’ll explain more about my accidental affiliate discovery below.

The Accidental Discovery That Ended Up Changing My Life

I discovered that there are actually thousands – if not millions of online businesses out there online that are willing to pay you money (and LOTS of money) to promote their products or services for them.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what experience you have or where you are from – there are companies that desperately want you to help them sell their products or services.

And they’re willing to pay you VERY handsomely in return.

Even the big names like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart & so on are all in on this.

They have things called affiliate programs, and it’s through these programs that you can promote their products/services in return for cash that’s paid out on any successful sales you manage to generate.

If you take a look on the Best Buy website, for example, & scroll all the way to the bottom, then you’ll see that they have a subheading named “Partnerships” with a link reading “Affiliate Program” below it:

Best Buy Affiliate Program

And guess what? It’s the same story with Amazon… Only they call their program the “Associates Programme”, as shown in the screenshot below:

Amazon Assocaites Program

The Associates programme reveals that Amazon is willing to pay you a whopping 12% in advertising fees if you decide you want to promote any of the products from their website:

Amazon Associates Advertising Fees

This means if you promote a $1,000 item & somebody buys it, then Amazon will pay you a whopping $120 in affiliate commissions just for promoting it on their behalf.

And it also means that if you happen to get a mere 10 people to buy that same item, then you’ll find yourself banking a whopping $1,200 in earnings…

Or 100 people, and you’ll bank $12,000.

I’m pretty sure you can see the potential here. The sky truly is the limit – and the best part about this is that you never even have to speak to anybody or show your face. You can stay totally anonymous.

In fact, you’ll soon see that thanks to the 4-step method I’m about to share, you’ll be able to earn these advertising fees & affiliate commissions even when you’re:

  • On holiday
  • Spending time with family
  • Or simply lying fast asleep in bed

You see, the income that you earn from this can end up becoming almost entirely passive.

And I know it almost sounds like a “gimmick”, but it’s 100% real. This method of earning from online content creation is extremely powerful & as you’ll soon see, each piece of content you create will essentially act as your own virtual piece of real estate, enabling you to build your own online empire.

The 4-Step Method For Making Money As An Affiliate

As I’ve mentioned throughout this page, the process of earning with affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the easiest & most effective way involves just 4 simple steps, which are:

4 Steps

And I’ll explain each step in further detail below so you can see exactly how it all works.

Step 1 – Choose an Interest

The first thing you need to do is think of something you’re interested in that you’d like to build your business around. It could be anything at all, so ask yourself – what are you passionate about?

What interests you?

Some examples could include “learning to play the guitar” or “resistance band workouts”…

For me personally, I got started with cycling. I used to love cycling when I was younger & being able to earn money by talking about it was a dream come true. That’s a photo of me out on my bike below:

Photo of Myself Cycling

And even if nothing immediately springs to mind, it’s perfectly okay as I’m also going to be giving you access to hundreds of pre-selected topics so that you can literally pick one & get started right away.

Step 2 – Build a Website

Building a website might sound difficult (and many years ago, it was), but these days thanks to huge advancements in technology, it can literally be done with just a few clicks.

You can actually launch a new website online within just 30 seconds.

Then once you’ve got a website, you’ll be able to begin publishing content & this is how you’ll be making your money because once you’ve got content published online, advertisers will want to pay you for you to feature their products or services on the pages that you’ve created.

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

To make money, you need people to visit your website & purchase the products you’re promoting.

They make a purchase. You get paid… It’s THAT simple.

And the best part about this method is that once you’ve created content, you’ll be able to get truckloads of visitors coming to your website for FREE from search engines like Google.

You see, when you publish something on your website, search engines (like Google, Yahoo or Bing) automatically discover it & they list it within their results… This means that if somebody searches for something related to it, your content will get shown to them in the results as an option to click on.

And once you’ve published the content, it’ll be there forever, meaning that visitors could be coming to your website & buying things day or night, which gives you the potential to earn passive commissions.

Here’s a real-life example of that to prove how powerful this is:

Screenshot of Google Results

The person who published that piece of content published it way back in 2013, yet it’s still ranked on the first page of Google for its relevant search terms, meaning it’s still earning the owner money.

