Are You An Online Marketer Or An Internet Salesperson? You Need To Know Your Role

Way back in 2012 I started my journey into the world of online marketing & ever since then I’ve called myself an online marketer. However, recently I realized that I was no longer an online marketer – I had become an internet salesperson & let me tell you something… I didn’t like it one bit.

Thankfully I managed to realize what I’d become before it ruined me (and my business), but I’m publishing this blog post today to share this lesson in case you too, like me, have fallen into the same trap without realizing.

You see the problem when it comes to making money online is that it’s so easy to get misled, especially if you’ve been involved in network marketing for any length of time (which these days, no doubt you have).

Now don’t get me wrong, network marketing can be a great learning curve, but at the same time (and in most cases) it can be a very bad one too.

You see what you have to remember is that in network marketing your sponsors just want you to make sales and they want you to make as many of them as you can so that they can reap the benefits of your efforts. This means that you’re generally taught quick-fire sales techniques instead of actual long-term, legit marketing techniques.

And the other common thing that can lead you into the trap of becoming a salesperson as opposed to a marketer is the desire for quick riches & fast results. Being the salesperson that’s hitting down doors can certainly seem like the answer to speedy results, but ultimately in the long run you’re just going to be making life harder for yourself.

So, Are You Really An Online Marketer?

The easiest way to work out whether you’re an online marketer or whether you’re actually in fact an internet salesperson is to ask yourself a question…

  • Have you ever had to convince somebody to buy into something that you were promoting?

Because if you have, then chances are you’re an internet salesperson and NOT an online marketer.

As an online marketer there should be no convincing involved, at all.

This is because as an online marketer your aim should to be to simply connecting products/services to the people who want those products/services.

There’s only 2 reasons why you should ever have to convince people to buy something and those are:

  • Because you’re not very good at online marketing
  • Because you’re a salesperson – not a marketer

As a good marketer you’ll find people who are looking for something & you’ll be the person that puts whatever they’re looking for in front of them.

This means that if you’ve ever had to do any persuading, you know, like answering emails about people who are undecided whether or not they want to buy something or hitting strangers up in their Facebook inboxes with random offers then you’re not marketing, you’re selling.

Selling Online Is A Waste Of Time…

Clock in Bin Wasting TimeIf you’re selling things online instead of marketing them then you’re basically just wasting time doing things that don’t need to be done. Why waste your time convincing people to buy something when you could just market it to the people that are already to buy it? (believe me, they’re definitely out there).

You get the same end result but with much less effort.

On top of that the other thing you’ll face a lot of with selling is rejection, and take it from me I’ve learned the hard way that internet rejection is a LOT harsher than real life rejection. People will think it’s OK to call you whatever the heck they like simply because they don’t want to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Marketing Enables You To Work Smarter, Not Harder

When I launched my first affiliate marketing business back in 2012 I generated a full-time income for 2 years and I didn’t speak to a single person. Not because I was ignorant, but simply because I didn’t have to.

I provided what people wanted, to the people that wanted it – and it worked.

But the best thing about marketing isn’t just the fact that you’re life is made easier by not having to talk to anybody, it’s the fact that done right it can enable your income to become passive too.

You see selling is something that can never become passive, because for you to keep on earning you’ve got to keep on selling. Marketing is different – once your marketing material is “out there” you can potentially keep generating sales for many years to come, all from that initial one time effort.

Marketing beats selling hands down since it’s easier, more effective & less time consuming overall.

Here’s An Example of Marketing VS Selling…

In case you’re still a little confused about the differences between marketing and selling let me give you a real life example…

In the example I’m going to use a company named MatchedBets which is a website that provides people in the UK the opportunity to make money through matched betting. It’s one of my top recommendations too so it’s an good fit for this example (and hey if you live in the UK be sure to try it out).

Basically, there are 2 ways I could promote the MatchedBets website. I could sell it to people, or I could present it to the people who have showed an interest in joining.

As an example of selling it to people I could take myself to Facebook & start messaging random people with a link to the website. I could say something along the lines of “hey, here’s a great opportunity you might be interested in” & then drop them my link to sign up. Now I appreciate there’s definitely a lot better ways of going about selling on Facebook than that, but ultimately the point is no matter how I went about it I’d still be selling the product/service because I’m trying to convince random prospects to join.

But alternatively as a better approach I could market the website instead to people who have already shown an interest in joining which is exactly what I have done by publishing my review.

My review is appropriately titled “ review”, which means if somebody types that phrase into a search engine they’ll be likely to find my review. This also means that the people landing on the review have showed an interest in joining (hence why they’re looking for a review), so now I can tell them more about the website & give them the opportunity to sign up…

MatchedBets Review Screenshot

Here’s The Big Difference Between The Two…

If I’d rolled with the first option and decided to sell the opportunity to people I’d have to keep on approaching new people and keep on convincing them to join. If I stopped, the signups (and my income) would stop because when it comes to selling you’re directly trading your time for money.

Marketing on the other hand is different – because by publishing the review I have put marketing material “out there”. This means that I can reap long-term benefits from a one-time effort because now, whenever somebody searches for a review of the company they’ll come across my blog post.

Sure, it took a little bit of time to put together but that time that it took is an investment & that’s the key.

Stop & Question Your Business.

Have you fallen into the trap of selling instead of marketing? If so then you’re simply making your life much harder than it needs to be.

I would suggest that you take a step back and re-evaluate your business to work out how you can simply find the right people and connect them with the products they are looking for as opposed to pushing products onto people who don’t really want them.

Selling online truly is a wasted effort because it’s SO easy for you to connect with buyers. If you already have an audience then you should be looking for products that your audience want, if you don’t have an audience then you should be looking for a product that you can easily find an audience for.

Once you realize that, you’ll be able to build yourself a much larger, much more profitable & much easier to manage business (and you’ll get called a lot less names along the way too, heh ?).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you are able to understand the insight that I am trying to give to you. Please do feel free to leave comments below as I’d love to see a bit of discussion on this subject & hear the different opinions about it. Thanks for reading!

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