How To Come Up With New Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post IdeasBlogging is great & personally I love it, but admittedly there are some days when I just sit and think “what on earth am I going to write about today?”.

Today was actually one of those days and that’s what sparked off the idea for this post, so that will bring us straight onto point number 1.

1. Problem Solving.

If you’re short of blog post ideas then think of a problem you’ve had recently & write about how you came about solving it.

In my case my problem was that I’d ran out of blog post ideas. So therefore I figured I’d take the time out to write a post listing handy ways of coming up with fresh blog post ideas to not only help myself, but to also help fellow bloggers who are also suffering from the same problem.

In fact since you’re reading this post right now you’re probably stuck for ideas too… So this could potentially be a good topic for you as well!

Chances are that whatever problem you’ve faced recently you’re not the only one to have faced it. That means that no doubt there will be plenty of other people from all over the world searching for a solution and it could be your problem solving blog post that they come across – happy days 🙂

2. Pinch Ideas.

If you’re truly stuck then it doesn’t hurt to search for a few sites that are similar to yours and pinch a few ideas.

Obviously copying the content is a HUGE no-no, but there’s no harm in gathering inspiration.

Take a look at a few websites, find a great post that you feel you could write about yourself & then make yours even better.

By making your post even better you could actually be really cheeky and do a bit of link baiting.

For example let’s say the piece of content that you come across has 50 backlinks from different websites. If you write a similar post but make yours even better then you could get in touch with the websites that link to the original post and ask them if they’d consider linking to yours instead.

Quite a lot of webmasters will update the link providing you’ve generally improved on the original article, after all they’re going to want to link to the content that they feel will be most beneficial to their readers.

3. Take Notes.

Often I think of great blog post ideas whilst I’m out and about but then when it comes to sitting down & writing my mind just goes blank.

At the time when I think of the idea I say to myself “I won’t bother writing it down – I’ll remember it!” – but I never do.

So my advice is to carry a little notepad and pen, and whenever a idea pops into your head – write it down.

Then when you sit down & go to write you’ve got a little pad that’s already full of ideas of things you can begin writing about – stress free blogging.

4. Record Your Searches.

Lot’s of people who blog are really big on keyword research. They’ll spend hours and hours messing around inside Google’s Keyword Planner looking for things to write about that will drive traffic to their website, but I have a much easier way…

Each day just write down each of the things that you search, then at the end of the day go through the list & pick one to write about.

Provide an answer to the question you were asking, but make your answer better than any of the answers that you came across.

So to use a completely random example let’s say at some point during the day you searched for “what’s the quickest way to de-ice a car?”.

Write a blog post & put together each of the best tips that you came across and provide the best answer you can for anybody else that’s searching the same question. Think about what you wanted to find when you were searching yourself.

If you’re searching the question then chances are somebody else in the world is going to be searching the same thing!

5. Stop Thinking.

As daft as it might sound, sometimes the reason you can’t think of any new ideas is simply because you’re trying too hard.

Or maybe you just generally have a lot on your mind so your ideas are getting lost in amongst all of your other thoughts.

Regardless as to what the cause might be, just take some time out to relax & clear your thoughts. Then come back to it later with a fresh mind.

Whilst it’s great to try and keep blogging daily, sometimes it can be refreshing, and productive to take a day out.

6. Ask.

You could always ask your readers what they want you to write about – I’m sure they’ll come at you with plenty of ideas.

Plus it’ll make them feel more engaged and valued, so it’s a 2 birds with 1 stone move.

If you get several good ideas from your readers then you can keep the others as topics for future posts.

Depending on how many readers you have visiting your blog you could generate yourself a weeks, months or even a years worth of blog post ideas!

Don’t let it stress you out…

Blogging is usually great fun, but when you’re struggling for ideas it can get pretty stressful.

Sometimes it’s best just to take some time out & come back to your blog at a later date. The last thing you want is to ruin the whole blogging experience and turn it from being fun to becoming a chore.

A great way to keep your blog active whilst reducing the strain on yourself is to ask friends or family if they’d be interested in contributing, or even hiring somebody to write for you.

Obviously that depends on the niche of your blog, if it’s a personal blog then it’s not really achievable but if it’s not then it’s something definitely worth considering.

Hiring writers for your blog can be a really powerful move, in fact I’ve just decided that I’m going to use that as one of the topics for my future blog posts!

I think it’s definitely something a lot of bloggers overlook.

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