People click it, the author promotes dog care products, and he or she gets paid when people buy.

So, even if they did no extra work whatsoever since publishing that post, they’ll still be able to continue earning commissions all from that initial one-time effort – and the more content you publish, the higher you can increase your earnings. So the amount you can earn with this is literally unlimited.

And that brings me nicely to…

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

Once you’ve got visitors, you’ve got the power to make money on demand, as all you need to do is direct your visitors to the products or services you’re affiliated with.

The good news is that it’s free to become an affiliate & you can promote literally almost anything that you can imagine. There are over 488 million products you can promote just on Amazon alone & there are over 100,000 other different programs that you can join!

Plus, the best part is that many affiliate programs pay commissions of up to 75%, yes – 75%!

I’m sure you can already see the potential with this, but to emphasize it even more, I want to point out that last year alone, the affiliate marketing industry generated over a whopping $5.9 billion in sales.

And as you can see from the graph below, that’s only set to increase:

Affiliate Revenue Chart

Onto the big question, then…

How Can You Get Started With This?

As mentioned, I’ve now put together a full-blown step-by-step affiliate marketing course that walks you entirely through the process of generating profits with this method right from the beginning.

So, the best way to get started with this would be to sign up for my free training course.

In my course, you’ll be walked step-by-step through the entire process all the way from the very beginning, right through to generating your first commissions, with no previous experience required.

And the best part is that as you’ll be getting trained by a Super Affiliate who actually leverages the exact methods that he teaches, you can rest assured that everything you’re being taught works.

Wealthy Affiliate Conference

But as there’s no cost, there’s no risk, meaning you’ve got nothing to lose yet everything to gain.

And here’s what some other people are saying about the training:

Profile Messages

So do go ahead & sign up for it because I’m absolutely confident you’ll find massive value in it.

And, of course, if you happen to have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

78 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Dale fascinating insight to your success obviously with similar trade background and I had a tragic life event that caused personal trauma I feel need to change my career and push on in life again albeit I am twice your age.
    What’s your secret
    Regards C. Munro

      • Thanks alot Dale. I followed your blog from my attempt to read reviews about Ac Hampson Dropshipping mentorship. Your review was was so worth it.
        I’m signing up in WA with your link.
        Looking forward to working with you if possible.

      • The secret could be writing false reviews on goods so that people will buy more of them . This could be the only reason these companies would pay you . You could be helping these companies scam the public and you get payed for it.

        • Why would you want to write false reviews of bad products or companies when you could simply write positive reviews that promote good products/services instead? You’re going to be making life MUCH harder for yourself than it needs to be by trying to flog scammy products. Needless to say, you should not do that at all. The secret to huge affiliate marketing success is to simply put value first, and then your income will grow as a side effect.

  2. Good Morning Dale,

    My name is Anna and I’m writing from Spain. I’ve read your review about Neolife products and I would ask you some advice.

    Almost three years ago my husband began selling Neolife products. That was a hard time for him but, from the very beginning, I suspected that Neolife was a pyramid enterprise. Nowadays my husband has bought lots of Neolife products with no profit at all. I’m quite worried as we have two children.

    I would like to ask you if you know a technique for which I could convince my husband to quit Neolife. Maybe you could tell to whom I can talk.

    Thank you very much in advance and have a kind regard from Barcelona.


    • Hi Anna, thanks for your comment. One of the problems with these MLM type companies & one of the reasons I really dislike them is because the “leaders” often practically try to brainwash all of the members into thinking that their companies are the best things in the world & to keep pushing on no matter what… Even if that means losing more & more money.

      Your husband will likely be spending a lot of time looking at the people who are seeing success in the company & this is often the biggest problem. Their focus gets caught on that & the companies make it seem like there is a large group of successful people… But in reality there isn’t. The FTC themselves said that overall less than 1% of MLM participants manage to make a profit, and they literally said “MLM makes gambling look like a safe bet in comparison”.

      I think the only way you could get him to stop is to find real stories from real members who’ve shared their losses & to show him them. Maybe it will allow him to hit a realization of what’s really going on… Or alternatively tell him about a legitimate opportunity (take your pick from these ones here) that he could pursue instead.

