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DaleHi! My name’s Dale. I’m the founder of this website & I value the importance of honesty, trust & transparency (unlike many of the other so-called online marketing “gurus” you might have seen).

So for that reason, I wanted to put this disclosure together to let you know that if you happen to make any purchases via links on this website then at no extra cost to you, I may be paid a commission.

It basically enables me to generate revenue so that I can keep the site free of advertisements.

You see, whilst placing advertisements on this website could probably earn me a nice bit of money, I believe it would be bad for your experience… And I want you to have the best experience possible.

I don’t want annoying ads to get in the way of your browsing.

So instead, I leverage something known as affiliate links. They are just like normal links, except if you click through them & make a purchase, it tells the company (e.g. Amazon) that I sent you there.

Then, if you happen to buy anything as a result of clicking via one of my affiliate links, the company will pay me a commission in return for recommending them & helping them to generate a sale.

This means that it’s basically a win-win for both me & you.

You get to browse the site ad-free, and I’m still able to generate enough revenue to cover all of the costs associated with running this website (which enables me to continue providing helpful content).

And just to highlight how “helpful” that content is…

Did you know that my reviews alone have protected 1,000’s of people from getting scammed?

Scam Protection

And then there are all of the guides that I’ve created & made available for free, such as:

So hopefully you don’t mind the use of affiliate links & if you do choose to use them, then you are helping to support this website & I would like you to know that I greatly appreciate your support.

There are also a few additional points I would like to clear up, too…

It’ll Never Cost You More Money

If you do happen to click via an affiliate link on this website & make a purchase, then I would like you to know that it’ll never cost you any more money than it would if you were to visit the website directly.

The truth is, you wouldn’t even notice any difference at all – except in the instances where my affiliate links help you to get extra discounts or help you obtain additional bonus content/features etc.

This means that it’s more likely to actually benefit you to go via an affiliate link.

Not All Links Are Affiliate Links

The reality is that only a handful of the links on this website are actually affiliate links but to make life easier (and to avoid any confusion), it’s best to just treat them all as if they were affiliate links.

Affiliation Never Influences My Opinion

One thing I absolutely want to stress here is that affiliation never influences my opinion. This means that I won’t recommend something purely because I might earn a commission if you buy it.

If something is junk, I’ll tell you it’s junk… If something’s good, I’ll tell you it’s good.

Affiliation or no affiliation, my opinions will always be honest.

And similarly, I would never recommend one product over another purely because it will generate more revenue through its affiliate opportunity. All comparisons are judged on merit, not commissions.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, my aim with this website is to provide you with the best experience possible & I believe that the use of affiliate links (rather than the use of intrusive advertisements) is the best way to do it.

But as I say, I also want to be transparent about it, which is why I created this page.

And if you’re interested in learning more about it & discovering how you too can actually begin generating revenue from affiliate links for yourself, feel free to check out my step-by-step guide.

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