  3. Your whole blog is one of the most useful I’ve ever seen. Thank you very much. I’m thinking my niche should be something about earning an income online. It would cover the various programs I’ve tried and there are more appearing every day. The trick is to get affiliate links to them.

      • I joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago. Im old school so im not real good with this type of stuff. I needed a lot of help. Sorry to say that I was completely lost and couldnt get anyone to help me or answer my questions…so I just said. To hell with it! Not worth the headache!
        Id still love to learn this stuff but I think I need the help of someone sitting right next to me helping me to understand.

        • That’s odd considering the average response time inside WA is just a few seconds…And “old school” is just an excuse, I’ve seen 90-year-olds generating commissions inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Congratulations Dale, for your entrepreneurial spirit and for your wonderful and honest blog. Young people are looking for a “Get Rich Quick” scheme and usually get scammed. Thank God there are people like you, with good advice. Unfortunately this is not taught in school. I was wondering, what are you doing now, with your 17 years experience under your belt?
    Keep doing what you know best!

    • Thanks Gloria – but it’s just 7 years since I got started, not 17 – you’re putting years on me! ? You’re right about most people seeking “Get Rich Quick” though, but it’s not just the youngsters – it’s all ages unfortunately. In answer to your question I’m still here – doing the same thing, and keeping my blog up to date ?

      • I still do not understand how to make yourself loads of money. I am a 52 year old woman with a pregnant 17 year old daughter. I am trying really hard not to discourage
        Myself while trying to encourage her that everything’s gonna be ok.
        I would like to try this but am in fear it will leave me broker than I already am… help… thanks
        Dawn franklin. Az

        • Hi Dawn, what part is it you’re struggling to understand? I tried to do my best to explain it as simply as I possibly could above but I’d be happy to help if you let me know exactly what it is you’re struggling to understand.

          • 😏 . . . & just like that; I’ve suddenly developed a most ingenious idea as to my website “niche”, & the targeted audience with in which to choose the appropriate markets to promote as I simultaneously improve upon my own knowledge while teaching others by sharing experiences as I continue onward.
            I sincerely thank you and offer my upmost admiration, love, and respect for proving yourself to truly be one of the genuine “good guys”!
            Quick question – may come off silly . . . are you currently invested in Bitcoin or Crypto currency whatsoever??
            Thanks friend. 💯

  5. Hello Dale,

    I found your Website on my cell phone from someone who is very happy with your program.

    Let me tell you a few things here Dale if you do not mind.

    I am over the age of fifty and quite, unfortunately, have had a tremendous experience attempting to find a job on the Job Sites, like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. for the past five months with absolutely no luck whatsoever. I have an excellent resume, within which I have had very high management positions and expertise in the world of finance with well known major corporations positions, yet none of the companies today I applied for have not yet contacted me. I labeled this to be ” age discrimination!”. Having found your opportunity, I first started to believe that there were/are numerous scams out on the Internet and at first, your opportunity seemed to be something may be the real Mccoy, so to speak. I reside on the East Coast of Fla. now and had resided on the East Coast since 1980 and in the same city, you reside in. I once, in that area, owned my own business and had a home worth one plus mil, however, I sold it, and relocated to LV for several years and decided to come back to Fla. where I was always happy here. I believe that I am not just among the seniors in this country who are plagued with this senior employment matter, who also have excellent job backgrounds, whose society and corporations shrug our generation who have a tremendous amount of talent, education, and would be interested in your Website and your video. Thank you for putting your Website etc. out there for our generation as well as the younger generation who also could make a serious amount of $ with your program, more of which who could not earn the income your program offers. Thank you for sharing Dale, as you will be helping many people out there who can also help their families and others as well.

  6. hi dale i would like to learn and make money in online… i love my job as a caregiver but my body can’t do it anymore…im out of job now! theres a lot of online job but dont know what is legit and scam all i know everybody wants you to sign up with start fee/ joining fee or they want you to pay upront so they know you take it seriously hahaha or any fee they want to call it…. If somebody would allow me to work with online…. i would like to start to work with no fee at all and can they just take the fee when im making money i can even double what are they asking for… i wish you can help me would like to follow your foot step and i become successful too just like you(aim high, God said sky is the limit) it always in my heart to help less fortunate kids…..thanks for the Info…. got your name thru your blog exposing this guy Bobby.

  7. Hi Dale I just want to know what the cost is everyone says its free but it always cost something which is a problem for me and probably a lot of people I have lost so much money by believing what someone says just to find out its a scam and I am on SSI I can’t afford just to put my money out there and never get anything in return

  8. Hi Dale,
    My name is Joel and I feel fortunate that I found your blog while I’m checking some reviews about My Income Club. I would like to thank you about some good advice about this club. I got interested reading your blog and I would like to join Wealthy Affiliate thru your link to start as a free account member. I’m very new on this thing that I’ll be needing your advice and guidance. I’m thrice your age and I hope you’ll be patience with me.

  9. Dale I just found your article and was wondering if you have heard of Plexus is it an MLM company and if you could give me your opinion of the company. Thanks, Sharon

    • I always strongly advise against MLMs and the main reason for that is because most people who join MLMs end up spending more money than they ever actually make back. In my personal opinion, it’s a very “shady” business model & an FTC report that was released a few years ago found that only 1% (yes 1%!) of participants of MLMs ever actually manage to make a profit. So my advice to you would be to avoid it, and remember that those trying to get you in will say anything to do so (as they too are desperately trying to recoup their own investments).

  10. Thank you Dale I was just reading all the comments are you doing an awesome job I’m trying to replace my job and stay home with my family in other words you are located in Florida let me know I’m not to good with computer but if you show me how to put it together this will work

    • It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re located Stanley, that’s the amazing benefit of the internet… You can work worldwide (providing you’ve got an internet connection).

  11. Hi Dale
    I joined WA many years ago and foolishly never did a thing with it! I’m just now thinking I really need to get things rolling but how can I use your link if I’ve already enrolled? As I said, never even used the free option so….?
    Can I start again with a new email address? I really would prefer to have someone to be accountable to as clearly I have sat on my hands for seven years 🙄

  12. Hello Dale, first of all let me congratulate you and thank you for being so transparent in sharing this information for free. I really want to follow these steps you have outlined. I would like you to teach me so that I can become another success story.

  13. Hi Dale, I almost got scammed, but got lucky due to my bank. Found your information and am so thankful and blessed. I lost my job due to COVID 19 which was actually good for me. I have MS and since moving to Ohio and attempting to get work my disease and self-confidence got worse. I need to work from home to get better and have to problem in working hard. I also have to care for my husband who is a severe diabetic, legally blind and working hard on him not losing his leg. You are very rare in this time willing to help people without making money from them.
    I look forward to starting this new adventure so I get have a life again.

  14. Dale – I’m recently out of the Marines, living in San Diego, still on the fence about how or if this works. I don’t want to join as a Premium member yet, but would like to talk with you more about it, feel like I can identify with your story. Do you have email?
    I find your messages motivating!


      • hello,
        I am a wordpress webmaster and I have technical skills in php, javascript, html and css. I live in India and I am enthusiastic to find a method to help other people with my knowledge and educate them, and learn from them also, and in this way I can get money too. but what I find every where are some how the introduction to affiliate marketing, how to get money in less than 5 minutes and so on, and when think that for example I am the user who should click on a link then some body gets paid for that, what is my profit? did you get it? I am researching to find out a win win system that every user can learn and educate as profit and also to get paid as much as they participate in the system. so I wanted to ask you if you have suggestions to me.
        thank you

        • The user who clicks on the link doesn’t get a profit, they’re just clicking on the link because they want whatever it is that the link takes them to.

  15. Wonderfull to see a young man wanting to help others for free (Almost).
    Your idea is excellent and it is so well laid out clearly and simply and most important
    it sounds very sincere. Good on you. I think I will have a go myself

  16. Hi Dale,

    Just came across your website,

    I have been looking at WA for awhile. but
    wanted to join with someone over here in the
    UK .

    Reading up on the reviews what encourages me is the support you get from
    inside the community , but also i wanted to join with someone who i can ask for help too.
    From what i have read Dale you offer that aswell, which is great

  17. HI Dale,

    What an article I’ve came across here! You got me very excited and willing to give Commission Academy a chance!! I have my stories just like everyone else and as 2021 is kicking off to another full year I am determine to turn my circumstance around this time this year. With me and why Commission Academy? It all started with a just being honest to myself that “I want to stop this endless job search and recruiting agencies playing like Gods on me. What is out there that can make this happen?” I have goals (short and long term), if Commission Academy can train and mentor me in making the “new me” happen, I am in for the long haul! I just have a couple of pressing questions for you Dale – “Why free?” “What’s in it for you?”
    In advance and with all honesty (not sounding desperate), I would like to Thank You for opening a New door for me and making a change in my life for the good from today and onward.
    Hoping to hear from you Dale
    Thank you and best of luck to everyone who will taking this new journey in their life, like me 🙂

  18. I dont know whether I am in the right area Dale for this request but I cant find you webpage for scam reporting now. I came across your SCAM warning on Ads-Supply a while back and have now lost it. My husband and I have lost a “great deal of money”. I think you mentioned you know of companies that maybe able to help in getting our money back. If so could you send me the names. Ads-supply is a very slick, ruthless, lying company and I feel very sorry for all the others that have been scammed also. Has anyone gotten their money back. I would appreciate any help/advice that you may be able to give. Thank you

  19. Dale I have been reading your stuff and just getting started with CA …. I am 45 years old I was in sales in work in the restaurant business for a long time and I am tired of getting people rich specially in sales. I got injured at a gas station so I am waiting for shoulder surgery and I am sitting around with no income waiting for settlement every penny I get is gone I waited for my taxes gone I need income and I don’t wanna work for people anymore I believe in your systems I believe in your videos and I am completely on board one thing I can do is sell and put my effort into selling and affiliate marketing seems right up my alleyI commend you for what you’re doing and I am going to ride your wave as much as I could and see how it works out. I believe in you and I trust you

    • Hi Robert, thanks so much for your comment. Based on your experience I am confident that you will find the training very insightful & helpful. Best wishes with the recovery!

  20. Hello Dale.
    I just signed up at Commission Academy. I have started the training now, and plan to finish it soonest.
    How will you hold me by the hand as a mentor? Thank you.

    • Hello, you can find more details about that inside the Commission Academy program. Glad to hear you have made the decision to join & have already started the training 🙂

  21. Hiya Dale, thanks for the information. I appreciate your selflessness. Still can’t understand how the payments are done though, especially if paypal isn’t fully functional in ones country.

    • Hi Rai, you’re very welcome. If PayPal isn’t available in someone’s country, they would just use another payment method. Business doesn’t stop just because PayPal isn’t accepted 🙂

  22. Hi Dale
    I want more information on how to make money. Are there any companies you would recommend for anyone starting like me

  23. Hey Dale
    I was wondering if you could provide a link to your cycling website that kicked it all off for you!
    I clicked on the IG link at the bottom of this page but it doesn’t have any content.

  24. Reading through all this for the first time, it throws you into clouds of great expectations, hope it works in reality as a dream come true. I don’t don’t know how i ended up here but all in all, Thanks for sharing,

  25. You say you are “just an average 20-something year old guy”. Stretching that to 29, your birth year would be 1994, and by the age of 18 (in 2012) you had gone to college, worked “a few years” as an electrician, and built your internet business into a fully supporting income. Do the math, Dale.

    • You’re such a great mathematician that you forgot to look at the date the page was published. It was 2016, by the way. Since then I’ve been living more & working less. Thanks for the comment all the same, though. And for taking the time to “do the math”. 😊

  26. Thanks Dale
    I stumble to your website when I was trying to find out if INSTANT PROFIT EARNERS is a legitimate platform.
    Please let know. All the same, I will still follow your advice

    • Hello Tiedor. That platform you mentioned is not legitimate. There is no way to earn “instant profit” online & anything promising otherwise is just trying to trick you.

  27. Mr Dale , thanks for your information , am Abraham Lukwago from Kampala Uganda, actually I was almost about to join their scam profit 24/7, so thanks for opening my eyes , actually I have loved your story , and that’s what am looking for how to make money with out making loses


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